why people meet

Your soul is a really good at making plans.

It likes to have meetings with other souls, and setting up rendez-vous with them for after you all incarnate.  Triggers are set up for your human body to experience, and bam! You meet someone who changes your life.

As an awakened person, you know that there are no coincidences.  You meet people who are there to propel you further on your eternal journey of expansion.  This is why Source individuated itself in the first place; so it could view our antics from the perceived perspective of separation.  All of life is about relationships, eh?  Both with yourself and others (also yourself.)

And all along our happy—and not so happy—path of life, we send out our desires and intentions.  We’re doing it whether we are conscious of it or not.

That’s the Law of Creation:  everything in our reality is created by our thoughts.

So out go our intentions, and the intentions of every other living being around us, and those intentions that match will end up as someone you meet. She may be a major player (part of your soul plan) or a minor one (more like an extra in your play.) If the person came into your awareness, then there’s something you can learn from them, and your soul knows it. That’s why they’re there.

It gives us the chance to choose how we treat others, knowing that what we send out attracts more of it. And each time we meet another, and incorporate the mutual experience into our internal database, the Universe expands.  That’s how powerful you are.


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Resources: To learn about the life planning journey and how to investigate your most recent soul planning session, try Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls.


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