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I’m Done With That! So Why is It Still Showing Up?

You change realities every time you make a new choice.

Little choices, and big choices.  All choices.

With each decision you make, you transform into a completely new person; and you move to another version of Earth that supports the revised “You.”  Maybe you faced a fear, or got rid of an annoying habit. Maybe you withheld judgment when you normally would have cast dagger eyes at another’s behavior.

Despite your being on a new version of Earth, it might not look all that different to you, at first glance. With your new attitude and all, you’ll expect more of the things you desire to start showing up in your physical world…and quickly.  You have made a big change!

But instead, you could see the same old things you’ve been seeing, and it’s easy to conclude that the Law of Attraction only works some of the time.  Or for everyone except for you.  Or…never…if you sink down to the emotional basement and wallow.

So why do indications of the old “You” still show up even though you’ve made changes?

Let’s take an imaginary walk through a forest, along a nice flat path.  You are enjoying the nature around you, maybe touching a tree here and there, surrounded by chirping birds.  You’re in appreciation and it’s a good place.

Walk a little further, and you see something up ahead.  It’s dull and metal, an eyesore.  As you walk closer, you see it’s an empty soda can, thrown in the foliage alongside your serene path.

Maybe your tranquility comes to a halt, and your mind turns to thoughts that are not so positive.  “Who would do that?” “Why would someone be so careless as to leave this here?” “Humans are hopeless.”

I’ve been there, and I know how good vibes can come to a halt when faced with something we find incomprehensible.

Yet nothing in your purview is random. Even evidence of behavior you don’t exhibit.

You may not be a person that throws cans on the ground. Yet I’m guessing that sometime, somewhere, you threw something on the ground and didn’t care to pick it up.  If you can honestly say you have never done this (put a “Saint” in front of your name), then I can guarantee that you know someone who has.  It has been a part of your reality at some point in time.

The appearance of an object like this, which I call fallout, is a glimpse of another’s reality.  Since we’re all connected and sharing a collective landscape, we “bump up against each other” every once in a while due to previous associations. It’s leftover evidence of a previous version of “You.”

But why, if we’re no longer choosing that reality?

You’re seeing that can there, to gauge how you’ll respond to seeing it.

So, you have choices:

  • To remember your can-throwing days, and concede that people change if they want to. You did!
  • To judge the can-thrower as an un-evolved troglodyte.
  • To observe your feelings about the event with neutrality.

Neutrality is, of course, the least resistant path.  And how you respond to this event is what determines which reality you will choose next.  A compassionate or neutral choice, and you’ll aim yourself towards a timeline in which you’ll see fewer and fewer indications of such past versions of “You.”

If there’s outrage, then you’ve shown the Universe that you choose to continue taking part in that reality and “more cans will you see,” in Yoda terms.


When a storm ends, it takes a while for the dust to settle.

In the meantime, you’ll see such things so you can confirm that they are not what you prefer anymore.  By continuing to focus on what you do want to experience (tree touching, birds singing), then the fallout will stop appearing as you build momentum towards the more preferred reality.

There are a whole lot of versions of “You” out there.  So when something you’re “finished with” reappears, remember that there are others still partaking in a reality you’ve experienced.  Even though you left that timeline, it still continues on—in both directions—without you.  It’s your choice whether or not you opt to go back and visit.




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You are living many parallel lives right now. Learn to recognize your awakening signs.
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Checking in on Your Parallel Lives

You are living a multitude of other lives right now.

And since there is no time, and everything is happening instantaneously, all of those other “you”s are living right next to you, each in a different reality.  You aren’t able to pay attention to all of them, because you came to Earth forgetting that you had that power– by design.

Now, as Earth’s consciousness raises, lightworkers are on the forefront of collectively choosing to remember what we hid from ourselves.

  • First, you realize that your thoughts create.
  • Then, you start sending out conscious intentions to see them occur in your physical reality.
  • Then, you start projecting yourself intentionally outward in your dream state, changing the script at will. We call that lucid dreaming.

Well guess what? That’s exactly what you’re doing right now, in your new awake state here on Earth. You are dreaming in yet another reality, and your Higher Self is changing things at will, based on your current theme. You are lucid dreaming in reverse.

It’s just a shift in consciousness from one reality to another; and once you’ve mastered it in your dream state, you can move on to consciously visiting other lives from your current awake state; all the while still being the YOU that’s thinking and observing just as you are while you’re reading this.

Tonight, lay down a bit early, and state the intention that you want to visit another one of your realities. Remind yourself that it’s only a shift in perspective, and that you are safe. State that you want to see yourself in a mirror. Then take note of what happens during the time just before you fall asleep, or just after you wake up in the morning. With practice, you will see from the eyes of another one of you, living a different life, in a different time and place.

Earth Energy:

  • Blue
  • White

Further resource for learning to visit other lives:

Note that this material is very esoteric.  Hearing a shaman relate things is very different than hearing normal conversation.  The audiobook is a good idea to take advantage of the energetic transmissions.  You do not need to concentrate on understanding every word; rather, you will absorb the concepts by allowing them to circumvent your mind.