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New Earth has no secrets
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New Earth: Can You Live a Life With No Secrets?

What do you hide from the world?

Think about your deepest secrets.  Those little white lies from the past; an occurrence when you were the silent victim; the time the cashier gave you too much change, and you kept it…

Living in our previously low-energy world, humanity thrived on secrecy.  From ridiculous C-level salaries, to what happens in a President’s bedroom, society exchanged its darkest energy behind closed doors and from within sketchy clandestine groups.

And I’m sure you can see where that has gotten us.  We are on the verge of the release of thousands of sealed indictments and the exposure of the most horrific display of dark actions, and most humans will be irreversibly shocked at the magnitude of secrecy that endured for hundreds of years, right under their noses, by those that they trust.

Transparency will be the new black after this information is dispersed. Secrecy is on its way out. But that’s other people, and what they did.  It’s got nothing to do with you, right?

You are just as responsible as the perpetrators for this secrecy, for “As Within, So Without.”

That’s quite a claim I made right there, and sure to invite some verbal backlash.  I get it.  I’m just as responsible as you are for the whole situation. And we are the ones who are changing it for the better.


It all starts with you, and what you’re hiding. It starts with your personal integrity.

If you chose to incarnate as a Lightworker, part of your mission is the mastery of integrity in all situations.

Integrity is “the state of being whole and undivided.” Not just about telling your “truth” about something, but choosing words, intentions and deeds that promote the best and highest good, in every situation in which you find yourself, for all involved.

So let’s go a bit deeper and talk about what role secrecy’s opposite—transparency—will play in the New Earth.

We always draw to ourselves others of similar vibration. You might call them “kindred souls,” or “soul family,” or maybe just someone you feel like you’ve met before. Maybe you can even finish each others’ sentences!  That’s because you have met before. They are all other versions of YOU, experiencing life from their particular perspective. When you come together and share thoughts on a non-verbal level, you integrate.

And the more thoughts you share with more people, the more transparent you will want your life to become.  You are constantly broadcasting your feelings, your moods and your attitude to the entire collective (yet most people still forget how to read it), which includes not only the fun stuff like happiness and joy, but also your anger, jealousy and fear.

See, dogs have maintained that skill to smell emotion, even after domestication! You have it too.


Do you expect honesty from others, and yet fail to extend it to everyone that you encounter?

Just as we are now demanding that the government share all information with its constituents, this also applies on an individual level.

As communication becomes more telepathic, expect more people to consciously read your energetic signature.  So if you have things you’d like to process, this might be a great time to weed your internal landscape.

If you’re surrounded by those who display dishonesty and lack of integrity, that won’t change until you embody those values yourself—with every person, all the time.  There will be great benefit in this, for we are better prepared to share our gifts with others from within a paradigm of openness and true compassion.

Plus, driving in traffic will be infinitely easier when you know when the guy in front of you is about to veer into your lane. 🙂


You got this. Love!



author: Kimberly

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make a motto for yourself
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Create a Motto for Yourself

Awakening is about uncovering your authentic self by learning to love. Have you decided what your authentic self will look like?

So many choices.  So many ways to define yourself.  That’s why I made a motto for myself.  It defines the “me” I want to project outward, and inward, for that matter. Pretty much sums it up.

What should you put in your motto?  Here are some things to get you started:

  • What do you love?
  • What is important to you?
  • How do you want to act?
  • What sets your passionate creative self on fire?
  • What would you want to be remembered for?

Now craft this into a statement that makes you whirl with self-acceptance when you say it out loud.  When you are feeling out of sorts, or disconnected, then reinforce your dedication with your motto.

Sticky notes all over the house are a great idea!


My motto:

Ride shit fast.

Do good.

Set an example.


And don’t forget:  Always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:






1333 (Look outside the box for creative opportunities never produced before)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want)




author: Kimberly

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you create your reality
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Understanding the Paradox

One of the biggest challenges in the awakening process is the realization of the magnitude of your power.  You are creating your entire reality! So, why are there are still things outside of your control?

Great question, and it involves a paradox that may make you sit for hours to contemplate.  I hope you do, because those few hours will springboard you out of the rabbit hole and into life in a big way.

Let’s break it down:

You are creating your reality, including all of the places and things within it.

You decided to divide yourself up into little bits of yourself, with all of your innate powers, and you told those other bits to go off and do things on their own.  They can wander here, or there, and learn stuff, and meet others, and develop very individual personalities along the way. This is called free will.

And even though these others are really just YOU, you gave them permission to surprise you with their reactions, beliefs and thoughts…since if you knew what their every move would be in advance, it would be a very boring life.

This is the great paradox. That others are extensions of YOU, given permission to surprise you along your path in life.

That’s why there will always be things out of your control while you’re living on planet Earth.

Knowing this, it may be easier for you to sit back and stop planning.  Know that life is unpredictable, and delicious, and deep in its possibilities of what can happen.

You’re able to handle anything that arises in any situation, by the way, because you have access to the Universal wisdom necessary, by way of your past lives as well as the lives of all those others you set loose.

Now go out and be surprised!


Earth Energy:



Royal Blue



444 (All is well)

333 (Your guides are by your side)



author: Kimberly

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everyone you meet is you
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The Alternate Realities of You

In our world of form, we appear to be surrounded by a multitude of other people.

Those that stand in line at the bank with you, mothers also dropping off their kids at daycare, and the guy that sits in the cubicle across the aisle.  Who are these people, and what relationship do they have with you?

Your first answer is probably, “He’s a stranger,” or “That’s Emily’s mom,” or “That’s Joe.”

Those are labels given to the forms of those humans around you.  But who are they, really?

It’s a simple answer that can take years to integrate:  They’re YOU.

Each person that you see, from the stranger to the guy in your office, is simply YOU.

Let’s break it down even further.

Each of these people are simply a you who has made different choices in life.

Once one awakens, the first premise we tend to adopt is that we are all one.  There are many metaphors that describe this law, such as:

  • Separate waves that crash ashore from a singular ocean
  • Shards of a broken mirror that reflect everything else in its range

Essentially, we are all part of the One, which has created a perceived “separation” so that it can experience and observe itself during infinite creation and expansion.  Each individuation created by the One, or Source, or God, if you wish, is a small part of the Whole that exhibits all of Its glory and creational abilities.  Each individuation was given the perception of separation so that it may experience the knowledge of its perfection at its own pace.  It can remain within the paradigm of separation for as long as it wishes, and transcend from that paradigm to one of wholeness any time it chooses.  Each individuation is given free choice.

That guy in the line at the bank–he is an individuation of Source, just as you are.  He made choices about his body composition, life circumstances, and spiritual path just as you did.

The lady dropping off her daughter at day care is another individuation of you.  She looks different than you, and made conscious and unconscious choices that differ from yours.

And the guy who sits in the cubicle across the aisle–you guessed it.  He’s YOU too.

So next time you’re out and about, look at all the different individuations of YOU.  You can see which choices they’ve made, and as you awaken, you may be able to ponder why they made them, or you may not.  If their actions, or their appearance, or their energy, trigger an emotion in you, then ask yourself what part of you can you see in that person?

After all, each person that you see is YOU, being put into your presence, by–you guessed it again–YOU.  Ponder the reason that you are being presented with this aspect of you.


Here is a great video of Matt Kahn elaborating on YOU as other people.  Please enjoy.

Love and Light.



author: Kimberly

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what if all of life were a virtual reality game
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What If This Life Experience Is Just a Game?

If you knew that all of Life were just a game, and we’re all playing it virtual-reality style, what would you do differently?

What if you knew that you were completely safe to make any decision you desired, create anything you want to see, experience or love, and you understood that everyone involved was just as safe as you are?

Would you:

  • Take more risks?
  • Love more often?
  • Address the hateful parts of yourself because the game isn’t as much fun when you’re the bad guy?

Today, go about your day from the perspective that it’s just a game, and the object of the game is to be love.  Look at everyone that comes into your point of view as a fellow player, perfect just like you, and wanting to have his own experience of the game.

See what happens.


Earth Energy:






553 (Major life changes to align you with your soul mission)

333 (Your team is with you)



Your team is coming back together.



author: Kimberly

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feeling homesick?
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Feeling Homesick?

Lightworker, we’re part of a tribe who doesn’t originate from around here…

…Damn, that was dramatic.

But I can feel your feelings after you read that.

You feel out of place.  You don’t fit in.  You are probably very alone, and misunderstood, and you have difficulty showing your authentic self to people around you.

And guess what, you chose it that way!  Me too!!!!!!

Dudes, that’s what makes you so unique, so on the forefront of human development.  Your weirdness is what the world is craving right now.  In a vast sea of sameness, you shine like a beacon to those who wish they could be something more than they are. Secretly, they want to be more like you.

So why do you feel like shit about being different?

Because you want to be around more people like you.  I get it.


Your energy has been everywhere in this Universe.

You’ve been every shape of physical being. You’ve been plasma, and you’ve been bubbles. You’ve probably had tentacles, and more than two eyes. You’ve been blobs of light that floated around others who didn’t know you were even there.  You’ve been invisible. And you’ve been unbounded nothingness.

And because you’ve been all of those things, and you REMEMBER it, you are the best kind of guide for others that don’t.

So remember that this physical existence you’ve chosen right now, with all its limitations, is just one expression of who you are, and since you are really ALL THAT IS, you are already home.


Earth Energy:





888 (Abundance)

000 (You are one with the Universe)



author: Kimberly

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conspiracy theory
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Setting Yourself Free from Conspiracy Theory

The Illuminati, the Reptilians, the Draconians.  So many options for giving our sovereignty away to someone else in the form of a conspiracy theory.

If you are reading this, you are not the mainstream human just living the Game-of-Thrones-watching lifestyle.  You’re on the Fringe, Awakened being.

You’re expanding your consciousness, and you’re committed to improving yourself every day.  You go within for your answers rather than looking to Fox TV to tell you what you should think.  You may be outspoken; you may be introverted; but either way, you’re not one to give your authority away to someone else.

Although reading about how the privileged few running the show for self-service while all of we clueless humans exist in a blind stupor can spark the imagination in so many ways, those sparks can set you on a creation rant that includes a million different opportunities for you to give your power away.

When you focus on the specifics of a conspiracy theory, you fuel it with energy and momentum.

I’m not here to tell you that there aren’t a chosen few that have controlled humanity for millennia. That’s pretty much common knowledge at this point.  But why give any of them more of your energy?

By remembering that you are the Creator of your reality, you get to choose where your energy goes.  And the Law of Attraction guarantees that what you send out, you get back.  Do you want something to have to rebel against?  Great.  The Universe is going to give you just that.  Want an alien species to hate?  You’re sending out that request every time you feel those strong emotions.

Remember that every person is a perfect aspect of Source, playing a part in our huge planetary stage; some play the part of protagonist, and others the antagonist.

And it’s that much more fun to consciously create a life in which you are in control of your well-being, so surround yourself with the actors that you like best.  The rest of them will still be on the other end of the stage, doing their control thing for the people that want the experience of being dominated.


Earth Energy:






488 (As you reap, so shall you sow)

555 (Change)



Humania - the end of the barbaric era on Earth
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Humania – The End of a Barbaric Era

“For [the Indian] the world was full of beauty; for [the White man] it was a place of sin and ugliness to be endured until he went to another world.”

That quote from Chief Luther Standing Bear pretty much sums up how humans have existed on Earth…until now.

In our past, the prime directive of human existence was to conquer, acquire mass wealth, and the abuse of power to maintain the status of a select few. The more belongings we could amass, the more prestige and power we wielded.

The term “humania” is a psychological term referring to the state of human existence defined by mal-development of the ego, dissatisfaction with life, and existing in a state of constant unrest. It’s considered a madness, and we’ve all been suffering from it.

That is, until you awaken, and realize you’ve been immersed in this madness–this illusion–and you can get out anytime you choose.

As the Earth collective awakens, we’re seeing a shift in human behavior, with less greed, more transparency, and love replacing the desire to conquer.

Yes, finally it’s happening. We’ve almost wiped ourselves out a few times in Earth’s history; this time, we get to ascend.  I, personally, am glad to see this era of barbarism come to an end.

Today, look back at who you were 10 years ago. Are you the same person? No doubt you will find that you’re a vastly improved human. This is the meaning of life.

Earth Energy:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • 17 (Look back at who you were, and look where you are now)
  • 100 (Claircognizance – trust what is sent to you)

  • Reference: Humania in Psychology Today

    Daily Energy Report, Featured,

    Who Are Your Guides?

    Call them angels, Source, fairies, or your Uncle Jerry who passed away last year.

    You can call them anything you like, but there are forces just beyond the veil that have a wider perspective of our world than we do with our limited senses.  That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you; you just chose it that way because knowing everything about everything would leave little room for surprise in your Earthly incarnation.

    So we left a part of us behind, with a broader focus, that has some themes to help us explore, that has more visibility about the potentials available to us.  To help “guide” us along.

    First we call it coincidence, then quirky occurrence…and then we figure out that it’s synchronicity, meant to send us little breadcrumbs about where the bigger YOU wants to head next.

    Living within the human construct of separation, we give these guides names because that’s how we initially see our world, as comprised of separate beings interacting with each other.  But as we awaken and evolve, we come to remember that:

    It’s all you.


    Oh shit, was that a spoiler?

    If you’re visiting this site, and that surprised you, then your guides decided that it was time to plant that seed.

    Today, consider that if you viewed your guides as other aspects of yourself, would you pay better attention to the guidance you’re receiving?  Would you treat people differently? Can you recognize your power?

    Earth Energy:


    Yellow (Sirian Energy)

    Orange (Orion Energy)



    333 (Your guides are with you)

    144 (Don’t take no for an answer. Drive on.)