The Event: What is it and what can I do?

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There has been a lot of buzz about “the end of the world” since it began. Sooner or later, the world we used to live in will come to an end. But don’t worry – it will be the beginning of a new, better world.

Lightworkers will have a special mission during the short transition period called “the Event”.

In this video, Kimberly tells how what The Event is, and how you can prepare for it.

At the time the Event starts, there will be mass arrests of all “secret-keeping dudes” from the government, the military, big corporations, and other corrupt institutions that have been pilfering your money. ?

Expect banks to be shut down for a while, locking access to your accounts.

Don’t worry, your money will be returned to you, probably with a little extra from what will be redistributed.

On a spiritual level, there’s going to be so much light spread by Lightworkers, that the dark becomes squeezed and the secret-keeping dudes are no longer able to keep their secrets.

Our galactic neighbors and inter-dimensionals are going to shine even more light, embracing Earth in a sandwich of Light, squeezing out the darkness.

Keep doing your duty as a Lightworker: keep sending out light and love to people surrounding you. You’re going to be the calmest person around, so everybody will be seeking support from you.

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