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when you don't feel like giving
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Those Days When You Don’t Feel Like Giving

Learning to give is a prevalent lesson for humans in our day and time.  Yet there are times when you just don’t feel like giving to anyone. And that’s OK.

Life will provide you with tons of situations in which to determine who you are.  By making choices, you define yourself and gauge the magnitude of your expansion by the consequences you experience from those decisions.  Although at times we can perceive life as torturous, it’s the whole reason we came to Earth.

That’s why our Higher Selves send us little tests, to see how far we’ve come in our expansion. One of the most popular situations I see lately is someone asking for money.

So are you required to hand something out to every person who asks for it because you want to pass your self test?  I know that for me, living in Los Angeles, that could amount to a lot of money, since I walk nearly everywhere.  As we discussed in an earlier post about the act of giving, it doesn’t matter who you are giving to, or what they will do with what you gave them.

It is the way that you handle the situation that the “larger you” is gauging.  Did you handle the situation with integrity, or did you take the easy way out?

I bet you’ve done it.  I know that I’ve done it:

Someone asks you for money on the street, and you tap your pockets, indicating they’re empty, and say, “Sorry, I don’t have any money.”

But you really do.

So what happened here?  Society teaches us to take the easy route, escaping from uncomfortable confrontations such as these.  Say whatever you have to say and get the hell out of there, right?

I get it.  There are some people who will love to have even your partially-divided attention long enough to tell you all about how they can make whistles that only dogs could hear.  And sometimes you truly don’t have the time to listen.

Yet telling them a lie serves no one.  There are other ways to deal with such situations that maintain that positive flow of energy that Lightworkers are tasked to deliver.

Let’s try the scenario again:

You pass someone on the street who asks for a couple of bucks.  He’s kind, and he’s respecting your space. You are in a hurry, though, and although you do have a couple of bucks, it’s all you have in your wallet. Honoring him as a human being of equal value, you could look into his eyes, and answer:

“Sorry, not today.”

With this three-word answer, you’ve declined his offer with full respect for him as someone in need, yet today is not the day for you to give.  There’s always another day, and that leaves things in a positive tone on both sides.  You have maintained your integrity, and he may have a little more faith in humanity for a kindness he probably doesn’t experience all that often.

Remember, Lightworker, you represent the Family of Light, whose purpose is to cast high-frequency energy to all around you. Maintaining that high vibration serves not only you (you manifest things faster!) but everyone else in your surroundings, which extend further than you imagine.



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Healer soul representation
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Soul Development, Simplified

Souls travel a path from new, to young, to old.  With each incarnation, or rotation, the soul gathers more information—also called light—as it comprehensively “ages.”

I am presenting here a very simplified explanation of the path that souls take along their journey of self-discovery.  This is not meant to serve as an all-encompassing explanation of life; rather, use it as a guideline to feel your way along your own growth path, and be excited for the expansion that you’ll experience with each lifetime.


First, there is All That Is.  In order to observe its magnificence, it creates individuations of itself, endowed with all of its powers, and adds the element of forgetfulness about its divinity.

A new individuation looks something like the image below. This young soul’s signature has none to few incarnations.  You can see that the light particles are large, clunky, and disoriented.

representation of a new soul


This young soul below is gaining light (information) with each incarnation.  You can see that the particles are becoming more uniform, more ordered, brighter, and there is evidence of advancement to the next stage by the introduction of yellow.

a soul as it starts evolution



As the soul progresses, the light particles will reduce in size, but increase in density (which means that they are more concentrated, or brighter, than before.)  With each subsequent life rotation, the soul gains experience and wisdom, and becomes more ordered in its applications of that wisdom during each incarnation.  This is reflected in its signature.

soul development, yellow



This soul below has quite a few lives under its belt, as we might say.  It’s recognizing its power as a creator, and is making guided efforts to refine itself in an orderly manner.  This further refines its density, making each particle brighter and more impactful with the increased light (information).  The introduction of blue indicates that conscious creation is occurring while incarnated.  Awakening and Evolving Lightworkers on Earth might be in this category.

an advancing soul


This soul has had quite a bit of growth, is actively creating (if it decides to incarnate) and often chooses to be a guide for younger souls.  Guidance can be from either an incarnate or discarnate state. The particles are more uniform in size, are brighter, and are even more concentrated.  This is a high density, “old” soul. Fully awakened Lightworkers currently incarnated on Earth might fit into this category, as well as those we connect with as guides.

blue soul, advanced




When souls show a propensity for a certain ability, they may choose to focus on enhancing that ability through successive lives.  Artists, teachers, craftsmen, and leaders are examples of this. That emphasis on a particular subject will add further dimension and depth to the soul’s signature. Lightworkers are a good example of this; those who are part of the Family of Light will have their own mark denoting their experience in that area. It’s like a badge in Cub Scouts.

The green-tinted soul shown below could represent a healer.  Those that love to work with children (add pinkish rose to the mix) is another example.


healer soul representation



As the soul lovingly serves others in a guidance or support capacity, the particles become so small as to not be individually recognizable.  Rather, this soul would appear as an intense, indigo presence to the astral “you” viewing it.  This would be the level of Master Guide, who might be a “guide for guides” as they evolve on their own journeys. Incarnation is no longer necessary for this soul to evolve, as it is now fully self-aware of its powers as creator.  If it did choose to incarnate, we would feel this presence as a great loving leader, like so many noted in our past.

indigo soul



The fully advanced soul will be represented something like the image below.  The light particles are so intense, yet refined as to appear nearly solid.  Its reach will far exceed that of less-developed souls, as the embodied love and deliverance of Intelligent Creation is fully expressed. This soul is accessing the Collective at all times, fully allowing itself as a vessel for propagation of Intelligent Creation.  These are what you might call our Archangels, who, because of their all-encompassing reach, can assist multitudes of people simultaneously.

fully advanced soul


I hope that this simplified version of soul energy is helpful to you.

Something to note:

The above representations are of soul signatures, and your human eyes may or may not see these energies represented on the Earthly plane.  If you often see a particular Archangel in your meditations, that does not mean that they all must be represented by the Violet color.  Since we as humans thrive on metaphor and archetype, that soul may choose to present itself in a shape, color or image that provides you with the comfort and support you need at that time.

Please continue to visualize your guides as whichever image suits you and gives you the most comfort.  They are there for the asking, no matter what name, color or likeness you associate with them.


Although this material was channeled to me years ago, I claim no information to really be my own.  All of us have access to universal wisdom.  This is my interpretation of that wisdom, and there are others who have accessed this knowledge and have presented it in a different manner.

If you would like to delve more into this, I recommend Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.  His hypnosis work shows similar results to the information above.  I’m sure that there are other great resources beyond these as well.


Love to you!





author: Kimberly

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make a motto for yourself
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Create a Motto for Yourself

Awakening is about uncovering your authentic self by learning to love. Have you decided what your authentic self will look like?

So many choices.  So many ways to define yourself.  That’s why I made a motto for myself.  It defines the “me” I want to project outward, and inward, for that matter. Pretty much sums it up.

What should you put in your motto?  Here are some things to get you started:

  • What do you love?
  • What is important to you?
  • How do you want to act?
  • What sets your passionate creative self on fire?
  • What would you want to be remembered for?

Now craft this into a statement that makes you whirl with self-acceptance when you say it out loud.  When you are feeling out of sorts, or disconnected, then reinforce your dedication with your motto.

Sticky notes all over the house are a great idea!


My motto:

Ride shit fast.

Do good.

Set an example.


And don’t forget:  Always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:






1333 (Look outside the box for creative opportunities never produced before)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want)




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wheel of soul's evolution
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Where Are You On the Wheel of Life?

You are an eternal soul. That means that you never die; you simply change form. You travel on an eternal Wheel of Life that never ends.


I created this simplified Wheel of Life to exemplify the steps our soul takes on its eternal journey through life. Our existence extends beyond the mere 3D human physical body, as most of us know at this point. Remember that not all humans will wake up to the remembrance that they are creating their own reality, and so please view the Wheel, feel what it means to you, and apply it to your own experiences rather than those of others.

This allows for free will for all those other “you’s” involved in this Divinely Orchestrated Imagination to experience whatever they desire, in their own way.

Wheel of Life of an Evolving Soul


Here is a simplified version of the Evolution of a Soul

  1. Completion is where it all begins.  That’s complete integration with the One, where individual personality is shed in order to merge with All That Is. YOU are All That Is.
  2. The Separated Individual, or individuation as it’s sometimes called, is created when All That Is decides to observe its magnificence.  Since something that is everything cannot view itself, it created the illusion of separation by dividing itself up, endowing each part with all of the power of Itself, and then sending them out to play.
  3. The individual parts then sent themselves out to grow and remember their magnificence, by experiencing any number of situations from the perspective of different bodies, planets and levels of physicality.  All of this is the choice of the individuation, and the choices are limited only by self-imposed limitations of the imagination.
  4. The Integration of Self occurs when the individuation begins introspection and self-evaluation.  The recognition of duality that exists within oneself (The Dark Side vs The Light Side) prompts that being to strive toward self-acceptance and authenticity.
  5. The Integration with Others occurs when each individuation interacts with itself in the form of other beings, each being a mirror of the itself, often forgetful (by design) of its omnipotent nature.  Duality is presented externally for choices to be made based on preference of the path of Service to Others or Service to Self.  Both paths are valid, although one path is more arduous than the other. Here is where the individuation learns to accept the differences of others, and understands that we can co-exist peacefully no matter how much our beliefs differ.
  6. Once the individuation has chosen its desired path of Service to Others or Service to Self, then it continues on that path experiencing interactions from their chosen perspective.  Service to Others will be focused on compassion and love for other selves; whereas Service to Others will entail compassion and love for the self, with other mirror selves providing external fodder for exaltation of the Self.  These divisions will continue until late 6th Density, when all individuations will focus on Service to Others no matter what their previous path. For your reference, we are currently a 3rd Density planet ascending to 4th Density as a collective.
  7. The individuations, as they settle into Service to Others, will combine with other like-minded selves as a collective, where they share common beliefs and desires to serve according to a particular plan or use of special abilities possessed by the group.  Examples of this would be channeled groups such as Abraham-Hicks or Kalask. The personality of the individual still remains yet is partially abdicated for the highest good of the Whole.Once again, the individuation will eventually choose to completely relinquish the personality in the desire to merge with All That Is, again experiencing the bliss of what we call Oneness.


Well, I hope you had your coffee before reading that little ditty!  You never know what will come out of my channelings.

So know, Lightworker, that you are never, ever alone, and your life never, ever ends.  It just changes form.  And all of those other individuations of you, well we are all along with you for the ride.


Earth Energy






311 (Courage)

811 (Authenticity: define yourself based on your personal values and goals)



author: Kimberly

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When Life Gets Too Heavy: Emulate An Animal

Some days,the constant effort of self-improvement can feel overwhelming, and life may seem pointless. Yet this is simply an imbalance; you can fix it with a simple visualization and a few laughs.

Awakening is the remembrance that you are creating your reality.  It involves an amount of reprogramming yourself, to shed away the worn-out beliefs that someone told you in your past should apply to you but don’t.  It’s practically spiritual dissection, in which every piece and part of yourself is brought out into the light to be examined and evaluated.

How exhausting sometimes!  And yes, you could resent being awake, because part of the awakening process requires that you go within at the expense of actually living.

Here’s a way to get yourself back in balance:

Take an example from the animal world; an animal which exemplifies a wondrous joy, an innocence, and perhaps puts on a good show for humans.

For me, it’s a monkey.

Monkeys have a kind countenance, a playful attitude, and a great sense of community. They do a lot of funny things while out there in the trees, what with all that swinging and whimsy.

Monkey videos, monkey photos, monkey memes.  Whatever it takes to get you laughing.

You’ll most likely gravitate towards a particular animal again and again.  Make sure to look up the spiritual meaning of that animal, as there could be some excellent insight for you as to why you chose it.  Remember, nothing is random.

Here are some other animals to consider:

  • Baby goats
  • Puppies
  • Meercats
  • Pandas
  • Chicks

Remember, Lightworker, it’s all about perspective.  You are bound to swing between the extremes on either end of the spectrum, until you find your balance somewhere in the middle.  And no throwing poo!

Love to you.


Earth Energy






14 (Careful what you wish for)

222 (Keep visualizing what you do want)



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seeing twinkling stars inside
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Happening Now: Glitter

The Collective’s Vibration is Rising Fast! What does that mean for you?  That means that you’ll be able to see more glitter wherever you go.

Glitter is my term for the flashes of light that surround people and animals.  Those are the blips that you see from the corner of your eye and that you’ve been explaining away all this time.  No matter how many weird sightings you have a rational explanation for, there are plenty more that you can’t explain away.

They could look like little flashes of lightning, colored fog, or twinkling stars.

Extra-dimensionals fill up the air that looks empty to you. Some are your guides, others are hanging out to experience the area from a non-physical perspective; others may be loved ones that have passed. They’ve been vibrating at a frequency that, until recently, has mostly been out of your range.  As you, and the collective, raise your vibration, your visible spectrum increases as well.  The appearance of glitter will be your new normal.

As the Earth continues to ascend, you will become accustomed to seeing the extra activity between you and whatever you’re looking at.  It will first look like static on a screen, until your mind accepts the validity of their existence.  After that, they’ll just be more living beings sharing your space.

So next time you see one of those little sparkles, flashes or glowing clouds (those were always hard to explain away, eh?), greet it with the same love and respect that you give your more solid, physical friends.  You’ll be making friends in high places, and interacting with your extra-dimensional family.

And if you want to practice seeing them, here’s how.


Earth Energy

Golden Yellow




1144 (Twin flame activation)

288 (Trust)



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timeline jumping
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Happening Now: Timeline Jumping

As Earth’s Frequency increases, you’ll be manifesting your desires faster than ever.  Think of something, and soon enough, there it is.

As linear time’s importance fades into the distance and time is more pliable, you won’t be waiting as long to receive the things you desire.  Now’s the time to practice eliminating that mind chatter.  Keep a crystal clear vision of your desires, and when doubt arises, deal with it right there.

So let’s talk about timelines, and how they affect what you see in your physical world.

Timelines are a “linear” string of past and future events that have already occurred.  As you go through each moment of your life, you are changing timelines a billion times per second.

Put your hand in front of your face and focus on it.  Now move it a couple of inches in any direction.

You’ve just jumped like a bazillion timelines.

There’s a timeline for the original placement of your hand, and there’s another one for every miniscule movement your hand made on its way towards its destination.  Each timeline has a specific past that occurred prior to your moving your hand, and a different future that resulted from the movement of your hand.

Every single differing thought, feeling and action puts you on a new timeline.

All possibilities exist in the Universe.  Your desire is there waiting for you to focus on it and bring it into view. Can you now see why it’s important, if you really, really, really want something, to stay focused on it?  Each time you digress from your desire by thinking a conflicting thought about your goal, you jump onto a different timeline that affects your future.

But don’t freak out!  You can always correct your course, by laughing, resending your intentions, and feeling the way you’d feel if you had it right now.  In one second, you can be back on your desired timeline.

Add to your understanding of timelines the remembrance that you’re creating your own reality.

And so is everyone else, even if they are unconscious of timelines or their being the creator.  Of course, you and your friends share a great number of timelines— the collective does this as we share the props used to set up this wonderful and exhausting planet—and those props span many timelines, which is why your surroundings look similar from moment to moment.

If there is something you really, really want, then hold off telling your friends. They’d want to help you, of course.  They might tell you recent news about your desired thing, or inject personal opinions that result in your doubting whether you’ll ever fulfill your desire at all.  Such information delivered by your well-meaning friends could send you to a timeline that doesn’t have the future you’re looking for, so consider keeping big things to yourself.

As you further awaken, you’ll be needing less and less external input anyway.  Your imagination will blossom, you’ll hone your visualization skills, and it will be easier to see those desires manifest into the physical.  This is a natural progression.  Nothing you need to do other than take care of yourself.

Humanity is starting to recognize some shifts in the collective timeline too.  Check out The Mandela Effect if you want to learn more about different timelines in which the pasts are different for different people alive on Earth right now.


Earth Energy


Forest Green




222 (Keep visualizing, it’s working)

711 (New opportunities to use your spiritual mastery)

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Find more products in our shop.



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what your energy looks like to others
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What Your Energy is Like To Other People

Our existence in this Universe is all about frequency.

We’ve discussed earlier the reason why you meet people, why you feel shitty when in big crowds, and how you can sometimes be invisible to those around you.

In each case, it’s about your frequency, or in other words, your vibration.  Also known as spiritual density, it’s the amount, and balance, of light you exhibit.  Each person has an energetic signature—just as individual as the one you use to sign for a package—that others can sense, whether they are aware of it or not.

The best way to do this is to imagine yourself in a room, seated in a chair, and you’re blindfolded.  Now imagine that you have a helper who ushers people into the room, one at a time, in complete silence.

First, they bring in a sibling or someone you’ve grown up with.

Could you recognize the signature of that person?  Without your physical senses in action, you’d be using your ethereal body to read their signature.  Your etheric body will recognize the energy of the person who has entered the room, and indicate to your mind who owns that signature.

Now, let’s say they usher in a stranger.  Your ethereal body will read that signature, and, based on the balance (or lack thereof) of his energy centers (also called chakras,) you will receive all sorts of information.  You may feel like the stranger is benevolent, or you may not.  Male or female.  Older or younger. Such indications are sent to your gut, where the intuitive center lies.

Falsehood can’t exist in this realm.  That means that if you follow your gut, then you are acknowledging one of the most powerful connections available to you while in this physical incarnation.  It’s going to be only as good as your mind allows, however, because anyone who has ever been on a diet knows, the mind can talk us out of anything if we give it that power.  Just takes a little bit of training to trust yourself to quiet the mind to receive the signals.

So let’s experiment with signature-detecting in a real scenario.

Next time you walk down the street, put some headphones on and play some music that makes you bounce in your step. Think of joyous things, and get to the highest vibration available to you.  Be really OK with life right now.

You and your signature are just walking along, between and past other people. And in the background, they are sensing your signature, and you theirs.


Those that are vibrating at a much lower vibration than you will not see you.

These individuals may be upset about something; or they could be sick; or mourning; or completely unconscious of their power as the creator of their life.  They could be trauma victims, or working through financial issues.  This could be a temporary decrease in their vibration, or it could be their normal state.Some may just see you as a gray mass or faceless blob, due to their focus on the underlying issues running their mind. You may even have to sidestep to avoid their running into you, as they often don’t even see the physical aspect of you walking along.


Those that are vibrating at slightly lower vibration than you will see you.

Depending on your own frequency, this is the largest portion of the population.  If you are awake at this time, it will be the majority of people that you encounter.  They will be engulfed in themselves; in whether or not they fit in with the crowd or if they feel accepted in the current situation.  Or they will be focused on external things like their cell phone, complaining at a spouse, or be in a hurry to get somewhere.  It is possible that you could have a conversation with them, and if there is common ground, communication could be fruitful for both parties.


Those with a Service to Self path will attempt to avoid you.

Thankfully, this group is diminishing, however with the Earth ascending at such rapid speed, if you were to run into this group, it will be in the very near future.  This group would be those who have chosen to focus on power over others, even to the point of exploitation; their focus is not on service to fellow man, but service to the self as the center of their creation.  I had an encounter with a soul like this last week, while I was walking to the gym.  An older female, she was walking towards me, saw me, and made a very wide circular berth around me.  She stopped completely, watched me pass, and then continued on. Those of this vibration are so dissimilar to you that, when you’re on top of your game, they cannot interact with you whatsoever.


Those of a slightly higher vibration will smile at or acknowledge you.

It will generally be them initiating the smile, and you will both see them as kind and as non-offensive.  They will leave you with a feeling of calm, joy or peace.  This group is increasing in number, and although we are usually surprised to have someone initiate a friendly connection, it is beneficial to both parties to do so.


Can you see where I’m going with this?  I could go on to other levels, of course, but you can place yourself in either position in this interaction—that of the walker, and that of the one who encounters the walker—and understand that there will always be those of lower vibration, and always be those of higher vibration around you.

And of course, those of very high vibration—well, you can’t generally see them, right?


Yet as you practice increasing your vibration, and maintaining the highest level available to you for longer periods of time, those of a higher vibration to you will start to show.  And further around we all go on the circle of consciousness expansion.


One caveat here to mention:  Assess where your ego flares up in such situations.  Do you judge those of lower vibration?  Are you envious of those of higher vibration?  Such assessments are part of the programming from which you’re freeing yourself.  That programming was put there to keep you feeling separate.  You no longer need to compare yourself to anyone else to determine your value.  If you must compare at all, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  Is your frequency higher?  Are you joyous?  Have you served anyone today?  Did you send love?


And remember:  Always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:





1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)

666 (Physical and spiritual balance)



author: Kimberly

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old monkeys may never wash their potatoes
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Dirty Sweet Potatoes…and Old Habits

The 100th Monkey Theory asserts that once a critical mass of beings develops a habit, all of the beings in the collective adopt the habit without previous demonstration.

Perhaps you’ve heard the 100th Monkey story sometime in your formal schooling. The famous 1952 study observed a group of Macaca Fuscata monkeys on the Japanese island of Koshima. During the study, one young female monkey took the sweet potatoes left for her by the scientists, and began washing the sand off of them before she ate them.  Other young monkeys observed her habit and adopted it.  Soon the young monkeys followed suit, all washing the sand off of their sweet potatoes before they ate them.

Then, monkeys on other islands, with no contact from Koshima Island’s monkeys, began washing the sand off of their sweet potatoes too.

Understandably, scientists were amazed and baffled that the habit jumped from one island to another without the monkeys traveling or interacting with other groups.

Now, of course, 60 years later, we can explain that collective consciousness within the terms of awakening, in that we’re sharing one mind despite being in different, distant bodies.

It’s a great example of Oneness in action. Intuition, ESP, telepathy, or whatever it’s called nowadays by scientists who have finally had to admit that we’re connected by something they can’t measure well with their current instruments.

I must add that the study has been retold erroneously in a manner that implied that ALL the monkeys, on each individual island, picked up the habit.  They did not.  Guess who still insisted on eating the sweet potatoes with the sand intact?

You got it.

The old ones.

Humans and monkeys…not so far apart, it seems.  96% shared DNA explains that part.

There will be those set in their ways, and that’s OK. Their way is serving them according to their soul’s plan.

So on your path of awakening, remember that even if you think a potato tastes best without sand, there will always be people who prefer it sandy.  The world is full of infinite viewpoints, and all are perfect, for the one making the choice.

Let them enjoy their potatoes.  Send them love and honor their power to make their own choices.  Then go hang out with others that prepare their potatoes the same way as you do, if you want to interact with like-minded people.  There is room for everyone, with any belief, to share the same planet.


And remember, always be you, all the time.  Love!

Earth Energy:






711 (Lightworker activation)

222 (Keep visualizing, it’s working)





author: Kimberly

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If you want to read more about the 100th Monkey study, click here.

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Why Lightworkers Are Supposed To Have Fun

Spiritual advisors tell us all the time to “Go Have Fun” in order to be better Lightworkers.  But why?

It’s about frequency.

Earth has been covered with a technological frequency-controlling grid for the last 300,000 years by those who prefer a path of Service-to-Self over a life of Service-to-Others.  This grid keeps people in a vibrational prison, riddled by fear, uncertainty, and unaware of their true powers.  It’s easy to dominate people who live in fear.

There are countless entities and consciousnesses, not only of extraterrestrial origin, but extra-dimensional as well, that are beaming high-vibration energy to our planet in hope of breaking down this grid and restoring all humans to their state of sovereignty. Yet historically, even when this energy penetrated that grid, there was no one on the planet with a physical body encoded properly to receive it. Until recently.

Enter the Lightworkers, whose cells contain the ability to accept these high frequency emissions, and Level-Up our bodies.  We, my friends, are energy transducers.

We catch the high-frequency beams as we meditate, practice yoga, and talk to our guides. We catch them when we’re watching kids play, or smelling a flower on our morning walk, or petting the cat. Our bodies absorb and integrate this energy.

Then, wherever we go, we emanate those vibes to the rest of the sleeping world.

You can’t emanate that high-frequency energy unless you are in the vibration to accept it in the first place.

Think about a day when you feel shitty.  Everything looks pointless, and your “Why Bother?” attitude runs the show for a short time.  As you know, the day rarely gets any better.  Time drags on as you bring about more dull experiences matching the vibration that you’re emitting, until you fall asleep and you reset yourself.

All of the assistance, synchronicities and signals from your guides (which are really you in other forms) will go unnoticed, ignored, or will just bounce off of you because you are not aligned to receive them.

Now, think about a time when you are goofy.  Perhaps you are playing with kids, or laughing with friends.  You are in joy.  Time passes at a faster rate, or you forget time altogether. And your laughter is contagious to those around you.

So focus on joy.  Focus on having fun wherever you are, and if it’s not fun, then don’t do it.


You can say that, you know.

Yes, even at your job—the job that society told you you can’t survive without (another falsehood to smash, thank you very much) because it wants to keep you in fear.  Imagine if all humans remembered that they could manifest anything and everything they desired (which you can).

That element of fear that beguiles most humans would be eradicated, and then the population would be impossible to dominate.

Yep.  You have that power. And you and I have been duped this whole time about it.

So today, remind yourself to have fun, no matter what you’re doing.  It puts you in the receptive frequency for guidance, for your manifestations, and for more fun experiences.



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