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seeing faces when you close your eyes
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Happening Now: Seeing Faces When You Close Your Eyes

Trying to sleep but you’re invaded by images of people you don’t know? Welcome to Oneness.

So after a hectic day of humanness, with its expectations, reoccurring doubts and small epiphanies…you lay your head on the pillow, close your eyes, hoping for sleep….and then an entourage of faces start parading across that projection screen in your head.

It’s the screen where you visualize your fantasies, and play out all of the day’s misshapen situations.  Depending on how much practice you have in visualization, the images projected on this screen can appear 3-dimensional, like they’re hovering right in front of you for real. This is the screen of your third eye. This screen is where the cool shit happens.

So what can these people look like?

  • Some may look human (you’ll think: “I don’t know that person, who is he?”)
  • Some could look sort-of human (you’ll think: “Oh that’s the gray guy from Ancient Aliens”)
  • Some may look like monsters (you’ll think: “Damn, was that the three-eyed guy from the bar scene in Star Wars? He looks like he eats children”)
  • Some could be animals that you’ve never seen on Earth (you’ll think: “Oh how cute, except for those razor-sharp teeth”)

Perhaps they resemble beings that you might see in a movie. By the way, there are talented, creative artists in Hollywood creating characters from these images,  intending to gently ease humans into the possibility of their existence.

These images will progress in nature in terms of appearance from human to NOT human. So who are they?

These images are being sent to you—by the Higher Self—to gauge how you feel about things vastly different from you.

Are you intrigued?

Are you excited?

Are you terrified?

These faces are other versions of YOU, who have chosen different bodies and different timelines to experience life under different conditions.  As you integrate, these images will become part of your daily life, because you are bringing all of your parts back together.

Ascension is the integration of all of the different parts of YOU, back into the ONE.

So what do you do?

That’s up to you.  Are you ready to accept those into your life with vastly different appearances, habits and behavior? Can you make friends with someone completely different from you?

Do you do that with other humans on Earth?  If not, then perhaps you have some work to do. The New Earth is about all beings living in harmony despite different beliefs and appearances.

Recognize your thoughts and feelings when a new face appears on your internal screen. Why not start a mental conversation with one?  Maybe you have something interesting to say to yourself.  And coming from a guy with tentacles can make it all the more fun.


Earth Energy:





1144 (Lightworker activation)

668 (Clear out old to let in new)



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Talking to imaginary friend
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Trigger Message: Talking to People Who Aren’t There

In our society, it’s totally OK for kids to have imaginary friends, but adults?  Something must be wrong.

Ever watch a 6-year old with a mass of toys spread around, happily playing and chatting with someone you can’t see?  They are perfectly OK with it, sharing tea or moving trucks around according to someone else’s presence. But Lordy Lord, when you see an adult talking to someone you can’t see, they are immediately labeled as crazy.

Ever wonder why that is?

Here’s what your frequency-limiting programmed society will tell you:

  • It’s guaranteed schizophrenia
  • That person’s “not right in the head”
  • Joke about it: It’s OK to talk to yourself, but when you start answering back, then you should worry…
  • Kids will “grow out” of it

Here’s what Kimberly, the Ascension Specialist will tell you:

  • Humans see a minuscule part of the visible spectrum and there’s shit flying all around you, all the time.
  • Kids have just recently incarnated in their new bodies, and so the connection between the physical and the non-physical is still strong.
  • Guides, Angels, Demons, Grandpa:  whomever you’re talking to it’s just another version of you anyway.

Kids, and Those-Who-Talk-To-Themselves, are ahead of the game, since they recognize the existence of a myriad of beings that live on a plane that most humans can’t see.

Now I am not ruling out disorders such as schizophrenia, and I would not make light of those who are calling for help and not receiving it.

When you see an adult having a conversation with no one that you can see, rest assured that that person is truly not alone; for he is being guided by some sort of helper—whether that be a high-energy or a low-energy helper depends on his soul plan.

In either case, it never hurts to visualize his body engulfed in pink light.  This affords him protection for his highest and best good.

Now kids…..THOSE are the fun ones.

If you see a kid having a conversation with someone you can’t see, ask if you can join.  If given permission, find out as much as you can!  Learn about that being’s existence.  Use your pink light to surround everyone, and have fun with it.

Children’s souls are afforded special protection as they grow, and lower thought forms do not have access to the greater portion of their light bodies until they are old enough to make their own decisions. So most likely, anyone that child would be talking to would be of a higher frequency, guiding the child along.  Having an enormous soul suddenly confined in a tiny body is a tough transition, and kids need comfort until they settle into the game.

Who do they talk to?  It ranges from Buddha, to Jesus, to a recently passed relative, to God himself.  Me, I spoke to extraterrestrials when I was a kid, and still do.  They’ve guided me all along, and they are simply other versions of myself, living in other bodies on other planets.

It’s been a tough ride challenging the societal programming under which we’ve succumbed for all those eons.  Yet now, with more people able to accept that we’re not alone, the conversations get easier (with both the physical AND non-physical.)

If you’re feeling fear or doubt about talking to yourself, here’s your Trigger Message:

Now is the time to remember that energy is the force of Life, and family comes in all shapes and forms.  We are here for you for the asking, but this cannot happen without your conscious choice.  The First Distortion dictates what you see and experience on your plane.

OK, well that was unexpected.  Just came out for those of you that needed to read that.

For your reference, the First Distortion is a term from the Law of One.  The Law of One states that there is only ONE of us, and anything deviating from that is called a distortion.  The First Distortion states that we’re given Free Will  (meaning you can decide not to recognize yourself as part of the ONE for a while.  Get it?)

And as always, if you are fearful that you may hurt yourself or others, please seek immediate assistance.


Love to you (us, the ONE)!


author: Kimberly

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everyone you meet is you
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The Alternate Realities of You

In our world of form, we appear to be surrounded by a multitude of other people.

Those that stand in line at the bank with you, mothers also dropping off their kids at daycare, and the guy that sits in the cubicle across the aisle.  Who are these people, and what relationship do they have with you?

Your first answer is probably, “He’s a stranger,” or “That’s Emily’s mom,” or “That’s Joe.”

Those are labels given to the forms of those humans around you.  But who are they, really?

It’s a simple answer that can take years to integrate:  They’re YOU.

Each person that you see, from the stranger to the guy in your office, is simply YOU.

Let’s break it down even further.

Each of these people are simply a you who has made different choices in life.

Once one awakens, the first premise we tend to adopt is that we are all one.  There are many metaphors that describe this law, such as:

  • Separate waves that crash ashore from a singular ocean
  • Shards of a broken mirror that reflect everything else in its range

Essentially, we are all part of the One, which has created a perceived “separation” so that it can experience and observe itself during infinite creation and expansion.  Each individuation created by the One, or Source, or God, if you wish, is a small part of the Whole that exhibits all of Its glory and creational abilities.  Each individuation was given the perception of separation so that it may experience the knowledge of its perfection at its own pace.  It can remain within the paradigm of separation for as long as it wishes, and transcend from that paradigm to one of wholeness any time it chooses.  Each individuation is given free choice.

That guy in the line at the bank–he is an individuation of Source, just as you are.  He made choices about his body composition, life circumstances, and spiritual path just as you did.

The lady dropping off her daughter at day care is another individuation of you.  She looks different than you, and made conscious and unconscious choices that differ from yours.

And the guy who sits in the cubicle across the aisle–you guessed it.  He’s YOU too.

So next time you’re out and about, look at all the different individuations of YOU.  You can see which choices they’ve made, and as you awaken, you may be able to ponder why they made them, or you may not.  If their actions, or their appearance, or their energy, trigger an emotion in you, then ask yourself what part of you can you see in that person?

After all, each person that you see is YOU, being put into your presence, by–you guessed it again–YOU.  Ponder the reason that you are being presented with this aspect of you.


Here is a great video of Matt Kahn elaborating on YOU as other people.  Please enjoy.

Love and Light.



author: Kimberly

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labradorite shatters the matrix illusion
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Labradorite: A Reminder of the Illusion

Want to remind yourself that you’re creating your entire reality? Carry a labradorite around with you.

Labradorite is a feldspar with commonly gray background, and silica inclusions that catch the light and display a “flash” or flame” to the viewer.

The stone is a great reminder that in every moment, no matter how gray it may look, there is always a beautiful opportunity waiting for you if you view it from a different perspective.

Labradorite is known for its ability to dispel illusions (like the 3D not-really-solid-at-all physical reality that we are currently placed within) and to ensure that any holes in your aura are filled with truth.  As we all expand on this journey of upliftment, our doubts and insecurities create holes (or susceptibilities) in our electromagnetic field that allow lower thought forms in to wreak further havoc.

Labradorite is useful for dredging up and healing old memories, including past life issues, reminding you that it’s no longer necessary to heal those karmic imbalances.

Helpful during times of transformation and change, Labradorite can also help prepare the body and soul for awakening.

Here’s how I use it:  When I’m going out into a crowd of people where there is sure to be some lower thought forms (places with lots of drinking, drugs or gambling, for example), I slip a Labradorite in my purse.  Being in crowds like this will assist you in such ways as:

  • Curbing your judgment of others’ behavior.
  • Filling up holes in your aura so that lower thought forms go elsewhere.
  • Remind you that you are a player in the game, and those around you are simply acting out parts along with you.
  • Balance you to function in both physical and spiritual realities with ease.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this stone, especially since the “flash” is so prismatically beautiful.  Consider a tower to place on your desk at work to remind you that even your annoying boss is a perfect aspect of Source just playing out a part in your game.

More information on Labradorite can be found here.

If you really want to dive into learning about crystals, consider the Crystal Bible:



Earth Energy:





688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)

88 (balanced interpersonal relationship)



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Happening Now: You’ve Got Haters

The initiation has begun.  This is a time when your beliefs will be vehemently challenged by those who are not ready to accept diversity and opposing viewpoints.

Yesterday I got my first one-star rating.  I considered it part of my own initiation.  We as Lightworkers have spent such a large part of our recent lives in solitude, in introspection.  Basically, as hermits.  And now that the energy is speeding up a whole lot on Earth, it’s our time to expose Who We Really Are to the world.

This is the time of your purpose, Lightworker, whether you’ve just recently discovered that you are are a Lightworker, or if you’ve known for years.

It’s time to come out of the woodwork and mingle with other humans.

Yes, I said humans.

Not just your guides, your angels, your spirit animals, or Metatron.  I mean other humans who are living and walking on this Earth right now.

It’s terrifying, I know.

Humans can say hurtful things; they can oppose every belief you have and place you back on that shaky foundation of doubt you thought you left behind.  Humans can call you ugly, or stupid, or full of shit.

These are the humans that aren’t ready to awaken, even though they will be, albeit kicking and screaming, if they are staying on this planet.  They are living in a reality that they consider so solid, so rigid that they cannot affect their own outcome.  They are reacting to external influences rather than creating their desires because they still believe themselves powerless.

And these humans are giving you the perfect opportunity to practice unconditional love.

They are serving you in many ways:

  • Providing you with a reason to check your ego
  • Preparing you on a small scale for what you will encounter when the shit hits the fan
  • Reminding you of a perspective that you thought you left behind, but could learn to appreciate
  • Allowing you the chance to measure your resolve to remain authentic

How you interact with your “haters” is up to you.  It will tell you volumes about yourself regarding your progress along the awakening path.  Even if you falter, remember, you can still glean the lesson from the experience, recognize what you will do differently next time, and let it go.

That way, you won’t need yet another catalyst to present itself for the lesson.

I prefer to not engage with those who want to argue, but rather I just send them love. There are many variables to such interactions, but the one constant is always LOVE.

I remember when I viewed life from a hater’s perspective.  Glad I moved on, but also glad I had the chance to live there for a while.  It helped form the new ME that I love and respect so much.

If you are thinking about Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet to your family, perhaps this video will be of some assistance.

Remember, always be yourself, all the time.  Love!


Earth Energy


Golden Yellow




144 (huge Lightworker activations)

333 (Your family is with you)

1010 (Get out of your comfort zone)



author: Kimberly

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Kimberly Darwin awakening
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Why Never To Tell the Universe to BRING IT ON

Always be careful with the intentions you send out to the Universe! Sometimes, an immediate response can turn into a painful experience. In this video, Kimberly shares a story from her own life when she learned a hard lesson from challenging the Universe at its game and ending up in a serious motorcycle accident.

Next time when you’re going to send out an intention, think twice. Once you shout out to the Universe your “Bring it on!” in a cocky manner, be prepared to get exactly what you’ve asked for.

Not only will the Universe send a challenge your way, but the one that you’ve never expected and probably wasn’t what you thought you were asking for.

So, don’t be too fast to act and specify your intention carefully. You can make smaller steps to awakening without the need to suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally. Your spiritual growth can arrive in a much easier way. Embrace those gentle lessons and keep growing.


Read more in our blog.


Accessing Akashic Records - Kimberly Darwin
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Akashic Records: Tapping Into Other Peoples’ Lives

The Akashic records are like a huge database of all human lives ever lived, ever.

You have access to these records, including the lives of other people.  That’s why you can hear about multiple people living the life of Joan of Arc, or another famous figure.

It’s in your power to tap into these other lives anytime you would like to experience what that person felt.  You don’t have to live their life to reap the benefits of their experience.

That’s power!



Kimberly Darwin video
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Put Up an OG Forcefield to Get Past Your Past

As you awaken, it’s time to get rid of old beliefs that are holding you back.

Kimberly from is ready to unveil a few secrets about how to overcome your doubts. ?

The awakening process is the best time to get rid of everything that doesn’t make you feel good.

The truth is, you can change your truth anytime.

However, there has to be intention behind the words for them to work.

Here’s a way to see your past as an observer rather than a miserable participant in your sad past:

1. Put a force field on to shelter your intentions. This is a wall that allows you to look back to the past as an observer rather than having to relive it yet again.

2. Send out your intention, desire or idea.

If doubt sets in, then do #3:

3. Raise your vibration right now. Put everything else aside and focus on what brings you joy.

Keep making yourself feel better until you don’t have to try anymore.

Voila! Now you can go back to sending out your intentions and do what you’ve got to do.

Remember: YOU’RE CREATING YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! These simple steps work with any belief that you have.

you will seek order as you declutter
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Suddenly Feeling OCD? You Must be Decluttering

My friend Jill organizes her oatmeal packets by flavor.  She can’t stand to open the box and search in the chaos of colored labels for the taste she wants to experience today.

I used to laugh at that, until I realized that she cherishes order in her physical life as much as she cherishes it in her soul.

Now there are both ends of the spectrum when it comes to order.  You’ve got the “As Good As It Gets” toiletry-organizing obsessive order that really should be addressed, and on the other end you have chaos, in which (theoretically) there is only randomness.

If you dig deeper as to WHY some people crave order more than others, there is a clear connection to what is going on inside a person mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As you awaken, you’ll spend more time addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual you from an internal perspective.  You’ll be decluttering your mind of old stuff that no longer serves you, and that energy will go out to the world to be reassigned into something else.

With the mental decluttering, you will also physically declutter.  You may get sick, to release pent-up energy.  You will lose friends, and you will rid yourself of unwanted physical items because you realize that it takes energy to tend to them and they no longer bring you joy.

After several rounds of decluttering your surroundings, you will start to see the order in having less. You will appreciate the details of the fewer things you have, and you will associate physical order with your clearer mind.

That’s why, when you find yourself organizing your socks by color in the drawer, remember that the order helps you stay focused on inner growth.  No need to expend energy on searching — like everything in life, what you want is already there. You are simply preparing yourself to let it in.  Yes, even the right pair of socks, at the right time.

One less chaotic thing to clog up your Now Moment.


Earth Energy






000 (You are one with the Universe)

777 (Divine order — things are moving along)




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