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how well do you trust your eyes
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Why Do You Trust Your Eyes So Much?

The biggest rift between those asleep and those awake, is the lack of visual proof of the non-physical. If you can’t see it with the naked eye, it doesn’t exist.

Let’s say I see a flash of light from the corner of my eye. Think about how many ways I can attempt to explain away its occurrence:

  • I look for light sources nearby that could cause a reflection
  • I look for pets or people moving in the room
  • I blame it on being tired

Yet once we count out physical causes, there remains a big void where an answer needs to be.

When the soul is ready to explore the unknown during an incarnation, then the mind will start inquiring if there isn’t more to life than the physical things we can see and touch.

And when that box is opened, all sorts of things fly out to be considered.  More occurrences happen for us to inquire about.  Synchronicity after synchronicity pops up and we start making the connection.

This is when we get excited, and begin sharing our experiences with friends.  And much of the time, that excitement is not shared whatsoever, because you’re sharing with a person who still needs a physical explanation for every occurrence.

Proof will require seeing something with the naked eye in order to substantiate its existence.  Otherwise, it doesn’t exist.

Is it a ghost?!
How many ghost-hunting shows are popular on TV?  It’s not real unless you catch it on camera, live!

Is it an angel?!
Since no one brought a camera to Lourdes, the appearance of Mother Mary was deemed mass hysteria.

Is it an alien?!
Two milliseconds of research on YouTube will bring you to a myriad of videos of grainy aliens and big-eyed beings gazing through dark windows.  Hoaxes aside, none that can be “proven,” of course.


Most folks vehemently deny the existence of ghosts, angels, and extraterrestrials, since if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Oh, except for electricity…and wind…and atomic particles.  We make exceptions for things like that.

I find it humorous, and tragic, that we believe our eyes are the most acute of senses; the input mechanism we trust more than any other, despite the fact that 6 out of 10 people need glasses just to function in their day.

If you find yourself in that group that wants visual confirmation of the existence of the non-physical, then you are not alone.  I am in there too, very often, because the programming runs deep in our society.

Yet there is a huge amount of powerful energy floating around you; energy you can tap into at anytime, should you believe that you can.

Do you believe that you can?



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about the mandela effect
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VIDEO: How Cool Is The Mandela Effect?!

The Mandela Effect is a theory about the consciousness of jumping timelines. There are millions of people that identify with a past that can no longer be located anywhere in our current history.

Remember the Berenstein Bears?  How about Henry VIII’s portrait with a pheasant leg?  Go find evidence of them now.  If you can’t, perhaps you’ve jumped timelines with may of us.

Kimberly discusses the Mandela Effect, what her timeline was (and now is), and leaves you to go within for discernment.

Remember that you are not crazy, unless you say you are! Bam!

More info on the Mandela Effect at

how you react to button pushers
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Button Pushing: From Asleep to Awake

There will always be people who push your buttons. They can leave you fuming at the ears…but then you remember that you’re awake, and smacking the shit out of them is no longer a viable option.

Those annoying souls are there for your benefit, you know.  An easy thing to forget when they push too far, through word or action.

I had a person in my life who was incapable of making a supportive statement.  OK, let’s be honest:  he’s a dick.

It doesn’t matter if what they say is true for you or not.  Anything presented to you is from that person’s perspective, and reflects their view of the world.  There will always be people to share their opinions with you, unless you decide to be that guy that meditates in a cave for the rest of your life.

So let’s do a little comparison between how you might react to someone pushing your buttons, back when you were asleep, and now that you’re awake.

I’ll share a recent public statement from my personal button-pusher:

A 52 year old woman can go off her meds and talk shit about unicorns and aliens without her friends and relatives catching her and locking her up until she starts taking her meds again. One day she will start to believe the things she says on You Tube and forget there is a difference between fantasy and reality and try to sell her concepts in the real world and then her friends and family will become the elusive unicorn and alien!  Love always!

Seriously! Love always!?

That is the sign of a soul contract, right there.  Or passive aggression.  Probably both.

So how to react to a statement like that?

As an asleep human, I would go into defense mode.

I might refute in anger the untruths of the statement, or…even worse…retaliate with the most painful dagger to his insecurity that I could muster up in a millisecond.

When we’re asleep, we see each other as separate people, at odds with the world and everyone in it. We’ve forgotten that each person we interact with is merely a reflection of ourselves, presenting an opportunity to discover something about us.


Now let’s take a look at how awake people could handle the same situation:

An awake human would recognize the opportunity to respond to any statement, whether negative or positive, with kindness and compassion.

The awakened soul will aim to deliver a response that deflects any negativity, through the understanding of the source delivering it.  Knowing that we are all one, looking at life through different eyes, we respond as if we are looking into a mirror. This maintains karmic balance and is self-love at its best.

Those button-pushers are giving you a gift, to practice your compassionate action.  To put yourself in another’s shoes.  To transmute from a reactive separate person, into a better you that understands the connection between all souls, no matter how separate they may feel.

So how did I respond? Well, I won’t claim to be Buddha. Initially, I devised many daggers to fling; but what good does it do other than create more karma for me to balance? So I said nothing until I felt that I could deliver a positive message, one that asserted my choice to detach from consistently negative people.

I’m sure another button-pusher is well on his way into my life, because that’s how we grow.

How blissful it would be if the awakening process were the simple flick of a switch…from Bitch to Buddha in the blink of an eye.

Don’t expect to be a saint; that’s not why you came to Earth at this time.  In this divinely-orchestrated interactive game board, you get the chance to decide, at every moment, who you will be in any situation.  You’ll have plenty of chances to better yourself, I promise!

And don’t forget that sometimes, the biggest button pusher is you, talking to yourself!  All the more opportunity to send love in the wake of statements that lack it.

Love always!



author: Kimberly

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are aliens spying on me
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Do Non-Physical Beings Spy on Us?

The air around you is full of non-physical beings.  Are they watching everything we do?

In between you, and anything you are looking at, is a myriad of living, moving consciousness.  Each with its own soul, but possibly not its own physical body, they are living their own lives.  Some are sharing the physical aspects of our 3D world, moving between rooms, houses and geographic locations.  You could call them your guides, the Archangels, or extraterrestrials.

Even when you’re going to the bathroom, or locked up in your bedroom doing any number of things that you assumed that no one else could see, there is energy there with you.

Do you feel violated, in a way?

I did too, until I was set straight about two things:

  1. No one can view you without your permission.  On another level, your higher self understands the workings of the Universe, and has given permission for those around you to share your location.
  2. These energies cannot see your human form, or even what your form is doing, since they see you in your natural energetic state.  To see you as a human doing human things, they must look through the eyes of a human, which means they must be invited in.

Does that make you feel better?  I hope so!

Remember the basic tenet of Life:  we are all One.  So deep down inside, these energies that you may feel defensive about sharing your space with are really only YOU, on different journeys around the game board. You are learning from many different perspectives by the relationships you have with all of the other “you’s.”

So interact!  Learn to see them, and communicate.  You’ll realize that you are never alone.



author: Kimberly

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you've been told lies about your power
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LIES: Letting Incorrect Evaluation Separate

The illusion is shattering. Soon, the exploitation by those in power will be exposed.  You have been fed limiting beliefs throughout your life, because “they” desire to control you.  And by the way, “they,” are YOU.

These limiting beliefs, they are so prevalent that most people never question them.  They are the beliefs that someone OUT THERE is more powerful, more knowledgable or more desirable than you are.

I call them LIES, and I often spew out that word to myself to remind me when a self-limiting thought commandeers my mind.  One that tells me I’m not good enough, or that I can’t have that, or that things will never work out happily for me.

LIES: Letting Incorrect Evaluation Separate

Why “separate?” Used as a verb, lies are created to separate you.  To keep people disconnected from their fellow human, from their dreams, and from their own power.  As I always say, powerless and fearful people are easy to control.

Here are some examples of LIES:

  • “You don’t have a chance getting a date with that person.  Don’t even try.”
  • Your friends know what’s good for you, so you should take their advice.
  • My mother and my aunt both had this illness.  Of course, I have it too.

In fact, any thought of self-limitation is a lie.  You are the creator of your reality, and as such, you are omniscient, omnipotent, and a Master of Imagination.

You are also a Master of Illusion, because even though the human “you” is starting to recognize all of these limitations, it was you that put them there in the first place.  Ya know, just to see how long it would take you to remember that they are all bullshit.

For some, it doesn’t take long. My 20-year old son was born knowing that we live in an illusory, holographic world.  For me, it took 30 years.  For some, never…because they choose to live among those limitations for the experience that that perspective would afford. And all of this is OK. There is no right or wrong here.

You’ll know when you’ve told yourself a lie because you’ll feel awful.  In your gut, in your heart.  You’ll get that sinking feeling.  That’s the indication that you are dealing with a lie, and it’s not your truth.

So when you recognize a lie, what do you do?

Remember that it was told to you to keep you powerless, and controllable, until the time you recall that it’s untrue.  That time is now, and you’re right on time.

You’ll be bringing that shit out from the shadows, and I promise you that there is a larger part of you who is cheering that you found that breadcrumb.  That larger part of you knows your role as the creator of everything.  By calling that shit out, you’ve just made huge progress.  You can now replace that outdated lie with something that makes your gut feel good.

The truth is, you DO have the power to create exactly what you want in life.  You just forgot.

This is the first step in avatar redesign, if you are taking that journey with me.  Recognizing those lies is crucial, because as you regain your power, you’ll be manifesting the “you” that you’ve always wanted to be, without the limitations.  Why not go “all in” and see where it takes you?



author: Kimberly

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blue ray activation
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Want to Contact Someone? Connect Your Blue Ray

Now that you’re awakening, Lightworker, you have access to all sorts of really cool tools.

You always did, but someone in your past told you that you didn’t, and so you believed them.  But you’ve done your inner work, and understood that what they told you in your past was just their junk, and you are letting such things go if they don’t serve you. And once those pesky beliefs have been addressed, all sorts of new abilities will show up for you.

One such ability is to consciously contact someone with whom you want to communicate.

We’ve all had those “coincidences” where we knew Grandma was going to call, or when we think of someone, and they contact us soon after.  We had small tastes of these abilities, but our disbelief about our own power dismissed them pretty quickly.

These chance occurrences in communication were simply energy exchanged between two souls—yours and Grandma’s—and your conscious mind took note of it.

Now, you can consciously create such connections by sending them a blue ray.

Pick someone with whom you want to communicate.  To start, don’t make it such a huge jump in the degrees of separation, meaning let’s make it someone you already know but don’t talk to on a regular basis. If you have a photo, that’s a great tool for your senses.  Pull it out and get quiet.

  • Focus on your throat, which is the communication energy center.
  • Imagine a light blue ray coming from your throat to the throat of your recipient.
  • Strengthen the blue ray until it looks like strong, blue, translucent light.  I like to imagine the water in a Caribbean cove.  That clear.  That strong a blue.  That intense.
  • Remember to make the light powerful, but not forceful.  Using an attitude of force with the recipient is counter-productive.  Just make the light available to them.  Their Higher Self knows what to do with your energy.

Now let it all go.  Go do something else fun.  It’s important to focus elsewhere to open up your receptors from a state of masculine, or sending, action to one of feminine, or receptive, action.

Remember that communication can be in any manner: phone call, chance meeting, email.  I’ve even gotten postcards from people I was thinking about the day before.  Who even sends postcards anymore?

You may also feel your ears burn (so, yeah, Grandma was right all along about that) when someone is thinking or talking about you. Our souls have a sense of humor in their delivery, so maintain that joyful anticipation of surprise.

And don’t forget to document your results. As with anything, this takes some practice.

It’s very common to see results on the first try; however if not, remember that you are looking at your reality through your own special set of belief systems.  Check your beliefs about the possibility of such communication, and release any that no longer serve your needs.  Or in my world, say, “Fuck that Shit.  I’m going to do it” and try again.

Happy Communications!


Earth Energy:





333 (Your team is with you)

111 (New beginnings)



author: Kimberly

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twin flame
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Twinflames – Huge Wave Coming Together Soon

If you feel like you have a mirror of yourself out there, and you’ve begun to feel communication on the spiritual level, then your time is most likely near to meet in the physical.

Ever feel like you KNOW your twinflame is out there?  That He/she who will seem to be so much like you that you can barely imagine how happy you’d be if you joined with this person?  Someone who understands you, accepts you for who you are, and who wants to grow alongside of you as you share your individual paths?

In essence: WHOLE meets WHOLE.  This is a twinflame.

If you are feeling this pull, this attraction, then don’t dismiss it.  Since you are creating your own world, you are sending yourself a very strong indication that you are about to join together.  Remember that the Universe delivers in many ways, so try to avoid having strict expectations about how, when or where you will meet.

Yes, you are creating this person, just as he/she is creating you; both of you are undergoing changes in order to be the person you’d want to meet.

The key to understanding your part in this reality is that, although you are the creator of your reality, you gave other souls the ability to play parts in your simulation; and you gave them free will to develop their own path, so that you could enjoy some surprises.  It would be pretty damned boring if you already knew every detail of when and how you’d meet your twinflame.

So do you just sit around and wait?  Yeah, don’t.  You wanted this anticipation, this journey.  So enjoy that excitement, knowing that it’s coming.  Keep yourself distracted with joyful things until that time comes. And when you’re focusing on something else…that’s when it happens.

These unions are part of what is called the Twin Flame Experiment, which is a group of soul agreements coming to fruition in this space/time to fulfill contracts put in place prior to incarnation.

One of the reasons behind the Twin Flame Experiment is to gauge the magnitude of influence of two already-powerful souls when united, and how the union serves humanity as Earth ascends.

As I’ve said before, when Lightworkers unite in the physical (oh and wait until you have sex!!!!!) the positive power isn’t 1+1=2…

It’s 1+1=10.

This is what you’re in for, dear Lightworkers, you who have worked so hard to better yourselves; you who have waited for the One that will bring out your best qualities, will grow with you, and who shares similar beliefs about your reality.

These unions will occur in waves, since that’s a ton of power bombarding the world all at once. You know how strong the attraction is at the beginning of a relationship.  You can barely keep your hands off each other!

So these unions will be spread out throughout the summer, again in October, and again early next year.  It’s necessary to temper the amount of energy bombarding Earth at any one time lest nervous systems get fried.  Yeah, it’s that much energy that our bodies need to learn to adapt to it.  Exciting stuff.

I hope each of you find love, devotion and respect from whomever makes your heart sing.  How delicious.


Earth Energy:






444 (All is well)

777 (Everything is in divine order)



author: Kimberly

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*And as for MY twin flame, here is a message for you:

I know who you are, Sparky.  The ball is in your court.  And two seats are better than one.

Kimberly Darwin awakening
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Why Never To Tell the Universe to BRING IT ON

Always be careful with the intentions you send out to the Universe! Sometimes, an immediate response can turn into a painful experience. In this video, Kimberly shares a story from her own life when she learned a hard lesson from challenging the Universe at its game and ending up in a serious motorcycle accident.

Next time when you’re going to send out an intention, think twice. Once you shout out to the Universe your “Bring it on!” in a cocky manner, be prepared to get exactly what you’ve asked for.

Not only will the Universe send a challenge your way, but the one that you’ve never expected and probably wasn’t what you thought you were asking for.

So, don’t be too fast to act and specify your intention carefully. You can make smaller steps to awakening without the need to suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally. Your spiritual growth can arrive in a much easier way. Embrace those gentle lessons and keep growing.


Read more in our blog.


Accessing Akashic Records - Kimberly Darwin
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Akashic Records: Tapping Into Other Peoples’ Lives

The Akashic records are like a huge database of all human lives ever lived, ever.

You have access to these records, including the lives of other people.  That’s why you can hear about multiple people living the life of Joan of Arc, or another famous figure.

It’s in your power to tap into these other lives anytime you would like to experience what that person felt.  You don’t have to live their life to reap the benefits of their experience.

That’s power!



Kimberly Darwin video
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Put Up an OG Forcefield to Get Past Your Past

As you awaken, it’s time to get rid of old beliefs that are holding you back.

Kimberly from is ready to unveil a few secrets about how to overcome your doubts. 👇

The awakening process is the best time to get rid of everything that doesn’t make you feel good.

The truth is, you can change your truth anytime.

However, there has to be intention behind the words for them to work.

Here’s a way to see your past as an observer rather than a miserable participant in your sad past:

1. Put a force field on to shelter your intentions. This is a wall that allows you to look back to the past as an observer rather than having to relive it yet again.

2. Send out your intention, desire or idea.

If doubt sets in, then do #3:

3. Raise your vibration right now. Put everything else aside and focus on what brings you joy.

Keep making yourself feel better until you don’t have to try anymore.

Voila! Now you can go back to sending out your intentions and do what you’ve got to do.

Remember: YOU’RE CREATING YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! These simple steps work with any belief that you have.