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Video: Timeline Switch: How to Dump a Past Memory

When a bothersome memory from the past keeps popping up in your head over and over, you may realize that it’s hindering your evolutionary progress. If so, you need to remove the bad memory or replace it with a good one helping you to manifest your desires. How can you do that? This video will give you the basics.

By learning the mechanics of creation you’ll be able to redesign your past, applying it to specific memories and past events.
Redesigning a memory is simply when you remember that time really doesn’t exist. Timeline switch is as simple as recognizing a lesson associated with the memory and putting it away.

Seems too easy? That’s because it is! The universe is simple. We as humans have chosen to live with limitations. The truth is, there’s no time, it’s all happening now!

You do have the power to change your past! You are the creator of your reality.

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should I visualize in detail
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Should I Visualize in Detail, or Leave it Up to the Universe?

“I hear some places that I should visualize in as much detail as possible. Then I hear from other places that I shouldn’t worry about the details, and let the Universe do it. Which is right?”

It depends on which part of the manifestation process you’re looking at.  To master the art of conscious manifestation, we aim to master three Universal Laws.

Let’s look at each Law as it applies to visualization.


The Law of Attraction

What you send out, you get back.  It’s a vibrational thing if you need to add physics into the mix to believe it: Like Attracts Like.  This law applies whether you know you are doing it, or not.


The Law of Deliberate Creation

Now knowing that what you send out you get back, here’s your chance to make conscious decisions about what it is you actually WANT to experience in your physical world.

Send out the image in as much detail as is important to you. If it’s not important, such as the color of your next partner’s eyes, then don’t bother visualizing it. We incarnated with the desire for some surprises!  Then feel the feeling of having what you sent out.  Remain in the feeling of having it for as long as you can.


The Law of Allowing

After you’ve defined what you want, and sent it out, now you allow it in.  This part is the most challenging for us, since we were raised in a society that asserts that change only occurs by taking physical action.

It is this part of the manifestation process that trips people up when it comes to details: they try to rationalize in their minds how they will get from where they are… where they want to be.

This is merely a case of using outdated tools! We are attempting to define the holographic process of creation through linear terms. Your reality is holographic, and you are not limited by linear time unless you believe that you are. Try using a new tool:  Trust.

Rather than taking action or worrying about you needing to be in the right place, at the right time for your desired outcome to occur, leave that part up to the Universe. Go have fun!

You can move to any timeline that you can imagine, and jumping to it is simply the process of focusing on the preferred timeline more often than you focus on the current one, with a knowing that both are just as real. You will soon begin to see bits and pieces of your desired timeline show up in your physical reality.


Still a big pill to swallow?

Of course you may slip up in the beginning. There is no need to chastise yourself if you find yourself devising a path from where you are to where you want to be. We’re letting go of time, for crying out loud. That’s a big belief system for most people to transmute; and you’ll get there as you see more examples of how malleable time really is.

And when you loosen up on yourself about any slip-ups, you allow those old belief systems to arise and be processed.  Try it with a toy laser gun if you tend to be hard on yourself.


So in answer to your question, both resources are right, depending on which part of the manifestation process you’re focusing.  Send it out in detail, and allow your desire to show up in its own package.  The specifics you sent out will be included, and yet your new partner’s eye color will be a welcome surprise to you.




author: Kimberly

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You are living many parallel lives right now. Learn to recognize your awakening signs.
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Checking in on Your Parallel Lives

You are living a multitude of other lives right now.

And since there is no time, and everything is happening instantaneously, all of those other “you”s are living right next to you, each in a different reality.  You aren’t able to pay attention to all of them, because you came to Earth forgetting that you had that power– by design.

Now, as Earth’s consciousness raises, lightworkers are on the forefront of collectively choosing to remember what we hid from ourselves.

  • First, you realize that your thoughts create.
  • Then, you start sending out conscious intentions to see them occur in your physical reality.
  • Then, you start projecting yourself intentionally outward in your dream state, changing the script at will. We call that lucid dreaming.

Well guess what? That’s exactly what you’re doing right now, in your new awake state here on Earth. You are dreaming in yet another reality, and your Higher Self is changing things at will, based on your current theme. You are lucid dreaming in reverse.

It’s just a shift in consciousness from one reality to another; and once you’ve mastered it in your dream state, you can move on to consciously visiting other lives from your current awake state; all the while still being the YOU that’s thinking and observing just as you are while you’re reading this.

Tonight, lay down a bit early, and state the intention that you want to visit another one of your realities. Remind yourself that it’s only a shift in perspective, and that you are safe. State that you want to see yourself in a mirror. Then take note of what happens during the time just before you fall asleep, or just after you wake up in the morning. With practice, you will see from the eyes of another one of you, living a different life, in a different time and place.

Earth Energy:

  • Blue
  • White

Further resource for learning to visit other lives:

Note that this material is very esoteric.  Hearing a shaman relate things is very different than hearing normal conversation.  The audiobook is a good idea to take advantage of the energetic transmissions.  You do not need to concentrate on understanding every word; rather, you will absorb the concepts by allowing them to circumvent your mind.