You Are Leading the Way for Others

Others are observing your behavior, awakened being

The Earth is Loaded with Guides to Lead the Way.  Oh, and that includes YOU.

Yesterday we talked about Earthly Guides in Human Form.  Those are the people that you’ve sent to yourself to test your progress.  How will you react?  Were you more loving than last time?

Well guess what?  You are an Earthly Guide in Human Form for others as well.

You, lightworker, are sent to interact with people that allow them to react, to make a decision, or to otherwise evaluate how they’ve grown with respect to any number of themes.  Your Higher Self is pleased to assist with the growth of your fellow beings, and although you may or may not remember your role in that little vignette, you’re a guide for others as they are guides for you.

If you are reading this, Awakened Badass, you are making the shift that allows you to consciously interact with everyone you meet, and to set the example of how a new Earth human will behave.  Is it with love?  Patience?  Understanding?  Compassion?

Or something else?

Today, look at everyone that you meet as a collaborator on this Earth stage, and know that your presence is serving them in their growth.  Are you proud of your collaboration, or could you do do better setting an example?

Earth Energy:






2222 (New concepts about reality are expanding for you now)

177 (Set the example with your behavior – others are observing you)


Stocks to Watch: