Why the Word “Tolerance” Serves No One

Tolerance: “The capacity to endure continued subjection to something.”

In the old Earth energy, where separation supported us in our subjective categorization of everything and everyone, the word “tolerance” was one very small step towards “acceptance.”

The definition suggests that we must “endure” something – a behavior, a conflicting belief system, a situation.  This inherently includes a judgment.

“I must tolerate this.”
“Let’s show tolerance towards them [fill in blank for whomever thought differently than the speaker]”

To consider:

  • Is YOUR belief right–and theirs wrong–such that it requires your endurance?
  • Is their behavior affecting your quality of life?
  • Are you judging another’s difference as a fault?
  • Should all people be like you?

As you awaken, consider the judgments that arise when you see a behavior/belief/situation different than yours.  This is no time to self-flagellate about it.  Just notice it.  Ask yourself if you want to continue believing what you were told about it.  If not, then choose–out loud–to think differently next time.

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