As you awaken, expect the questions to arise and your quest for answers to be insatiable.

There are many teachers out there, each teaching about awakening in their own style and language.  You may find yourself connecting better with some more than others, and that’s perfectly fine.  In a world of abundance, there is room for everyone.

We find that people make a natural progression through the identification of other aspects of themselves.  You may identify with angels and guides.  Others identify with extra-dimensional beings who may be in the form of Extraterrestrials (or if you must, aliens), fairies, elementals and unicorns.  All that really matters is that you connect with the energy no matter the form it takes, and that you glean something helpful from it.  Trust your gut.  It will tell you which material aligns with your higher self’s intention for self-discovery and growth.


Channeled by Darryl Anka, Bashar is an extraterrestrial hybrid whose physical form exists 300 years from now.


Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, PhD, is most recognized for her astute observation of how numbers are used as messages.  She has a serious angel slant, but even if you are not into angels, the information tends to be so accurate that you can look past them.



Really, Kryon is the clearest path to trusting that you are not crazy.  A consciousness associated with Magnetic Service, Kryon has been advising for nearly 30 years.  He has overseen the updates of Earth’s magnetic grid, and explains why that stimulates human evolution.  All audio is free.


Lyssa Royal Holt

Channeling Sasha, a Pleiadian female version of herself, and Germane, a collective of high-dimensional consciousness, Lyssa is one of the original pioneers of channeling.  She’s clear, warm, and informative.  Attend her annual contact retreat in Arizona if you can.  It will change your life forever.  Lyssa’s book, The Prism of Lyra, is considered a textbook on Galactic History.