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when you are alone on valentines day
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How to Avoid Snarkiness When Alone on Valentine’s Day

If you’re with a partner, appreciate them for everything they are.  If you’re not, well, remember that self-love is important too.

SERIOUSLY? That statement incites total snarkiness in me.  All those people gushing with love, holding hands over dinner…and we all KNOW how many diamond rings cross restaurant tables on a day like today.

Does that make you less than warm-and-fuzzy when none of those couples include YOU?

I get it.  Me too.

And this very 3D energy—that feeling of lack that surrounds you on all sides when it seems like everyone else is celebrating their abundance—is totally normal.  In fact, it’s almost expected, based on how we were programmed to believe that you are nothing without a partner.

And it’s not so easy to just make the switch to sending out compassionate love to every living being on Earth, when the belief systems sit so deep.  And awakened being, it’s OK to be where you are right now, feeling a little envious, sad or lonely.

Yet you have an extra piece of the puzzle that fits in….right THERE….that is the reminder that you can feel a feeling, and let it go; and then reach for a better feeling, a higher vibration, to get you out of your funk.  And you also know that as you raise your frequency, you help all of the others around you to feel better too, just by shining your light upon them. And you ALSO know that every time you send out love, you are sending it back to yourself.

Feel the shit you feel today.  Recognize it.  Then do whatever you need to do to feel better.  Pictures of fuzzy kittens, exercise, whatever.  And then send out that love to everyone you meet, even if they are wearing a shiny new ring.


Earth Energy:






333 (Your guides are by your side)

000 (You are one with the Universe)


If you want to learn how to send out a LOVE BOMB, click here.



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So many people on Earth are dying all of a sudden. Their souls are leaving our planet to explore new energies
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Why Are So Many People Dying All of a Sudden?

There are souls who are leaving this planet so that they can explore lower energies elsewhere, or to be reborn into new bodies to further help with the Shift as Earth ascends in consciousness.

That equates to a lot of tragedy in the world as the Shift occurs.  Unexpected death, accidents and conflict have increased as of late, as those not ready to give up the low-energy frequencies move on to other incarnations where they can complete a specific soul plan; one that includes balancing polarity in their continued expansion.

But if you get caught up in the drama and make these tragedies your main focus, you risk bringing more of it to yourself and to the collective through your focused intention.

You, as a lightworker, awakened early to lead the way.  Those around you are watching your behavior; and you have gone within to do the inner work necessary to expand your consciousness to the next level. You demonstrate more love, compassion and patience than those around you who are still asleep, and you are setting the example.

Remember your mission—which is that of leading the way to peace, unity and equality for all. You benefit from seeing a bigger picture of the Earth plan. So suspend judgment about what’s happening around you, and instead give love to those in need who are out of range to bestow it upon themselves.


Earth Energy:






777 (Everything is in divine order)

1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts)


Resource to learn more about balancing energy and reincarnation:



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Humania - the end of the barbaric era on Earth
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Humania – The End of a Barbaric Era

“For [the Indian] the world was full of beauty; for [the White man] it was a place of sin and ugliness to be endured until he went to another world.”

That quote from Chief Luther Standing Bear pretty much sums up how humans have existed on Earth…until now.

In our past, the prime directive of human existence was to conquer, acquire mass wealth, and the abuse of power to maintain the status of a select few. The more belongings we could amass, the more prestige and power we wielded.

The term “humania” is a psychological term referring to the state of human existence defined by mal-development of the ego, dissatisfaction with life, and existing in a state of constant unrest. It’s considered a madness, and we’ve all been suffering from it.

That is, until you awaken, and realize you’ve been immersed in this madness–this illusion–and you can get out anytime you choose.

As the Earth collective awakens, we’re seeing a shift in human behavior, with less greed, more transparency, and love replacing the desire to conquer.

Yes, finally it’s happening. We’ve almost wiped ourselves out a few times in Earth’s history; this time, we get to ascend.  I, personally, am glad to see this era of barbarism come to an end.

Today, look back at who you were 10 years ago. Are you the same person? No doubt you will find that you’re a vastly improved human. This is the meaning of life.

Earth Energy:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • 17 (Look back at who you were, and look where you are now)
  • 100 (Claircognizance – trust what is sent to you)

  • Reference: Humania in Psychology Today

    Love yourself first, only then you'll be able to love others.
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    Why Do I Have to Love Myself First?

    You’ve heard it a million times: You must love yourself before anyone else can love you.

    But why is that?

    The basic tenet of awakening is that we understand that we are all connected. This concept will expand for you in a widening spiral of perspective as your consciousness expands.

    It goes like this:

    1. First, you see all people as separate, and they are doing things to you.
    2. As you awaken, you start to see the connection between something you’ve done, and something that is returned to you.
    3. Then, you see the synchronicities, that you thought were coincidence, as something planned by Source.
    4. You then see that the people that you meet are there according to Divine Design.
    5. The perspective then shifts to your understanding that all Beings are of equal value, no matter their behavior.
    6. You will then remember that all of those Other Beings are aspects of yourself.

    So you see, once you remember that everyone you see is really another version of you in a different body experiencing life from a different perspective, it makes sense that you can’t love anyone until you love yourself.

    From an Earthly vantage point, that equates to facing your fears, redesigning supportive belief systems, and healthy self-care. You work on your wholeness starting with the “you” that you’re conscious of right now. And only then can you move to being a partner to someone who treats you the way you treat yourself.

    Today, look at your relationship with yourself. Is there love, without the input of anyone else’s behavior towards, or opinion of, you? You are projecting your inner self to the world. What are you sending out?

    Earth Energy:

    • Yellow
    • Tan
    • 383 (You get what you send out)
    • 1212 (Begin new projects)


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    Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children – The New Humanity

    There are children with special missions arriving on Earth at this time.

    They’ll seem different from the other kids their age — wiser, gifted, mysterious, or downright bullheaded and belligerent.  What was once considered a disorder will soon be revered as a gift that’s helped shape a better world.

    These kids are examples of the new human — they yearn for a unified community that serves the whole rather than the few. Welcome to the newest lightworkers.

    However, despite their cheerful names, you may not always experience unicorns and glitter in their presence; their missions sometimes require rebellion against authority and outdated systems.  But not to fear, we all win in the end, so it’s OK. Just remember that during your parent-teacher conferences.


    Indigo Children

    This is the name given to children who possess unusual psychological attributes. Parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tappe first coined the phrase “Indigo Child” in the 1970s when describing children with an aura of the same color.

    Traits of an Indigo Child

    Indigo Children are aware of their self-worth. They may come across as arrogant or anti-social, and have trouble accepting the idea of absolute authority without question. They tend to become frustrated with ritual-oriented systems. They may refuse to do things that the average person does, like wait in line or sit quietly when they could be doing something constructive.

    Indigo Children are extremely intelligent and serve a valuable purpose.They are not here to create obstacles, but rather to raise awareness about the limiting constructs of modern society.  For example, the behavior of a disruptive Indigo Child may inspire positive changes within a school system. The more society allows Indigo Children to open up their gifts, the more paradigms will change. This will look like a breakdown of society, from the fall of the monetary system, to exposure of inequality, to the gentrification of our news media.

    Once the Indigo Children crumble outdated paradigms and expose social injustice, the Crystal Children come in to rebuild a better system.

    Crystal Children

    Once the Indigo Children tumble the old systems, they leave the door open for Crystal Children to restore order. Crystal Children are the next generation of super humans, born to create an integrated society in which the value of all life is respected.

    The Gifts of Crystal Children

    This group of children possesses crystalline energies, which differ from the 3D carbon-based energy of previous generations on Earth. If you have a Crystal Child in your environment, you will appreciate their warm, loving disposition.  You will notice their sensitivity for nature, and their desire for balance and unity among family.

    Crystal children are very intuitive; they are gifted with abilities related to dimensional travel. They see beyond illusions to understand the truth of reality.  These kids do not take a linear view of the world, but rather they rely on using metaphors and quantum processing. This might be demonstrated as a conversation about several unrelated subjects at the same time, or include singing, poetry or art before they give you an answer to a question you’ve asked. Crystal Children are emissaries of the ancient ways, so you may see them creating their own rituals, speaking to invisible people or objects, and happily playing by themselves. Expect great ideas from these kids.

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    Once the Crystal Children rebuild broken-down systems, the Rainbow Children are introduced to provide guiding light to those still in the dark.


    Rainbow Children

    The Indigo Children arrived to pave the way for change in the world. They were followed by the Crystal Children, who continued to introduce new ideas and abilities. The Rainbow Children are the third generation of special kids to arrive and assist with the evolution of humanity.

    New Arrivals on Earth

    Rainbow Children are generally the offspring of Indigo or Crystal generations, or are born to old souls who recognize and encourage them to develop their gifts. Some sources believe that they have never incarnated before on Earth. These special children vibrate at a higher frequency, and thus act as beacons for dispersing their unconditional love to all in their presence. They are connected and drawn to color. Rainbow Children may appear fearless, with a powerful divinity about them.  They may have natural healing qualities, and show compassion to animals, plants and less-fortunate humans. Unconditional love is their prime directive.


    Do you have one of these children? Congratulations!  You are helping to usher in the new human.  You were chosen for the duty of parenthood because you, too, would like to see the Earth be a better place. Provide an open and transparent environment for these children, and they will bloom to follow their path of passion.


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