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its ok to wake up with a calm mind
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Something’s Wrong With Me! I Woke Up This Morning With An Empty Mind

Words are an integral part of the current human condition. They can encourage, admonish, or cut like a knife.  Yet when they are absent, we are taught to worry about it.

It’s common for most humans to lay their heads on the pillow with a mind full of chatter: what needs to be done tomorrow, someone we forgot to call, what we should have said to to the co-worker about his thoughtless comment this morning.  Layer on top of that the repetitive final glances at things with screens, concerned we might miss an important message before we lay ourselves down to rest.

It’s no wonder that 25 million Americans suffer from sleep-related conditions. We can’t shut it off; but we sure try, with alcohol, sex, and pharmaceuticals.

But Earth’s population is waking up, and with that comes some changes to your brain’s thought patterns, including a reduction in the chatter that previously dominated your awareness.

The farther you travel on the path to awakening, the less hold that words will have on you.

Your inner thoughts will begin to shift to predominately images and concepts, because the two-dimensional aspect of most words will no longer be sufficient to describe what you’re feeling inside.

And there will come a day, when you wake up in the morning, and there are no words swimming through your head the minute your eyes open.  Your mind can wake up refreshed, calm, and empty.

This can be a shocker for those of us who are so accustomed to the instant morning “on-button.” It’s easy to worry that something is wrong with you.

But guess what, Lightworker?  It’s called peace, and believe it or not, it’s your natural state.

Our minds have been so habitually cluttered, that when we wake up with a calm one, we think that something has gone wrong.

Western society has been programmed to find a state of peace as flawed.

Depending on which reality you’re focusing on, you can thank the social programming that warns of imminent memory loss and deadly brain tumors.

Or, if you’re focusing on a higher level of creation—one in which you recognize your role as the creator of your reality—check the programs running through your head about words = action = accomplishment.

Can you imagine yourself waking up in the morning at peace, with an empty head, ready to create your day with a clean slate? Can you imagine a new state of being, in which your mind is not cluttered with endless words, lists and concerns that have little to do with your long-term growth?

It starts by understanding that silence is OK.

A calm mind is the normal state for the awakened individual.

It happens when you face the fears that keep peace at arm’s length, because the human ego is very frightened of the unknown.  Fears are tricky; they are masters at crafting powerful potential catastrophic scenarios to keep you in the place of powerlessness. It’s when you face them head on that they, along with the accompanying words, lose their power over you.

So, Lightworker, nothing is wrong with you if you wake up with a calm mind.  It’s the sign that your heart is winning over your head.

Let’s have a silent cheer for that accomplishment.



author: Kimberly

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if our bodies are made of light, why can't we live on fast food?
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If My Body Is Made of Light, Why Can’t I Live On Fast Food?

We are living in a hologram. Simply concentrated light, bunched together in temporary form.

From any one individual’s perspective here on “the ground,” the world can seem so small.  Yet climb that hill a bit, and the view becomes wider, more expansive.  Your perspective is very different from a higher altitude.

When the synchronicities start flowing in due to alignment with Source, the hologram becomes more apparent. People and things come out of nowhere, right when needed, and right on time.  The perfection of the orchestrated occurrences fosters the adaptation that our world really isn’t solid at all.

That’s when shit gets fun.

So, what about our bodies? They seem pretty solid. Nope. Not solid at all.

So if our bodies aren’t solid, what does it matter what kind of food we eat?

What does food–which can’t be solid either if we’re in a hologram–have to do with the whole situation?

It’s about energy.

Everything you encounter has energy.  It carries with it the impression of every single soul who has interacted with it.  And every interaction that occurs, changes the signature of each person, place or thing involved.  The observer, and the observed. That’s called expansion.

That chicken you ate: it had a life.  That stalk of broccoli?  It was living at one time, too.  Its natural instinct was to grow toward the light.

The chicken that got to run around and pick worms apart, and play with its siblings, will be of a higher frequency than a chicken that was stuffed into a cage with a dozen others, unable to move around and express itself.  The quality of life greatly affects the energetic signature of any living being.

So although we technically aren’t solid, those who designed this “physical” world—with its self-imposed limitations that include a physical vehicle that still requires fuel—the energetic exchange still applies.

Your food provides the fuel for your avatar.  And your choice of food provides further opportunity for expansion.

This is why, as you awaken, you will find yourself making better choices.  You will naturally eliminate lower-frequency fuel, and choose food that feels good when you eat it.  This will not feel like sacrifice.  It is an innate instinct that was dormant in your coding, activated by you in the expansion process.

So do we even need food at all?

If you climb high enough on that hill to embrace a larger view, you will see that ultimately, you do not need food at all. Your trek up that hill will include releasing old beliefs and programming that will clarify your view.  From a high enough vantage point, you would recognize life for the hologram that it is, and your choices will be from that perspective.  You can survive on prana, or “life force”.  This is also called love.

Yet, there are few people who have ventured to trek that high up that hill of unknowns.  Few have taken the time to challenge the programming, to recognize the holographic nature of “reality.”  And as such, those of us with those limiting beliefs will not be supported in living without food until we believe that love is all we need.

So remember that you’re eating energy, my love.  Choose the highest frequency available to you, and honor it as the fuel that keeps you running.

Love to you.



author: Kimberly

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using the lottery to get into alignment
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Playing the Lottery to Practice Abundance

Want to play a manifestation game to get you more in alignment with abundance?  The lottery is a perfect tool for that. And it’s cheap!

Manifestation = A desire + Intention + Feeling the vibration of something that you want.

It’s how everything in your world is created, by the way.  You start with the thoughts–and feelings–about something, and you send out your intentions (either consciously or unconsciously, your choice! Repetition and perseverance further concentrate those intentions, until finally:  POOF.  It appears in your physical surroundings.

So what constitutes abundance anyway?

The concept of abundance is of the biggest lies fed to our Western society.  And pretty much all of us are still struggling within the gripping net of limitation about our lack of it, and what it even means in the first place.

By now I’m sure you recognize that one person’s abundance is not another person’s abundance.  The happiest people I have ever met lived in a shack made of mud, with one window and no door, on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.  I’ve never seen any group exhibit more joy, despite their seemingly lackluster environment and lack of material things.

So before I tell you about playing the lottery, I want to emphasize that I do not consider having a lot of money as being abundant.

It’s about options, really.  Having more money gives you more options from which to choose.


So, the lottery.

The lottery is the perfect playing ground for you to test your alignment skills.  Since you know that feeling the way you want to feel will bring things to you that make you feel that way, it’s easy to imagine how your life could be more aligned if you felt you had more options, ie. more money.

And lotteries are drawings for gobs of money, nearly every day of the week.  Money out of nowhere, to be sure.

And that’s where money really comes from.  It’s an idea. It’s a collective idea. And ideas start from….nothing.

If you can view money as an instrument of trade, rather than a means to an end, it loosens some of that tangled web we’ve been trapped beneath.

Money is an idea, and ideas come from thin air. Having more money provides me with more options. I use it, with gratitude, as a tool.

So buy a lottery ticket.  Choose numbers that mean something to you.

And once you have that ticket, you are on your way.  You’ve served both your 3D belief that you have to DO something to get money, and you’ve unleashed your potential to dream.

Now add this.  See if you can fit yourself into the following scenario:

You win the lottery. Lottery winners generally have a year to collect their winnings. Since you are a master of money, you choose to recoup as much of those winnings as possible, without losing half of it to taxes. So before you step forth with your winning ticket, you consult an attorney, who helps you form a charitable foundation.  You create positions within the foundation for yourself, and your family, as employees of the foundation. You then plan to donate the largest amount of your winnings allowed by law to your foundation, thus avoiding heavy taxation.

It can take up to 12 months for creation of your foundation, so you can’t step forward with your winning ticket until your foundation is up and running.  You won’t tell your friends, or your boss.  It’s business as usual to the outside world.

12 months, sitting with a winning ticket, and you essentially can’t tell anyone.  But you know it’s coming.  There is no doubt in your mind that the money is coming to you.

How do you feel?

Excited?  Anticipatory? Expectant?  Are you ready to plan what you are going to do with the money coming to you?

Excellent.  Feel those feelings, and start planning.

Now you are in the state of allowance.  Stay there for as long as possible, and rock that shit.


Does this mean that you have to play the lottery every week?

Well, that depends on how strong your beliefs are that money must come to you through known channels.  After a while, those limiting beliefs will fade away, as you see more and more evidence that money comes from all over the place.  There is always a bigger picture than the one you can currently see, so allow the power of the larger part of YOU to do its thing.

I know that I spend $2 a week on much stupider things than practicing my alignment, so if playing the lottery keeps you in that excitement, then indulge yourself for the sake of growth and expansion.


Good luck, awakening master!  And use that money wisely.



author: Kimberly

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the spiral of life trigger message
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Trigger Message: The Spiral of Life

If you are experiencing great darkness in your life at this time, then this message is for you.

Those of us with lives in upheaval often feel like there will be no end to the darkness.

The cycle of life is ongoing, and you are merely traveling along the torus of life.

Make sure to enable the sound on your device, as there are both visual and audio components to this message.

Don’t forget: always be you, all the time. Even if you feel like shit sometimes. You’re human, and we are here to experience all emotions.

awake people have bad days too
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VIDEO: Awake People Have Crappy Days Too

Society’s way of keeping you in check is telling you that crying is a sign of weakness. No doubt you’ve been told that big boys don’t cry, or to stop crying before you’re given something to really cry about…

All of this programming is running the human show, until you realize that crying is a release of resistance, and is a necessary process while you’re expanding your consciousness.

Today, Kimberly made a video while crying, so you can see that no matter where anyone is on their spiritual path, it’s ok to be sad, disappointed, feel unloved, or be overwhelmed. Crying is a perfectly acceptable release for that negative energy. It’s when those feelings are denied that they develop into deeper issues.

So cry if you need to. It’s the greatest show of strength you could demonstrate, that you don’t want to keep that negative energy inside.

And don’t forget: always be you, all the time. Love!

Trigger Message Kimberly Darwin
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Trigger Message: Symbol Projection

I received this symbol very clearly, and it was “suggested” (that really means DO IT) that I recreate it and present it in the manner in which it was presented to me, projected like a frame in a film.

Note that such symbols, as well as numbers, are sent to us to unlock coding that has been sitting dormant inside of us until activated.

You may or may not feel differently after viewing it, although I do notice that it takes a few days for things to be unlocked for me. Think of it as the end of a ball of yarn, which will now start to unravel as you continue navigating through this life.

This is the “phi” symbol, which honestly I knew nothing about until after I drew it and started researching.

There are some added comments after the message with additional suggestions for research, should you be interested.

Some resources for you, in case you are interested:




author: Kimberly

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The Dissolving 3D Reality: Your World is Not Solid

We’ve been functioning within one of the greatest ruses ever concocted: that our physical reality is rigid and immutable, and that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

As the world awakens, individuals are presented with the opportunity to challenge such limiting beliefs by allowing a shift in what they thought was possible within the constructs of life on Earth.

Here are some basic, concrete examples of the programming under which we’ve been living:

  • There is an ideal weight for your gender and height, and you must remain there until you die.
  • You should work at least 8 hours per day.
  • If you are not in a long-term relationship, there is something wrong with you.
  • You must sacrifice things if you want to be successful.
  • Youth and beauty equate to power.

Now, let’s go out a little further and challenge some even more deep-seated beliefs fed to you by authorities, who want to keep you contained within their reality:

  • The Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours.
  • Only doctors with medicine can heal you.
  • Humans cannot fly because gravity won’t allow it.
  • History occurred exactly as it was documented in textbooks.

No doubt, if you bring up these subjects at your average dinner party, you will receive some askant smirks. Not everyone is ready to challenge such well-seated beliefs without visual evidence proving otherwise, because they were taught that authorities know better than they do.

But you are ahead of the population, and you are ripe to consider questioning ALL of your beliefs about how our world works.  As we move into 4th Density, those innate abilities we’re told we don’t have will begin to bloom, and there will be visual evidence for those with minds open enough to consider them.  There will always be those who will never see your point of view, and that is OK.


Just a little taste of how those latter beliefs can be challenged by you, right now:


The Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours.

What’s an hour?  It’s related to linear time, and linear time is simply another Earthly construct that we’ve invented.  Although we’ve documented that the Earth revolves on its axis, the time aspect of that statement is arbitrary at best.  It’s an old Babylonian thing, when someone decided to use the sexagesimal (counting by 60s) for mathematics and astronomy.


Only doctors with medicine can heal you.

That’s great for pharmaceutical companies and the doctors that are paid to prescribe the drugs they market.  Yet there are plenty of scientifically-documented occurrences to support the notion that humans can heal their own bodies simply with intention.  Check out Gregg Braden’s material for that, especially where he films naturopaths in China chanting away cancer from a patient’s body in 3 minutes, documented with Ultrasound.


Humans cannot fly because gravity won’t allow it.

If you redefine flying, and consider quantum physics, it’s not all that inconceivable that you can move your astral body to a new location, and your physical body catches up to it.  You do this every time you know someone’s going to call.  Your astral body is connecting to someone while your physical body remains stationary.  This atomic transition is documented by Earth physicists, if people cared to research it.  Plus, Willy Wonka was able to perform this feat way back in the 70’s, with both chocolate bars and unruly children.


History occurred exactly as it was documented in textbooks.

This is my favorite one.  Check out any search engine for information on what’s kept in the basement at the Smithsonian.  From unearthed 2-billion-year-old metal screws, to dinosaur and human footprints side by side, history has been picked through to support the notion that humans were stupid, powerless beings governed by forces of nature and chance until the Industrial Revolution changed our way of life.

Challenge your beliefs about everything that seems so rigid to you, and know that as we move into 4th Density, these limitations will fall away.

Want to start now?  Check out How to See Extra-dimensionals with your TV set.



author: Kimberly

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lightworker healing with energy
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Lightworkers: Others Won’t Suffer Like You Did

Lightworkers are like lighthouses for the rest of the world in the dark.

We’ve experienced the heartbreaking loss.  We’ve healed it.

We’ve investigated the role of the ego in our behavior, and we know how to put it in its place when necessary.

We’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of things, and we’ve learned growth from both perspectives.

We’ve looked at our own monsters, and acknowledge when they need attention.


Many of these catalysts the general population has still yet to experience.

The world is waking up.  There is a great increase in inquiries about the non-physical, the meaning of life, and galactic history.  People are starting to wonder if there is a connection between what they are thinking and what is showing up in their reality.

They are starting to go within.  And if you recall, that was pretty painful.

One of the pacts of Lightworkers was that we’d heal much of the imbalance on behalf of the Collective. We agreed that those awakening after us would not suffer the severe struggles that we needed to feel.  We have deemed that their path will be less difficult than ours was.

Lightworkers have done a mass amount of healing on behalf of the Collective, so that those awakening now will experience a less arduous path to inner transformation.

There will soon be a time when some confused people will be coming to you for assistance.  They will recognize your peacefulness and your open mind, and they will seek guidance.

Assure them that they will be fine, that all of the changes are for the better, and gently remind them that all of their answers are inside them.  If they ask for resources, provide them.  Remember that they have all the guidance they need; they just forget that they do.

Then, send your love and support and know that these intentions are invaluable right now.


Earth Energy





44 (let your avatar be led)

777 (everything is in divine order)


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online groups for lightworkers
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How You Know When to Leave an Online Group

Humans are social beings and the sense of tribe, or belonging, is extremely strong.

If we’re not meeting in person (since so many Lightworkers are going it solo), we’ll still strive to connect with others via social media.  It can be a lonely road, for sure, this Lightworker stuff.

Even though I live in Los Angeles, one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world, it’s still hard to connect on a regular basis with actual people, in person. So online we go, in search of that one tiny feeling of connection with someone else that thinks even a little bit like me.

Social media has its pros and cons, and you already know them, so we’ll skip that.  One of the benefits of social media is the gathering of people sharing a similar belief or situation.  Add to that the near anonymity of their online avatar (no coincidence in the naming of those, you know), and you have a wonderful sampling of polarity from which to choose yet again. There are lots of great Facebook groups that I believe have saved lives by providing the much-needed connection at a crucial time in someone’s life.

And Facebook has a large number of groups related to anything metaphysical or spiritual that you can imagine.  It’s nearly impossible NOT to find a group related to any subject. Groups can provide that needed image, link or hint that your Higher Self’s been waiting for you to notice, to move you along in your growth.

For Lightworkers, there seems to be a specific cycle related to social media groups.

The Lightworker will search for connection related to a current theme they’re exploring.  Let’s say you’re interested in The Event, or Empathic Abilities.

You find a group, and you sign up.  You read first, to get an idea of the culture.  Learn the protocol.  Then maybe start liking things.  As time progresses, you’ll possibly comment, and internally process reactions to those comments (did you like the validation, or are you afraid of your ego taking over?) as you learn more about your desired subject.

Then, you start to notice the trolls commenting their typically stupid things, and you might get miffed.  Then differing viewpoints can spark an online war between fellows, and you watch on the sidelines shaking your head.  Soon enough, more comments start to incite anger in you, because they just can’t see the big picture, you think. You may start avoiding the group, until finally you just leave it.

Hah, see how even online interaction can make you grow?  It’s all about frequency. You draw the information/person/situation to yourself until the vibrations no longer match.  Then you part.

Subjects that might need processing as you consider leaving a group:

  • Checking ego.  Is it wanting constant validation that you matter?
  • Arrogance.  Do you think that you are further along than someone else?  Remember it’s a circle.  They could be revolutions ahead of you!
  • Isolation.  Are you using online as a substitute for physical interaction?
  • Trust.  On occasion, online groups spur physical meetings.  How do you feel about meeting someone online?

Once you believe that you have gleaned all you can from your group experience, then leave it with love (not flames!) and move on to the next interest.


Earth Energy






445 (make choices that reflect the most authentic you)

555 (upcoming change)



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old monkeys may never wash their potatoes
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Dirty Sweet Potatoes…and Old Habits

The 100th Monkey Theory asserts that once a critical mass of beings develops a habit, all of the beings in the collective adopt the habit without previous demonstration.

Perhaps you’ve heard the 100th Monkey story sometime in your formal schooling. The famous 1952 study observed a group of Macaca Fuscata monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima. During the study, one young female monkey took the sweet potatoes left for her by the scientists, and began washing the sand off of them before she ate them.  Other young monkeys observed her habit and adopted it.  Soon the young monkeys followed suit, all washing the sand off of their sweet potatoes before they ate them.

Then, monkeys on other islands, with no contact from Koshima Island’s monkeys, began washing the sand off of their sweet potatoes too.

Understandably, scientists were amazed and baffled that the habit jumped from one island to another without the monkeys traveling or interacting with other groups.

Now, of course, 60 years later, we can explain that collective consciousness within the terms of awakening, in that we’re sharing one mind despite being in different, distant bodies.

It’s a great example of Oneness in action. Intuition, ESP, telepathy, or whatever it’s called nowadays by scientists who have finally had to admit that we’re connected by something they can’t measure well with their current instruments.

I must add that the study has been retold erroneously in a manner that implied that ALL the monkeys, on each individual island, picked up the habit.  They did not.  Guess who still insisted on eating the sweet potatoes with the sand intact?

You got it.

The old ones.

Humans and monkeys…not so far apart, it seems.  96% shared DNA explains that part.

There will be those set in their ways, and that’s OK. Their way is serving them according to their soul’s plan.

So on your path of awakening, remember that even if you think a potato tastes best without sand, there will always be people who prefer it sandy.  The world is full of infinite viewpoints, and all are perfect, for the one making the choice.

Let them enjoy their potatoes.  Send them love and honor their power to make their own choices.  Then go hang out with others that prepare their potatoes the same way as you do, if you want to interact with like-minded people.  There is room for everyone, with any belief, to share the same planet.


And remember, always be you, all the time.  Love!

Earth Energy:






711 (Lightworker activation)

222 (Keep visualizing, it’s working)





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If you want to read more about the 100th Monkey study, click here.