Wishing You Were Awake Earlier in Life?

as you ascend, your view improves

Do you regret all of the trauma, broken hearts, and bad decisions that you experienced when you were asleep?

It’s programmed in you to look back with the human mind at your past and make judgments. It’s normal that you would give yourself a facepalm at all the shit you put yourself through just to learn those lessons that are so obvious to you now, in hindsight.

I bet I can tell you some things about the Awake you:

  • Your mind is much clearer now than it was back then.
  • You’ve done inner work to heal wounds, practice compassion and find more stillness in your life.
  • You can put yourself in others’ shoes now and understand what they are going through.
  • You now glean the lesson from a situation without having to suffer as much.

And if you look back 4 weeks from today, I bet you can recognize the growth that you’ve experienced even in that short time.

Since you’re creating your entire reality, remember that you must have wanted it to play out exactly as it did, or you wouldn’t have created it.

Of course there were a multitude of decisions you could have made regarding a situation; perhaps you chose one that resulted in pain, because at the time you needed to feel pain to get your own attention.

Your Higher Self was sending you the same synchronicities, the same signs and breadcrumbs that you now see, confirm and heed. But back then, your level of consciousness was focused in a different perspective; you were looking at things through a different pair of glasses, and things that didn’t fit in with your beliefs at that time were dismissed or ignored.

Then, you grew.

And those same breadcrumbs presented to you now have meaning, because you changed your glasses.  You are seeing from a larger perspective now, from within your current level of consciousness, plus all of those at the levels you just ascended from.  You have climbed higher on the mountain, and your view is much broader from up here.

Each level of consciousness you passed through on your way up the mountain prepared you to better communicate with, have compassion for, and heal, the people around you that still focus in realities downhill from you.  That makes every one of your past traumas worthwhile experiences; and you are contributing to Earth’s evolution by healing not only yourself, but being there to heal others along the way.


Celebrate that shit, and keep climbing that mountain.


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