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using the lottery to get into alignment
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Playing the Lottery to Practice Abundance

Want to play a manifestation game to get you more in alignment with abundance?  The lottery is a perfect tool for that. And it’s cheap!

Manifestation = A desire + Intention + Feeling the vibration of something that you want.

It’s how everything in your world is created, by the way.  You start with the thoughts–and feelings–about something, and you send out your intentions (either consciously or unconsciously, your choice! Repetition and perseverance further concentrate those intentions, until finally:  POOF.  It appears in your physical surroundings.

So what constitutes abundance anyway?

The concept of abundance is of the biggest lies fed to our Western society.  And pretty much all of us are still struggling within the gripping net of limitation about our lack of it, and what it even means in the first place.

By now I’m sure you recognize that one person’s abundance is not another person’s abundance.  The happiest people I have ever met lived in a shack made of mud, with one window and no door, on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.  I’ve never seen any group exhibit more joy, despite their seemingly lackluster environment and lack of material things.

So before I tell you about playing the lottery, I want to emphasize that I do not consider having a lot of money as being abundant.

It’s about options, really.  Having more money gives you more options from which to choose.


So, the lottery.

The lottery is the perfect playing ground for you to test your alignment skills.  Since you know that feeling the way you want to feel will bring things to you that make you feel that way, it’s easy to imagine how your life could be more aligned if you felt you had more options, ie. more money.

And lotteries are drawings for gobs of money, nearly every day of the week.  Money out of nowhere, to be sure.

And that’s where money really comes from.  It’s an idea. It’s a collective idea. And ideas start from….nothing.

If you can view money as an instrument of trade, rather than a means to an end, it loosens some of that tangled web we’ve been trapped beneath.

Money is an idea, and ideas come from thin air. Having more money provides me with more options. I use it, with gratitude, as a tool.

So buy a lottery ticket.  Choose numbers that mean something to you.

And once you have that ticket, you are on your way.  You’ve served both your 3D belief that you have to DO something to get money, and you’ve unleashed your potential to dream.

Now add this.  See if you can fit yourself into the following scenario:

You win the lottery. Lottery winners generally have a year to collect their winnings. Since you are a master of money, you choose to recoup as much of those winnings as possible, without losing half of it to taxes. So before you step forth with your winning ticket, you consult an attorney, who helps you form a charitable foundation.  You create positions within the foundation for yourself, and your family, as employees of the foundation. You then plan to donate the largest amount of your winnings allowed by law to your foundation, thus avoiding heavy taxation.

It can take up to 12 months for creation of your foundation, so you can’t step forward with your winning ticket until your foundation is up and running.  You won’t tell your friends, or your boss.  It’s business as usual to the outside world.

12 months, sitting with a winning ticket, and you essentially can’t tell anyone.  But you know it’s coming.  There is no doubt in your mind that the money is coming to you.

How do you feel?

Excited?  Anticipatory? Expectant?  Are you ready to plan what you are going to do with the money coming to you?

Excellent.  Feel those feelings, and start planning.

Now you are in the state of allowance.  Stay there for as long as possible, and rock that shit.


Does this mean that you have to play the lottery every week?

Well, that depends on how strong your beliefs are that money must come to you through known channels.  After a while, those limiting beliefs will fade away, as you see more and more evidence that money comes from all over the place.  There is always a bigger picture than the one you can currently see, so allow the power of the larger part of YOU to do its thing.

I know that I spend $2 a week on much stupider things than practicing my alignment, so if playing the lottery keeps you in that excitement, then indulge yourself for the sake of growth and expansion.


Good luck, awakening master!  And use that money wisely.



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mandala for forgiveness
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Are You Dredging up Ghosts From the Past in Your Dreams?

Oh the New Energy!  It’s like white water rafting and you’re headed downstream, even if you’d rather stay ashore. Now is a time of huge clearing, and if you don’t do it while you’re awake, you’ll do it in the dream state.

Old friends, lovers, the kid in second grade that used to kick you on the playground (her name was Lisa Mattyus for me.)  All of those people from your past that did you wrong, broke your heart or bruised your pride.

They’ll be coming back now for you to address. All I can say is: Thank God it’s now, after I’ve done much of my inner work, for they are easier to forgive.

Your conscious-self may have forgotten all about them; but energetically, there is obviously still some work for you to do to balance out that relationship.  And time has probably etched away at pain’s sting, so now you can observe those ghosts from the past without the fraught emotion, and send them on their way for good.

If you aren’t seeing your ghosts in your waking hours, they’ll be showing up in your dreams; it’s much easier to balance out that energy in your natural Delta/REM dream state.  This clearance is final, and you probably won’t have to deal with that annoyance again.

Shit is being BALANCED now, for sure.

So sleep up and release, my friends.  And to Lisa Mattyus, wherever you are, you were a mean person, and you are forgiven.  Thank you for making me stronger.


Earth Energy:





527 (Changes you’ve been making are beneficial to you)

1010 (Fine tune and remember you are creating your reality)



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Sources for further reading if you’re interested:

Brain Waves



survival fears
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Survival Terror — Happening Now

One of Earth’s themes in 2018 is of clearing out old fears so that we can move to 5D.  Sounds painful, but it doesn’t have to be.  One huge subject in March so far has been that of our very survival.

Lightworker, no doubt you have lived many a life where you starved to death, or died of sickness because you couldn’t afford the cure.  Plague was probably involved (it was such a hot subject in the 1300’s,) and you’re still carrying that around unless you have done the work to transmute it.

If you are now dealing with terror about losing your way of life—in the form of your job, your health or the fate of Earth itself—then those subjects are surfacing for you, and the collective, to heal.  Get them out.

The new Earth energy allows you to recognize your lessons without having to experience debilitating situations to get your attention.  Survival fears are the hot topic right now, and as a Lightworker, when you face your own fears, you are also facing them for the entire collective.  You are a healer.  You chose this.

How to address your survival fear right now:

  • Start with recognizing the fear has surfaced.
  • Instead of dulling it with self-medication (wine, food, etc), sit down and ask it to come forward.
  • Remember that the best way out is through.
  • Look back at this life so far and remind yourself that you are well-fed and resources are plentiful.
  • Recognize that as an old soul, you probably have starved in another life, but you have better tools now.
  • Know that your Higher Self guides you in your effort to release these outdated beliefs.
  • Confirm that you have all the skills necessary to exist in this reality without pain or suffering.
  • Send the fear out to the Universe with the resolve that it no longer affects your life.
  • Let it all go.

Now, go play.  Do something that makes you laugh. This will raise your vibration back to the highest available frequency for you, and will aid in releasing the resistance. You have done your work.

You will not starve.  Everything will be fine.  Life is abundant and you have every right to that abundance, and no one else will suffer from you having everything you desire.  People are inherently good. You are loved.


Earth Energy:






777 (Everything is in Divine Order)

888 (Abundance is abundant)




author: Kimberly

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reality depends on the observer
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The White Rabbit: Your Reality is Based on Your Beliefs

It’s no wonder that Alice in Wonderland is a classic.  Written by a creative man known to use mind-altering substances, it’s a masterpiece of challenges to our belief systems.

A rabbit that’s late? A hovering, smiling cat?  Chess-piece soldiers.

It’s full of archetypes and mind fucks, yet we still read it in our most conservative schools. Why is that, when so many other books have been banned?

I think it’s because we as a collective kept it alive, allowing it to plant a seed about how realities differ based on the observer; how the suspension of beliefs can allow in a more panoramic view of existence than what’s been proved by modern science. (Read a more esoteric explanation below*)

“Eat me.”

I just love that.

Our beliefs model our entire reality.  If you believe it to be true, then the possibility of it exists in your reality.  That’s why something can be so easy for you, but others would never try it, because they believe that they couldn’t do it.  Your reality is that much richer for your experiencing something that others denied due to fear.

What do you believe?  Are you able to suspend your judgment about what is possible in your reality?

Do you believe things now that you never thought could happen ten years ago?  I bet you do.

I’m inviting you to suspend your beliefs even more, every day, and review your opinions of what can and can’t happen on planet Earth.

Remember that you are pure light.  A tiny part of you is vibrating a little bit slower so that you can see it as solid.  If you’re pure light, then you can change things that you formerly believed were never plausible.

In essence, you can change your physical surroundings by changing your beliefs. You want to live a more elastic life like Alice?  It’s simply about updating your opinions on what can, and can’t, happen in your current reality.

Now off to follow the white rabbit.


Earth Energy






444 (All is well)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want to see)


* For those of you who live in a reality that includes off-planet energies, Alice in Wonderland, with its massive emphasis on constantly changing experiences, is an example of what life is like in the Andromeda galaxy.  The reality on Andromeda is very elastic.  Here’s what it might be like if you were walking down a street on a planet in Andromeda:

You are walking with a friend, and along the side of the road, you see a sitting dog.  You mention the dog to your partner, who claims that there is no dog there; for him, it’s a tree.  You see a dog, he sees a tree, and it’s OK for those realities to co-exist.  You both go about your lives with the belief of what you saw on your walk. And by the way, on the way home, you could choose to see the tree this time, and everything is still A-OK in your realities.

Can you see how that concept might change the behavior of Earth’s inhabitants if they adopted it?  Yeahhhh.



author: Kimberly

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you are learning your lessons through sleep
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You Used to Have Accidents, Now You Just Sleep: PROGRESS!

Light worker, the energy on earth has certainly changed.  Remember the days when you had to create an accident for yourself in order to learn a lesson?

Those days are gone, my friend. Past are the days in which we had to create a shitstorm for ourselves, which forced us inwards long enough to comprehend the lesson involved. And guess what? If we didn’t get it the first time, we got another one. And another one. Until we got it.

I guess I’m a slow learner.  I had to send myself 2 divorces, a devastating hurricane, a lost child, homelessness and bankruptcy to wake my slow ass up.

Those days, although they were fun at the time, served as a reflection of the vibration in which I lived. I was reacting to the outside physical world, instead of recognizing that I am creating it myself, and so I didn’t know any better at the time.

If such things have happened to you—and I know they have, or you wouldn’t be reading this—you know by now that those situations served you great purpose, and you’re done experiencing that kind of negativity.

In the new energy of Earth, instead of the accidents used to create for yourself, you will just sleep. The lesson was presented to you during the day, but you may not have recognized it, because you were too busy focusing on something else. But now, now that you are recognizing lessons so much faster in any experience that you have, you no longer need to immerse yourself in a shitstorm.

Even if you don’t consciously grasp the lesson as it’s happening, your Higher Self knows that you have the ability to access that energy and process that lesson without needing to have it presented again.

You do this in the form of sleep. Sleep is when you release all of that resistance that was holding the lesson back. This is when stuff gets done.

So if you are sleeping a lot more (I am sleeping some days 10 to 12 hours,) know that this is a normal sign of waking up, and a celebratory part of progress.


Earth Energy:






988 (Phase of your life is coming to an end)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want to be)


author: Kimberly

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sleeping a lot is a common symptom of awakening
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Sleeping a Lot? You’re Being Upgraded

There have been reports of people sleeping 10-14 hours a day this past week.

I know I myself have been sleeping a massive amount of time this week, but I don’t feel sick.  This is a common awakening sign, and it’s good news.  While you are sleeping, your physical body rests of course, but the real magic is that you are not in it all that much.  You’re out there in your natural state visiting people, making plans and sending yourself upgrades to both your physical, and your energetic DNA.

Modern humans have 2 of the 12 energetic DNA strands activated.  These 2 are associated with the bottom 2 chakras of the body:  the root chakra and the sacral chakra.  There are 10 more energetic chakras available to humans, and 10 more corresponding strands of energetic DNA that remain detached in most of us.

Awakened people are being upgraded through the re-attachment of those 10 strands, one at a time, from the bottom up.  The first 7 are associated with our physical body; the remaining 5 are outside of you.

As you sleep, pay attention to your dreams.  You may see sacred geometry, see yourself on a ship (sometimes mine is a cruise ship, but I lack the Margarita, unfortunately), or on another planet.  These are all common representations of your expanding consciousness.

I’ve included a resource below if you are interested in learning the basics of this upgrade.

Earth Energy:






888 (Financial abundance upcoming – a windfall)

1111 (Pay attention to your thoughts)


Resource:  Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn.  This book was written in 1992, and is still applicable to the study of the expansion of human consciousness.  I like the audiobook as well; I listen to it while I’m asleep.




author: Kimberly

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bad dreams are a gift
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Bad Dreams – A Gift from Your Soul

Awake people generally have good dreams.  Yet once in a while, a dark one will slip in, and it’s a gift.

Our dream state is the closest that humans can conceive of to our unfettered soul’s natural state. The easiest way to think about it is that our two main brainwave states, beta, which is our “awake” state, and delta, which is our “dreaming state, are switched.  Consciously-creating beings understand that our beta state is an illusion. The illusion seems so solid and real, that we forget we’ve designed this place to create growth opportunities for our soul.

So if you’re concerned about something, and it’s been on your mind all day, it’s possible that you’ll have an uncomfortable dream that night, during which you’ll feel heavy negative emotions. Because your 3D mind was so busy on the subject all day long, you probably avoided feeling out that situation.

Here comes help.

That part of you that is more aligned with Source waits till you fall asleep, because it can take care of those feelings much more efficiently than you can in your waking state when your mind goes on overdrive. You probably don’t need this help all that much anymore, but even highly conscious people need a little boost here and there. 

Be thankful when you have these dreams, and appreciate that your higher self was giving you a leg up on your ascension.  You just released a whole bunch of crap, and you didn’t have to create it here in your illusion to have the growth experience.

And make sure, after you wake up, that you clear your energy and not dwell on the emotions. Because as soon as you re-enter that beta state, your intentions (whether positive or negative!!!) will manifest. So do whatever necessary to get on a momentum of good-thinking thoughts before you start your day, and thank your Higher Self for the leg up in your ascension.

Earth Energy:






222 (Keep visualizing, manifestations imminent)

337 (Guides are working for you)


author: Kimberly

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Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – November 10, 2017

A lot goes on while you’re asleep.

Awakening is about moving energy around.  It’s about allowing your 3D body and consciousness opening up to higher-frequency energies that are basically bombarding you from everywhere.  You’ve chosen to allow these higher energies in, and it’s a workout. A lot of this happens while your body is asleep. Today’s energy is one of recuperation.

You may feel like you ran a marathon last night in your sleep, or climbed a sequoia, or swam the English Channel.  Your body and mind may be exhausted even though you slept a long time.  Normal!  Today is Friday, so take it easy, start your weekend early if you can.  Try to maintain steadier peaks and valleys today by stepping back from any anger-inducing subjects, and put it off until later if you can.

Earth Energy:  Pale yellow, gray.  Just ride the wave today “Office Space” style.  Avoid major decisions or confrontations if possible.  Numbers: 566 (Ask for help if you are having difficulty accepting change), 557 (changes occurring are all good).




Scattered thoughts  throughout the morning. large gusts of optimism moving in by this afternoon. Evening should be calm and contemplative.



Tired but very present. I had a weird night last night.



No dreams, no memories.  Feel like that woman in Mars Attacks that floats just above the ground.  Except I’m bumping into things.  When my eyes look at my body, it looks different but I don’t know why.