karma is now obsolete

Karma is defined as the natural balance of life.  Yet the definition has been bastardized in Western culture, to include people deserving what comes to them based on their previous behavior.

That notion implies that there is someone OUT THERE doling out punishment or praise on people based on their deeds, good and bad.

That’s just not the case, and awakened people learn that pretty quickly.  The only punishment dealt out to you is your own judgment.  But let’s go back to the original definition; that of natural balance in the Universe.

In the “past,” when a soul created a plan prior to incarnation, it would seek to balance out the energy from past lives.  If you inflicted great pain on others, your soul will plan a life that experiences the anthesis of that—one in which your incarnated self will experience being on the receiving side of that pain.  This way, you view a concept from both perspectives.  What a great way for the Creator (that’s you) to fully live any experience.

Yet as Earth heads toward completion, the necessity of physically experiencing this duality becomes unimportant.  With the onset of increased self-awareness in humans who have gone within and healed that imbalance, we can view both options—that of the perpetrator and of the victim—from an internal perspective that does not require us to physically live it out.  See, both options for duality are still there;  we can now just make the choice of who we want to be without the physical component.

So healing past Karma is no longer necessary, unless of course you want to live out those roles.  You’ve been there and done that.  Now’s the time to spread your light to those who still choose to play that game.


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999 (End of an era)

2222 (New concepts about reality are expanding for you now)