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Orion Healing Ceremony Transmission
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Video: Orion Healing Ceremony Transmission

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading exponentially, the Earth collective has faced a number of challenges creating a combined effect of a ‘perfect storm’. At this crucial intersection, lower energy interferes with the higher frequency of the Fourth Density our planet is moving toward. In the 3D reality, people’s minds become obsessed with shocking news about new victims of coronavirus disease confirmed every day, exposing millions to fear and panic, dividing the humanity even more by mistrust and separation.

Our Earth has been a place of duality since its creation. Now, every one of us has to choose between serving others or serving ourselves. Your choice will determine your role and timeline, but you’re going to be a winner regardless of what you choose.

In this video, Kimberly channels the energies that have been waiting to step up and help us through the transition. Join Kimberly’s ceremony transmission if you wish peace, harmony, and balanced coexistence with all forms of life. The ritual reaches the Reptilian energy from Kimberly’s incarnations in the Orion star system.

Such a ceremony transmission reaches the collective of energies using the hand gestures as the Light language that cannot be translated word to word – it is about timing, as well as verbal and visual means.

Note that Kimberly’s ceremony is not a replacement for medical treatment. The medical sphere is also full of healers at this time!
Please, take responsibility for all aspects of your life!

Join Are You Awakening on YouTube:


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Are We One Big Orion Game?
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Video: Are We One Big Orion Game?

Once we’ve chosen to incarnate on Earth, we got involved in playing Star Wars as game-masters of our avatars. If you find it too hard to believe, just take a look around at the playground you’re on right now.

You’ve made yourself physical in the world of polarity: ‘Dark vs Light‘, ‘Good vs Bad’, ‘the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire’. You have chosen your side and role in this timeline and physical avatar. Thus, we are having fun while learning our lessons by becoming actors who play their roles (no matter good or bad) and by keeping in touch with the ultimate Game Master – YOU.

You might be familiar with the game theory through GURPS – a game system that was created to aid cosplay and roleplaying game but is basically the mirror of our experience on Earth. The system adds simple rules of skills, the difficulty of action, karma, and everything needed to create your game, even during your current incarnation on Earth. Not only can the game master (and that is YOU) play the game, but he/she has the power to create it. Choosing timelines, your side of good vs bad, challenges you face and other souls to play with – everything is in your power.

If living on Earth resonates with such a gaming experience to you, have fun and enjoy your “walkthrough” on this playground of polarity.
Kimberly, as a part of the Orion star system team, enjoys here providing creative triggers and works on explaining the awakening signs.

If you are in this game with us, have fun!


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dark sex thoughts could mean you have some energy to balance out
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Dark Sex Focus: Coming Up Now

Lightworker, if you’re reading this, you have lived a multitude of lives. Not just on Earth, but all over our Universe, and in many different life situations. These other experiences convey to your current life; and some of that shit was pretty dark.

Those of us who spent any time in the Orion star system have dealt with oppression not known of on Earth, even in our worst times.  The Dark ruled for eons, and attempts at revolution were brutally quashed many times over.  Those who lived for the Light were tyrannized to the point that revolting in a large group was impossible.  It was only after the Black League formed and fortified—from the underground—that infiltration of the Darkness was possible.  Little bits of light, from all over the planet, created tiny cracks in the shroud of Darkness, until it crumbled.  This proved much more effective than attempting to create one big hole.

Those that had balanced out their positive and negative energies while still incarnated in the Orion star system have moved on to lead more positive, balanced lives in other parts of the galaxy. They bring with them, however, those energetic memories, and tiny pockets of imbalance may arise in this lifetime. Those of use who have awakened on Earth at this time can use our processing skills to address these dark portions of ourselves, and to stabilize that energy.

And then there are others, who, even though Orion finally ascended into the Light, weren’t fully balanced yet.  Many of these souls, still heavy on the negative aspects of the self, incarnated on Earth because there were plenty of opportunities to play out those dark energies on the Earth plane.

Dark sex is the most socially prevalent display of that imbalance; our preoccupation with domination in the bedroom attests that there are plenty of souls wanting to play out that old Orion energy.

Today’s pornography is rampant with power play.  And whether or not you partake in watching it, there’s a chance that you may have some of these old energies within you. You could love to fight (including martial arts, firearms training, or very competitive sports,) and don’t know why.  Watching violence in movies is another indication that you have some of these energies to balance out.

If so, there are plenty of ways to sever those ropes that bind you and release that energy back to the Universe to be redistributed.

Here are a few options:

  • Play them out with a committed partner in a safe environment
  • Play them out with yourself in a safe environment
  • Create a piece of art calling forth those dark passions
  • Write down dark feelings on paper, and burn it
  • Partake in physical exercise after communicating the intention to release the darkness

The point to remember is that this is just energy, stuck in you.  There is no judgment here.

Although I provided a few options of safely releasing that energy, you may have other processes that will result in the same resolution:  that the energy is released back out to the Universe, and you have achieved a more balanced essence.

When you do this for yourself, you also do this for the collective.  This is the job of a Lightworker; we are natural balancers of energy.  We are the lighthouses, utilizing the experiences from our many lives as a service to those still on the path to awakening.


Earth Energy:





666 (Balance of physical/spiritual self)

227 (Authenticity – listen to internal prompts)



Lyssa Royal Holt’s Galactic Heritage Cards are a great tool for determining the energies that are guiding you.





author: Kimberly

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