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what your energy looks like to others
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What Your Energy is Like To Other People

Our existence in this Universe is all about frequency.

We’ve discussed earlier the reason why you meet people, why you feel shitty when in big crowds, and how you can sometimes be invisible to those around you.

In each case, it’s about your frequency, or in other words, your vibration.  Also known as spiritual density, it’s the amount, and balance, of light you exhibit.  Each person has an energetic signature—just as individual as the one you use to sign for a package—that others can sense, whether they are aware of it or not.

The best way to do this is to imagine yourself in a room, seated in a chair, and you’re blindfolded.  Now imagine that you have a helper who ushers people into the room, one at a time, in complete silence.

First, they bring in a sibling or someone you’ve grown up with.

Could you recognize the signature of that person?  Without your physical senses in action, you’d be using your ethereal body to read their signature.  Your etheric body will recognize the energy of the person who has entered the room, and indicate to your mind who owns that signature.

Now, let’s say they usher in a stranger.  Your ethereal body will read that signature, and, based on the balance (or lack thereof) of his energy centers (also called chakras,) you will receive all sorts of information.  You may feel like the stranger is benevolent, or you may not.  Male or female.  Older or younger. Such indications are sent to your gut, where the intuitive center lies.

Falsehood can’t exist in this realm.  That means that if you follow your gut, then you are acknowledging one of the most powerful connections available to you while in this physical incarnation.  It’s going to be only as good as your mind allows, however, because anyone who has ever been on a diet knows, the mind can talk us out of anything if we give it that power.  Just takes a little bit of training to trust yourself to quiet the mind to receive the signals.

So let’s experiment with signature-detecting in a real scenario.

Next time you walk down the street, put some headphones on and play some music that makes you bounce in your step. Think of joyous things, and get to the highest vibration available to you.  Be really OK with life right now.

You and your signature are just walking along, between and past other people. And in the background, they are sensing your signature, and you theirs.


Those that are vibrating at a much lower vibration than you will not see you.

These individuals may be upset about something; or they could be sick; or mourning; or completely unconscious of their power as the creator of their life.  They could be trauma victims, or working through financial issues.  This could be a temporary decrease in their vibration, or it could be their normal state.Some may just see you as a gray mass or faceless blob, due to their focus on the underlying issues running their mind. You may even have to sidestep to avoid their running into you, as they often don’t even see the physical aspect of you walking along.


Those that are vibrating at slightly lower vibration than you will see you.

Depending on your own frequency, this is the largest portion of the population.  If you are awake at this time, it will be the majority of people that you encounter.  They will be engulfed in themselves; in whether or not they fit in with the crowd or if they feel accepted in the current situation.  Or they will be focused on external things like their cell phone, complaining at a spouse, or be in a hurry to get somewhere.  It is possible that you could have a conversation with them, and if there is common ground, communication could be fruitful for both parties.


Those with a Service to Self path will attempt to avoid you.

Thankfully, this group is diminishing, however with the Earth ascending at such rapid speed, if you were to run into this group, it will be in the very near future.  This group would be those who have chosen to focus on power over others, even to the point of exploitation; their focus is not on service to fellow man, but service to the self as the center of their creation.  I had an encounter with a soul like this last week, while I was walking to the gym.  An older female, she was walking towards me, saw me, and made a very wide circular berth around me.  She stopped completely, watched me pass, and then continued on. Those of this vibration are so dissimilar to you that, when you’re on top of your game, they cannot interact with you whatsoever.


Those of a slightly higher vibration will smile at or acknowledge you.

It will generally be them initiating the smile, and you will both see them as kind and as non-offensive.  They will leave you with a feeling of calm, joy or peace.  This group is increasing in number, and although we are usually surprised to have someone initiate a friendly connection, it is beneficial to both parties to do so.


Can you see where I’m going with this?  I could go on to other levels, of course, but you can place yourself in either position in this interaction—that of the walker, and that of the one who encounters the walker—and understand that there will always be those of lower vibration, and always be those of higher vibration around you.

And of course, those of very high vibration—well, you can’t generally see them, right?


Yet as you practice increasing your vibration, and maintaining the highest level available to you for longer periods of time, those of a higher vibration to you will start to show.  And further around we all go on the circle of consciousness expansion.


One caveat here to mention:  Assess where your ego flares up in such situations.  Do you judge those of lower vibration?  Are you envious of those of higher vibration?  Such assessments are part of the programming from which you’re freeing yourself.  That programming was put there to keep you feeling separate.  You no longer need to compare yourself to anyone else to determine your value.  If you must compare at all, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  Is your frequency higher?  Are you joyous?  Have you served anyone today?  Did you send love?


And remember:  Always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:





1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)

666 (Physical and spiritual balance)



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bending time
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About Time: 150-year-old Breadcrumbs Left Just For You?

On your quest for knowledge, you will most certainly look outside of yourself for indicators of your next steps in life.

Today, I want to discuss the material—also called breadcrumbs—that you “stumble upon” in your wild search for answers.

Let’s say you have an idea about something you’d like to research.  It could be soul plans, or raising your Kundalini, or self love.

First place you’ll probably go is the Internet, where you’ll search for that term, and start clicking on links.

You’ll be directed to exactly what you’re needing at the moment, and sometimes that’s a crazy wild frenzy of clicking on seemingly unrelated links to end up there.  This is your Higher Self and other contributing energies assisting you in finding what you are looking for.  Don’t fight it.  Enjoy the treasure hunt!

As you gain trust in your ability to create, you’ll listen to your gut more often and click on links that feel right to you.

When the destination is reached, you’ll find the information there to answer the question, fortify the desire, or fill in some blanks about your inquiry.

You’ll probably feel elated that you found the desired information, and you’ll be excited to read it.  You inhale the stuff, relish its value, integrate it….and then you see when it was written.

Perhaps it was written 25 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 150 years ago.

How can something that old apply to you?

To the human mind, which is taught to follow linear progression, you could doubt that the information presented is relevant to you at all.  I mean, how could something that Abraham Lincoln said in 1860 be written for you, who lives in a very different, 21st Century world?  How could he know what your question would be, and provide an answer for it?

To your larger Self, the time element is moot.

Since everything is happening instantaneously, it doesn’t matter when it was written. Linear time, as we use it here on Earth, is just a construct that the Collective, which includes you and I, have agreed to abide by while we were still asleep. Once we awaken, we learn the malleability of time and the meaning of “everything is happening now.”

The message that arrived to you via your wild link-clicking was one of infinite potentialities, and your observing of it activated it into relevance in your life.  You have set up these messages, like the multitude of books in a library just waiting for you to pull one off of the shelf. This is so with any song that plays, any conversation you overhear, any repeating numbers you see, or any other breadcrumb that you find along your path.

It’s the non-physical part of YOU, sending yourself messages in all manners and forms, to see what you’ll find relevant for growth. That means you had a part in every song, poem, film or book that enlightens you. You are the creator of it all.

That’s how powerful you are!


Oh, and my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote:

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”


Earth Energy:





355 (There is help if you will accept change)

888 (Money coming in)



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Why Lightworkers Are Supposed To Have Fun

Spiritual advisors tell us all the time to “Go Have Fun” in order to be better Lightworkers.  But why?

It’s about frequency.

Earth has been covered with a technological frequency-controlling grid for the last 300,000 years by those who prefer a path of Service-to-Self over a life of Service-to-Others.  This grid keeps people in a vibrational prison, riddled by fear, uncertainty, and unaware of their true powers.  It’s easy to dominate people who live in fear.

There are countless entities and consciousnesses, not only of extraterrestrial origin, but extra-dimensional as well, that are beaming high-vibration energy to our planet in hope of breaking down this grid and restoring all humans to their state of sovereignty. Yet historically, even when this energy penetrated that grid, there was no one on the planet with a physical body encoded properly to receive it. Until recently.

Enter the Lightworkers, whose cells contain the ability to accept these high frequency emissions, and Level-Up our bodies.  We, my friends, are energy transducers.

We catch the high-frequency beams as we meditate, practice yoga, and talk to our guides. We catch them when we’re watching kids play, or smelling a flower on our morning walk, or petting the cat. Our bodies absorb and integrate this energy.

Then, wherever we go, we emanate those vibes to the rest of the sleeping world.

You can’t emanate that high-frequency energy unless you are in the vibration to accept it in the first place.

Think about a day when you feel shitty.  Everything looks pointless, and your “Why Bother?” attitude runs the show for a short time.  As you know, the day rarely gets any better.  Time drags on as you bring about more dull experiences matching the vibration that you’re emitting, until you fall asleep and you reset yourself.

All of the assistance, synchronicities and signals from your guides (which are really you in other forms) will go unnoticed, ignored, or will just bounce off of you because you are not aligned to receive them.

Now, think about a time when you are goofy.  Perhaps you are playing with kids, or laughing with friends.  You are in joy.  Time passes at a faster rate, or you forget time altogether. And your laughter is contagious to those around you.

So focus on joy.  Focus on having fun wherever you are, and if it’s not fun, then don’t do it.


You can say that, you know.

Yes, even at your job—the job that society told you you can’t survive without (another falsehood to smash, thank you very much) because it wants to keep you in fear.  Imagine if all humans remembered that they could manifest anything and everything they desired (which you can).

That element of fear that beguiles most humans would be eradicated, and then the population would be impossible to dominate.

Yep.  You have that power. And you and I have been duped this whole time about it.

So today, remind yourself to have fun, no matter what you’re doing.  It puts you in the receptive frequency for guidance, for your manifestations, and for more fun experiences.



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seeing extradimensionals
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How to See Extra-Dimensionals Using your Television Set

Your eyes only see within a small spectrum of what’s in your local environment.  Yet so many beings exist outside of our visible spectrum. You can learn to see them too, right in your own home.

You’ll use your television set, and it will be UNPLUGGED…the way, in my opinion, it should always be.

Detailed below is a simple way to hone your viewing skills of extra-dimensionals, or those entities that occupy the space that we see as nothingness, and interact with our world.


So who are these entities and why are they here?

Although we decided to incarnate as humans into dense physical bodies to experience the illusion of solidity, there are troves of other entities that choose a different experience, who exist in a less solid form.  They are not subject to the limitations of gravity and linear time as we’ve chosen to be.  And yet they share our environment, interact with our physical surroundings, experience our events, and feel along with us—all from their own non-physical perspective.

Since we were born into a veil of forgetfulness, our eyes were created to only see so much by default. We question our sanity when we see things we can’t explain away with science. Things fleeting out of the corner of our eye, or perhaps flashes of light where there should be none.  We might laugh them off as exhaustion, drunkenness, or hallucinations.  We might take medicine to shut these occurrences out, or to categorize them as something that is wrong with us.

All along, such occurrences have been happening in hopes of triggering something in you to question them.  When we start recognizing that these and other coincidences happen too often to be random, we inquire of ourselves if our world is really what authorities tell us it is. This is when we accept the potential existence of unseen forces.

There is a point at which you flip over, from the place of a doubter of forces that we can’t see, to one of a believer.

When the flip occurs, you will trust your intuition more often than you doubt it.

This is when you are ripe to start developing your clairvoyance skills by visually interacting with the extra-dimensionals that are hanging around you right now.

Do you see where the necessity of belief is so important?  Going into any practice from an attitude of doubt will yield you exactly those results.  So aim to suspend doubt—at least for a few minutes—by stating your intention to allow in some fun magic.  You could say something like this:

“I will pause the skeptic for a few minutes and allow in a new experience without judgment.”

All you’re really doing is asking your eyes to see something they haven’t yet been trained to see.  Unless you had a lot of monster story traumas from your childhood, you will most likely be able to suspend this doubt for a few minutes and have some fun.

Regarding protection (Trigger message follows):

As you awaken, you will recognize that you are the complete Creator of your reality.  You will not feel the necessity to request protection using any practice (sage, crystals, cleansing chants, and so on) because your vibration is at such a level that those lower forces have no access to you. You understand that any request for protection will bring you something to protect yourself from.

The above statement is a common trigger for many in their path of remembrance. If it is a trigger for you, it may open a line of self-inquiry regarding your belief about your power, or lack of it.

Either way, let’s use a simple intention for the invitation of higher thought forms:

“I live in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, and I have chosen a path of Service to Others. I invite all consciousness of an equal or higher vibration to co-create with me on our journey to serve others. All lower thought forms, you are excused from my space and I send you to the Light with love.”


You are not required to use my statement.  You can choose any statement you prefer.  The importance is in the intent—how you feel about what you are saying—rather than the words. The statement above includes your devotion to service of others, your invitation for higher thought forms, as well as a dismissal of lower thought forms. Model your statement in your own manner so that you feel safe.


Now you’re ready to invite in some visual representations of extra-dimensionals to your space.


  1. Make sure that you will be free from interruption.  This means cell phone and other distractive devices should be off and unplugged.  They send out EMFs that will be interacting with your visitors and the skies are busy enough.
  2. Darken the room to near dark.  If you have a night light, plug it in behind you so that you can see the shape of objects, but not the details.
  3. If you relax better to music, play it at a low volume.  This will help to drown out neighbor noise and traffic.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position (no, it doesn’t have to be cross-legged) in a chair, on the sofa, or on the floor facing your television set, which should be turned off and unplugged.  The important part is that you are comfortable and can relax your body enough that it doesn’t need to send you signals of pain or discomfort.
  5. You should be facing your television, positioned as far away as possible from it within your view. If, like me, you do not own a television set, then use a computer monitor.  Same deal, unplug it.  The idea is to have a large, dark, object in the background of your view, some distance from where you will be seated.
  6. Remove any glasses that you wear.  Your eyes can see just fine without them.
  7. Use any ritual you have to relax yourself.  Deep breaths, chanting, or focusing on a point of nothingness with closed eyes. The goal is to be relaxed, so that your body is free from discomfort enough to detect external communication.
  8. When you feel good about this, open your eyes, and face the blank television screen.  Now relax your gaze, like when you zoned out in school during history.  As you do this, objects in the room will become slightly blurry and their edges will be fuzzy.

As you relax your gaze, your mind may start racing to other subjects completely disassociated with your current task. The ego is used to filling in silence, for it’s terrifying.  No big deal.  Just tell it you’re busy and leave it at that.

  1. Now, with your gaze still relaxed, focus your mind’s eye on the space in between you and your television screen. Although we are used to viewing this space as NOTHINGNESS, this is the space that extradimensionals will populate while they are interacting with our world.
  2. Notice that the space, which although darkened, is not as homogenous as we think it is.  There could be varying shades of darkness, for instance, lighter grays and darker grays on the same wall. Or a quick whip of darker light just outside of the center of your vision. There could be pinpoints of light, or colored mist (my favorite) that forms, dissipates, and forms again.The dark screen is there to help you adjust your eyes to the space between you.  After your eyes have become accustomed to seeing in the darkness, you can begin exploring the space between you and other objects in the room.
  3. Look for such things as wispy light, hazy fog, flashes, colors and dark spots (don’t freak out, they are just denser entities or those practicing creating an appearance of solidity.) Don’t forget to breathe. It’s easy for that skeptic to jump in and try to explain things.  Remind it you’re just having a new experience, and that you’re having fun.
  4. Now it’s time to communicate.  Consider them as simply other forms of you, who have decided to look at life from a different viewpoint.  They are just as curious about you as you are about them. Remember your power, and that you are completely safe.
  5. Ask for names, words or impressions.  See if you can associate a particular message to the occurrence in front of you.  Does it feel like that flash of light just said that?  Your gut will answer you. Just fun, you aren’t being graded for your work.
  6. Note any feelings in your body.  You might feel:
    • Tingling on top of head (that’s your violet ray energy center, a good connection)
    • Muscle twitches.  Left side could be masculine-related, right side feminine-related.
    • Ears popping like you’re raising in altitude (Get it? Your vibration is matching theirs so you can interact)
    • Gentle pressure on your skin, or feeling that you have a hair tickling your face
    • Eyes burning.  You are finally using them.  Truth in film yet again.
    • Air blowing in ears.  This is a change in frequency occurring right next to you.

We are being treated gently here, by those surrounding us, because they know it’s a huge step of faith to reach out like this and suspend years of programming about their existence.

Communicate with love, and respect.  These instructions were written with the guidance of those who will help initiate you into their non-physical world, from a place of sincere desire to assist you in your growth. If you view the interaction as a co-creation of mutual experiences on both sides of the veil, rather than a cheesy seance, then you will open the communication channels to receive remarkable interactive growth opportunities.

This is what they called magic, before you were told that it was the work of the Devil.  You were warned that speaking with such spirits was a path to doom, because if you truly knew your own power, then you would spread more Light.  There are plenty of organizations on Earth that don’t want you spreading more Light.

And there are plenty of organizations that you can’t see, like those in non-physical states hanging around you right now, that do want to help you spread more Light.

Hopefully, this practice will remind you that you are never alone.  It doesn’t take long–just some linear time and an ever-lengthening suspension of doubt, to communicate with all the other You’s that have been partnering with you on your journey.


Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.


Below is an actual photograph of a phenomenon you may see during your practice.  Photo is courtesy of Goldie at The Phoenix Rising Emporium in British Columbia. This demonstrates that there is so much going on in the space between objects. Thanks Goldie!



author: Kimberly

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cintamani stone
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Cintamani Stone: Fortifying the Light Grid

There is a grid of light that encompasses Earth’s surface.  You, Lightworker, are part of that grid.

Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…

Lightworkers, or Lightwarriors as many are being called now for their progressive Light-bearing action to deliver healing energy to humanity, are spread around the globe.  We’re represented in tiny families living in mud huts in Indonesia, and as Upper West Side philanthropists, and as school teachers in Kansas.  The connection between us begins with our ethereal bodies, which extends in a dimension your physical body has, historically, not had access to see.

That’s what keeps us longing for each other.  That’s what makes connection with another Lightworker such an exhilarating experience, when we meet someone as weird as we are, we rejoice in being able to be our authentic selves without having to explain the basics of our shared beliefs.

This grid is becoming exponentially stronger as each member of it expands its consciousness to allow in communication from ourselves in other dimensions. It’s the fortification of this grid that is squeezing out the Darkness on Earth.

Along with a huge network of beings living both beneath the surface of the Earth and around it, humans are creating what’s been called Compression Breakthrough.

This concept is much like a panini, if you will.  Light as the bread on the top, light as the bread underneath, and as it’s pressed together, the Darkness has nowhere to go but out.

There are many theories as to whom is living beneath the surface, and my beliefs may not match yours.  Doesn’t really matter, as long as you consider one thing:  if you are partnering with them to encompass Earth with your energy, ensure that you sense collaboration with beings of Light.  You can call them anything you want, and attribute their galactic history to any of many groups that are assisting us with Earth’s upliftment.

One way you can connect with those who are squeezing the light from below is with a Cintamani stone.

Cintamani stone, also known as Saffordite, is the most fascinating stone I’ve ever encountered.

The Cintamani (Sanskrit for “wish-fulfilling jewel”) has a sacred connection with the Agarthans, light beings who live in subterranean caverns on Earth. The Agarthans are one of many civilizations assisting us with positively increasing the vibration of our planet, to liberate those humans living within the constraints of limited consciousness.

The stone Saffordite, which is found in Eastern Arizona, is a weathered Obsidian glass.  Volcanic in nature (vs moldavite and other tektites, which are formed by meteors pounding the earth and forming glass,) Saffordite contains crystalline magnetite, which, as you may deduce, makes it magnetic.  Thus, the stone is also an integral part of Earth’s magnetic grid.

There are stories that King Solomon understood the sacredness of the Cintamani, which is infused with Sirian energy.  He was purported to carry one with him on his journeys to keep him secure during travel, and there are some pieces of channeled art (well, actually ALL art is channeled) that denote such stones being used in sacred contact with evolved cave-dwellers.

They are really not very pretty stones, as stones go.  As a gemologist, I get to study a lot of rocks. Rather dull and commonly opaque, they display similar dimpling to moldavite, which many use as a conduit for extraterrestrial contact.

In current times, it appears that this stone is playing a supporting role as we near The Event, when Darkness succumbs and Earth turns its corner toward critical mass in awakening.  It’s fortifying the Light Grid, by transmitting the energy of the Lightworkers who interact with them.

Owning a Cintamani is a responsibility, though.  It’s not just another crystal to stack in your pile of pretty rocks.

The stones themselves are magnificent transmitters, so if you are feeling dark and gloomy, it’s best not to handle it until you feel better.  You are an integral part of the Grid.

When I first touched mine, it nearly burnt a hole in my palm.  I had to put it down, get myself centered and grounded, and try again. The energy is a strong, ancient, Earthy one, and although I believe life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, I have great respect for this stone and the information it provides to me. I treat it with the utmost of respect. In fact, for as long as I’ve been around stones, this one holds the most energy of any stone in my collection.

I keep mine on a piece of palo santo wood, which is commonly burnt like sage to cleanse an area.  I find myself desiring it to be nearby more and more often.

This is most likely due to my commitment to spread Light.  Being part of that grid is important to me, and it strengthens my resolve to serve as a Light bearer to all that I meet.  And the burning part?  Just an ego check, in my book.  Always a good perspective to revisit from time to time.

If you are interested in a Cintamani stone, there are plenty of places online to obtain one.  It’s always better if you can pick it out in person, however in this day and age we’ve gotten good at recognizing energy from photographs; so listen to your gut and you will know which stone is right for you.  If none speak to you, then it’s not time to own one.

And although grade of quality is normally important in choosing a stone, it’s not as important in choosing a Cintamani.  What’s more important is which one speaks to you.  The photo accompanying this article is my stone, which would be considered a B-grade.  It chose me, so maybe it’s a small reminder to accept those imperfections all humans have on their evolutionary path of remembrance.

Peace to you, Lightworker.


Here is a great resource for Cintamani stone on Instagram:

The Saffordite Collection


Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…



Order an awesome awakening hat now or visit the shop!


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are we living in a matrix
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Are We Living in a Matrix or Not?

Are we really prisoners in a matrix from which few can escape?

Those who know me by now know that I won’t be answering this question with just a yes or no.

There is never really a definitive answer for anything, since you’re creating your own reality and you get to decide from an infinite number of possibilities.  Yet I get this question a lot from people who are feeling anger arise in them about the state of the world.

In the awakening process, there is a stage in which attention goes inward.  In my upcoming book, Barreling Along the Spiral, this is the stage I call The Questioner.  This stage is initiated when questions arise as to one’s value in society; how one’s been treated so far in life, and self-worthiness based on a collective pre-determined societal scale.

This is where the good shit starts.

While in this contemplative stage, the search for answers triggers information that you stored—for yourself—to reveal itself, just in time for your question.  This path of self-discovery will take you through the belief systems regarding self-worth, lovability, purpose and concerns about mortality.

It’s at this time that questions arise about what reality really is.  Have I been asleep all this time?  Have I been perpetually disempowered by others, who have been programming me with fear-based information?  Are things that my parents, teachers, preachers, told me actually true?

“Who is in control of my reality?”

My answer:  “EXACTLY.”


Your reality is what you decide it will be. All the time.

I know that is a hard pill to swallow (pun was unintended, but I’ll keep it here for effect).


Let’s start with some givens that apply to all humans on Earth at the moment:

  • You are a soul that, in its natural state, is not physical.
  • You decided to incarnate into a physical body so that you could experience things on a broader scale, using added senses to make it feel more real.
  • You had a choice of which game board you’d like to play on, and you could review the rules and conditions associated with each of the different games.
  • You and others chose to play on a particular game board, according to the rules of the game (on Earth, things such as space, distance, polarity, and linear time) set out by the Creators of the game, which are versions of you that are farther along in their spiritual development and like creating environments.  You know, like Cosmic Coders.
  • Part of you was “born” into the game, with the memory of your choice to play it erased for the time being.
  • You get to maneuver around the game, using free will, choosing this, choosing that, guided by the other part of you that isn’t in your body, when you listen to it.
  • As you stay in the game longer, your physical part gradually remembers Who You Are, and that you have the power to change the game with your thoughts when you consciously communicate with the part of you still “out there.”

OK, so here we are.  Awakening in the game we’re all playing.

So are we stuck?


Do you want to be stuck?  Do you want to feel controlled?  Then you are, because the Law of Attraction is matching your vibration every time, all the time. It’s giving you what you ask for.

If you send out thoughts of not having control, then you will live in a reality in which others are controlling you.  You’ll be given those who will exert control over you; call them the Illuminati, the Catholic Church, the Cabal, the Reptilians, the Draco, Evil Stepmother, or whatever you like.

These other aspects of you will be there, playing their parts for you, giving you what you have asked for. They will feed off of your fear if you believe that they do, and they will control you for as long as you find it serves you.

And then, if it no longer serves you, you will make a different choice.

Maybe you move over to a matrix where you are controlling others, and it makes you feel better when people admire and revere you.

Or you could move to a world in which everyone is equal, and people get along, although we may stumble here and there on the way to getting there.

You see, each is an example of a possible matrix; all just different versions of a game being played on a Universal scale.

It’s all for you. You get to decide, and you can change your mind at any time, and jump into a different game.

This is when you master your reality; when you realize in which matrix you’re playing, and you mold it to whatever you want to experience, simply by changing your thoughts.

That’s how powerful you are.


Earth Energy:





444 (All is well)

999 (End of an era)



Arch (Shapeshifting)



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what is the event
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The Event: What is it and what can I do?

There has been a lot of buzz about “the end of the world” since it began. Sooner or later, the world we used to live in will come to an end. But don’t worry – it will be the beginning of a new, better world.

Lightworkers will have a special mission during the short transition period called “the Event”.

In this video, Kimberly tells how what The Event is, and how you can prepare for it.

At the time the Event starts, there will be mass arrests of all “secret-keeping dudes” from the government, the military, big corporations, and other corrupt institutions that have been pilfering your money. ?

Expect banks to be shut down for a while, locking access to your accounts.

Don’t worry, your money will be returned to you, probably with a little extra from what will be redistributed.

On a spiritual level, there’s going to be so much light spread by Lightworkers, that the dark becomes squeezed and the secret-keeping dudes are no longer able to keep their secrets.

Our galactic neighbors and inter-dimensionals are going to shine even more light, embracing Earth in a sandwich of Light, squeezing out the darkness.

Keep doing your duty as a Lightworker: keep sending out light and love to people surrounding you. You’re going to be the calmest person around, so everybody will be seeking support from you.

Watch another video ? Transparency: The Fall of the Secret-Keeping Old Dudes:…

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feeling invisible
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Happening Now: Becoming Invisible?

Ever go to a restaurant and the server looks right at you and passes by? Or have you spoken to someone who seems like they don’t even know you’re there?

Infuriating as it is, this is actually good news for you.  Unless you really wanted to talk to that person.

As you progress in your conscious pursuit of awakening, all that inner work increases your frequency.  Each time you process some old belief system, each time you consciously act with kindness, or make the decision to show compassion, you activate more of your Light body. You actually become less solid, and more of your natural state, which is that of light.

And as you know, there are wavelengths outside of a human’s visible spectrum, like infrared and gamma rays.  You, my Lightworker friend, are starting to vibrate out of the visible spectrum of some people! Those who are vibrating at a lower frequency won’t have access to you unless you meet them at a vibrational midpoint between the two of you.


It’s really cool at airports, when you don’t feel like dealing with people.  You can just sit in your little chair and watch the goings-on in style, with a shit-eating grin on your face.  But remember if you stay in that state while walking to your gate, you must learn to dodge those people who will plow right into you if you’re not careful.  Yes, you can be that invisible.

So what if you are hungry and NEED to talk to the server?

It’s easy:  just make the intent that you will be seen, and think some grounding thoughts. Food helps to ground you (yes, I take note of the chicken-egg issue there), as does glancing at anything that’s on a television mounted on the wall nearby.  CNN is sure to send you plunging right down to conversational levels with most people.

And please, please, please don’t forget to keep your ego in check.  Just because someone is vibrating at a lower frequency than you doesn’t mean that they are less-evolved beings.  There are many old souls who have chosen to live lives that don’t look like yours.  We are all equally perfect aspects of Source, playing this awesome game of life.

Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:






144 (Lightworker activation)

000 (You are one with the Universe)



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dark sex thoughts could mean you have some energy to balance out
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Dark Sex Focus: Coming Up Now

Lightworker, if you’re reading this, you have lived a multitude of lives. Not just on Earth, but all over our Universe, and in many different life situations. These other experiences convey to your current life; and some of that shit was pretty dark.

Those of us who spent any time in the Orion star system have dealt with oppression not known of on Earth, even in our worst times.  The Dark ruled for eons, and attempts at revolution were brutally quashed many times over.  Those who lived for the Light were tyrannized to the point that revolting in a large group was impossible.  It was only after the Black League formed and fortified—from the underground—that infiltration of the Darkness was possible.  Little bits of light, from all over the planet, created tiny cracks in the shroud of Darkness, until it crumbled.  This proved much more effective than attempting to create one big hole.

Those that had balanced out their positive and negative energies while still incarnated in the Orion star system have moved on to lead more positive, balanced lives in other parts of the galaxy. They bring with them, however, those energetic memories, and tiny pockets of imbalance may arise in this lifetime. Those of use who have awakened on Earth at this time can use our processing skills to address these dark portions of ourselves, and to stabilize that energy.

And then there are others, who, even though Orion finally ascended into the Light, weren’t fully balanced yet.  Many of these souls, still heavy on the negative aspects of the self, incarnated on Earth because there were plenty of opportunities to play out those dark energies on the Earth plane.

Dark sex is the most socially prevalent display of that imbalance; our preoccupation with domination in the bedroom attests that there are plenty of souls wanting to play out that old Orion energy.

Today’s pornography is rampant with power play.  And whether or not you partake in watching it, there’s a chance that you may have some of these old energies within you. You could love to fight (including martial arts, firearms training, or very competitive sports,) and don’t know why.  Watching violence in movies is another indication that you have some of these energies to balance out.

If so, there are plenty of ways to sever those ropes that bind you and release that energy back to the Universe to be redistributed.

Here are a few options:

  • Play them out with a committed partner in a safe environment
  • Play them out with yourself in a safe environment
  • Create a piece of art calling forth those dark passions
  • Write down dark feelings on paper, and burn it
  • Partake in physical exercise after communicating the intention to release the darkness

The point to remember is that this is just energy, stuck in you.  There is no judgment here.

Although I provided a few options of safely releasing that energy, you may have other processes that will result in the same resolution:  that the energy is released back out to the Universe, and you have achieved a more balanced essence.

When you do this for yourself, you also do this for the collective.  This is the job of a Lightworker; we are natural balancers of energy.  We are the lighthouses, utilizing the experiences from our many lives as a service to those still on the path to awakening.


Earth Energy:





666 (Balance of physical/spiritual self)

227 (Authenticity – listen to internal prompts)



Lyssa Royal Holt’s Galactic Heritage Cards are a great tool for determining the energies that are guiding you.





author: Kimberly

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