Why Friends Drop Off the Face of the Earth

why it hurts to lose a friend

One day you’re having friendly banter about the paleo diet, and the next day your friend disappears.

If you’re on the path of awakening, you are sure to experience something like this.  I’ve spoken about when you shed friends before during the awakening process, but not from the perspective of the one being shedded.

Awakening is an increase in your vibration, and the Law of Attraction dictates that like vibrations attract each other.  So, when your vibration doesn’t match that of a close friend anymore, there will be repulsion.  You may have a disagreement over something completely mundane, or they may just disappear and no longer answer your calls or emails.  You are left wondering what the hell you said, or did, and your 3D self hurts like hell.

This of course brings up all of your old shit—ego-things—and if you’re caught in a state of temporary unawareness, that hurt child inside of you can take over and get all “Mean Girls” on the offending party.  Then, hopefully, your heart takes over and you remember that it’s simply an issue of misaligned vibration. That’s the time to send out the love instead of daggers.

And remember that the path that you walk will lead you to someone more aligned with you; you then will both share a new path of growth.  Know that this will happen, and relish in the joy of an upcoming new friend.


Earth Energy


Light Green




333 (Your guides are with you now – lean on them if necessary)

711 (New opportunities to use your spiritual mastery)


Further resource:  Video on “Why am I losing so many friends?”



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