Why Our Society Thinks Crying is Weak

crying is a release of resistance

If you are a man, and you cry, I love you.

There, I said it.  I’ve said that in crowds, and have gotten some very strange looks from people who still believe that crying is a sign of weakness.

That notion was fed to us by those who didn’t want us to explore our emotions, because when we explore our emotions, we can figure things out.  We grow spiritually, and we release pent-up negative energy that also benefits us physically. We are stronger after a cry. And strong people don’t live in fear and purchase products that temporarily make us feel better.

When you cry, you release resistance.  You bring yourself closer to what Abraham-Hicks calls the Vortex, which is the part of you that is based in well-being, and is focused on self-expression and expansion.  And the Vortex never feels bad. Crying allows that energy to dissipate, and it clears up some space for feeling better.

Society accepts crying from women, as nurturing beings, yet to me, a man who can explore and express his emotions is the sexiest thing around.  If that’s you, you have an admirer!

Today, let the tears flow if they need to.  It’s just resistance wanting out, and as my Italian family always said at the dinner table, better out than in.


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