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seeing twinkling stars inside
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Happening Now: Glitter

The Collective’s Vibration is Rising Fast! What does that mean for you?  That means that you’ll be able to see more glitter wherever you go.

Glitter is my term for the flashes of light that surround people and animals.  Those are the blips that you see from the corner of your eye and that you’ve been explaining away all this time.  No matter how many weird sightings you have a rational explanation for, there are plenty more that you can’t explain away.

They could look like little flashes of lightning, colored fog, or twinkling stars.

Extra-dimensionals fill up the air that looks empty to you. Some are your guides, others are hanging out to experience the area from a non-physical perspective; others may be loved ones that have passed. They’ve been vibrating at a frequency that, until recently, has mostly been out of your range.  As you, and the collective, raise your vibration, your visible spectrum increases as well.  The appearance of glitter will be your new normal.

As the Earth continues to ascend, you will become accustomed to seeing the extra activity between you and whatever you’re looking at.  It will first look like static on a screen, until your mind accepts the validity of their existence.  After that, they’ll just be more living beings sharing your space.

So next time you see one of those little sparkles, flashes or glowing clouds (those were always hard to explain away, eh?), greet it with the same love and respect that you give your more solid, physical friends.  You’ll be making friends in high places, and interacting with your extra-dimensional family.

And if you want to practice seeing them, here’s how.


Earth Energy

Golden Yellow




1144 (Twin flame activation)

288 (Trust)



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heavy alcohol use in awakening individuals
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Trigger Message: Darkness Wants to Keep You Drunk

The awakening process is not only a spiritual one.  Your body will come into play as the vessel which holds the magnificent part of you in the 3D world.

This past weekend I viewed the evidence of a mass awakening.  I was visiting a beach, and thus was exposed to a wide variety of individuals that had come in from out of town.

Each person’s energetic signature is marked with colors related to their experience, attitude and focus.  They look like little colored sparks of light.

I have noticed this past week* that there are more higher colors included in nearly everyone’s energy field.

Take a look at a chakra chart and view the colors from the bottom up.  As the colors rise, so does the individual’s frequency. So the more green and blue that appears, the higher the frequency that is available to that person.  Also note that it’s not just the colors—but the intensity of and the balance between—the colors, that also determines a signature.

What I also noticed, was that heavy drinking was going on.

As more energy is being sent through the body of an awakening person, the nervous system is faced with a quick decision on what to do with this energy. It can expend it in physical labor, anxiety, and…escape.

And since our society pitches the escape lifestyle so often, it’s easy to connect the dots on what your anxious mind might choose.

So here you have an asleep lightworker who has, until recently, been living in the programmed matrix grid; he’s being shot up with energy UP through both his root chakra, and DOWN through his crown chakras.  His nervous system is on overdrive as he learns to accommodate this new energy. His human brain searches for what to do with that energy. Alcohol, one of the most potent, legal and easily accessible drugs, can look like a perfect way to process it.

There will be no judgment here.  That’s not what this is about.  But if you are finding yourself drinking more, then please read the following statement to yourself.  It’s a trigger message:

As you awaken, your nervous system will search for a way to transmute the intense energies that are coursing through your body. There is societal programming set in place for you to seek escape from this discomfort, in the form of socially-acceptable substances.  This is an attempt by Darkness to keep you fixed in the grid by promoting your consumption of chemicals that LOWER your vibration, thus delaying—or avoiding—your awakening.

Remember that your entire existence is governed by free will. You can choose any option to seek alleviation from the discomfort of these extra energies in many ways.  Alcohol is simply one choice.

I am not talking about one glass of wine here.  I am talking about going out on a Saturday night, downing a bottle, then adding a couple of drinks later.  I’m talking about the kind of drinking that takes days to recover from.  Look how far away from spiritual bliss a person is after a night of heavy drinking.  This ensures that shadow gets to keep you on its team for just a little bit longer.

These energy transmissions are NOT going to stop.  As a lightworker, you will be receiving more and more energy of this intensity.  There’s no going backwards here.

Just check in with yourself.  Is there any other way to release that energy?  Can you exercise, or write a poem, or pet an animal? If so, consider it.  We want you here on the Light side with us.  It’s much more fun than a hangover.


Earth Energy:





666 (Balance physical / spiritual)



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*When I enter a crowd, I can see the energy of the collective in a building, as well as each individual.  You can do this too, by the way; we all possess this skill.

bending time
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Time That Warps: Dali Was Right

As we transition to 4th Density, we leave linear time behind us and enter into the spiral-shaped time corridor.  Those hours your watch is tracking will be irrelevant, my friends; so get ready to accept that time will be different from here on in.

In the 3D world, we had a past, a present and a future.  It was so easy to observe the path our desires took from “wish” to “manifestation.”

That linear time also held us in a yoke of powerlessness as we gave it authority to determine our fates.  From the 3D perspective, the past was fixed.  There were no “redos,” so we had lots of chance for regret (and growth.)

Our future was completely dependent on how hard we worked right now.  And then we got to wait…..endlessly…….for our desires to manifest sometime down the road.  We watched the clock because the passage of time brought new things.  It brought us closer to things we’ve desired, and closer to commitments we’ve put on the calendar.  Waiting was a past-time.


Humanity has reached the threshold where, as our solar system speeds through some serious cosmic radiation, we have entered into the area where time no longer holds a death grip on us.

So what does that look like to those of us in physical bodies walking around on Earth?  Those who rely on their watches to get somewhere, who schedule things in calendars and have places to be when the Apple Watch says a certain hour?

Well, it doesn’t mean that you shirk your responsibilities.

It does mean that the time you take getting ready, driving there and interacting with people will FEEL different.

Here’s what it can look like for you:

Time could speed up.

Two hours can whiz by and you felt like you just sat down to lunch.


It could slow down.

You could take a nap that felt like a full night’s sleep, yet only 10 minutes passed on the clock.  This can include some intense dreams in which days went by.


The calendar can seem like hours gone by rather than days.

You might wonder where the week went, as memories of the daily routine stuff get fuzzy: “Did I brush my teeth this morning, or was that yesterday?”


Contradictory memories of past events.

This one’s my favorite.  Think about a recent holiday that you spent with family or friends.  Can you remember the details?  Are they clear?  Or are there questions, such as “did we eat spinach dip or did we have beet salad, because I remember beets but Uncle Jerry hates beets so he wouldn’t have eaten those, and I sat right next to him and he was eating.  But I remember asking why he wasn’t at the gathering.  Was he there or not? Yes, he was there.  No, I don’t think he was…”

These are examples of how you might experience significant changes in measurement and perception of anything related to time.  In the last case, the answer is BOTH, because there are many YOU’s, living many lives, and one had Uncle Jerry at the gathering, and another didn’t.  That’s you, barreling along the time corridor, revisiting things.  Your experiences are found along those ridges like in the photo example below:


feeling homesick?


So I will give you the answer to the question I know you are going to ask:

“How is anything going to get done if time is no longer constant?  My dentist appointment is at 3pm and I am afraid that if I don’t wear my watch, I will lose track of time and be late.”

Here’s where integrity steps in.

You will want to honor the appointment because you made a commitment and you want to follow through with it as a service to the other party.  Because keeping your word is important to you.

You’ll look at your day, and remind yourself that you’re learning to follow your inner compass.  You’ll make a note that you must be out the door at 2pm; and you’ll know that everything will fall into place for you to fulfill your commitment.

You’ll be prompted by whatever urge or impulse arises to prepare for your appointment, and to be out the door at the specified hour on the clock.

So enjoy that long nap!  Let yourself be led a little bit more.  Take off the watch and see if things get done by using a different clock:  Your Own.


Earth Energy:

Rose Gold




1221 (You are creating your reality.  Make it what you want.)

711 (Gratitude speeds up manifestation)



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food intolerance
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Happening Now: Food Intolerance

Are you suddenly not able to eat certain foods? Source considers it an upgrade; I consider it Hell.

Hell is right.  There are mass reports of individuals experiencing acute intolerance of low-frequency foods, for which the body is telling us, “NO WAY.  Not anymore.”

I watched as others experienced this, thanking the Universe that I could still have a chicken taco when I wanted one.  After all, there is plenty of chicken that can be obtained from farms that actually provide a positive quality of life for their chickens prior to processing them as food.  I believe that is true.

Then, like someone switched on the light in a dark room, my body started to dictate what it would accept and what it would not.  I moaned at this, worrying that I would be that person who announced to all that could hear that “I’m a vegan,” like it was something we should all aspire to and that vegans are more evolved than meat eaters.

I don’t believe that is true, by the way.

This crossfire between ego and spiritual evolution has been in the back of my mind for years, and I am of the ilk that every body is different, so no one should be telling you how to eat except for YOU.

That’s what the body is starting to do right now.  As we clear the antiquated belief systems about how life should be lived, you and your Higher Self are strengthening that line of communication, and you’ll start listening to your body.  It will tell you what it needs, and since we’re still mostly situated in the 3D physical, it will definitely tell you what it doesn’t need, using all sorts of icky physical indications that will certainly grab your attention.

So one day I opened my refrigerator, and looking at that chicken defrosting in a bowl made me nauseous.

“Dammit,” I said. “I just bought 5 lbs of this stuff.  Now what do I do with it?”

Because I know that if I try to eat that chicken, my body will let me know that it is no longer going to nourish me like it did before.

As we move from 3rd to 4th Density, our body upgrades from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based one.  That’s how you can handle and transduce more energy.  And the way you do that is by feeding yourself high-energy foods.  Since each body is different, your body will tell you which foods fit that category, and it will reject those that don’t.

I tried to fight it, but I lost. So in the freezer went the chicken, and I’m sure some visiting friend or family member in the near future would love to have it, because perhaps it’s a high-frequency food for them, wherever they are on their journey.

Unfortunately, this part of your ascension is non-negotiable.

Here’s a way to check that out before you eat something your body is going to reject:

Look at the food in question.

Ask your body if it would feel good to eat it.

Consider what went into the process of getting that food to you. Did someone farm it?  Does it feel like it had a comfortable life, or do you feel anguish or pain when you look at it?

You will get the go-ahead or the advice to search for something else that feels better.

Do your best to suspend that judgment from past times that you are INSANE for talking to your food.  That was a 3D construct to foster doubt in your abilities, and it no longer applies in this space/time reality.  Food is energy, and what you put into your changing body will affect your ascension process.  You can release what doesn’t serve you consciously, or you can go kicking and screaming.

Either way, you’re going there if you want to get to the next level.

Your body will choose what it needs; don’t make assumptions that every food group is out.  Let your body decide that for you, and roll with it.

(Thank the UNIVERSE that I can still eat sushi.)


Earth Energy






144 (Heavy lightworker activation)

666 (Physical / Spiritual balance needed)



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Happening Now: Earth Connection Through Your Feet

There’s massive energy bombarding Earth at the moment, and you may be feeling it in your feet.

What will this feel like?  Stand on the floor, or the grass, or anywhere, with bare feet.

It may feel like more of the surface area of the bottom of your feet is connecting to whatever you’re standing on.

As you become more of a Light being, the gap between your vibration and that of the Earth is closing.  You AND the Earth are ascending, and you’re doing it together.

You could feel your feet pulsing as you stand on them, or when you’re trying to sleep.  This is great news for you, as the energy is moving up from Earth to meet the vitality beaming through your crown from Source.  The chakra at which the two energies meet is your current activated center.  This is what is called raising your Kundalini energy.

So when you feel those pulsing feet, take some breaths, and know that your body is changing in good ways.  You’re increasing your ability as a Light transmitter!


Earth Energy:






744 (Thumbs up for your conscious integration of other selves that aren’t so pretty)

1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts – make sure they are aligned)



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cintamani stone
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Cintamani Stone: Fortifying the Light Grid

There is a grid of light that encompasses Earth’s surface.  You, Lightworker, are part of that grid.

Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…

Lightworkers, or Lightwarriors as many are being called now for their progressive Light-bearing action to deliver healing energy to humanity, are spread around the globe.  We’re represented in tiny families living in mud huts in Indonesia, and as Upper West Side philanthropists, and as school teachers in Kansas.  The connection between us begins with our ethereal bodies, which extends in a dimension your physical body has, historically, not had access to see.

That’s what keeps us longing for each other.  That’s what makes connection with another Lightworker such an exhilarating experience, when we meet someone as weird as we are, we rejoice in being able to be our authentic selves without having to explain the basics of our shared beliefs.

This grid is becoming exponentially stronger as each member of it expands its consciousness to allow in communication from ourselves in other dimensions. It’s the fortification of this grid that is squeezing out the Darkness on Earth.

Along with a huge network of beings living both beneath the surface of the Earth and around it, humans are creating what’s been called Compression Breakthrough.

This concept is much like a panini, if you will.  Light as the bread on the top, light as the bread underneath, and as it’s pressed together, the Darkness has nowhere to go but out.

There are many theories as to whom is living beneath the surface, and my beliefs may not match yours.  Doesn’t really matter, as long as you consider one thing:  if you are partnering with them to encompass Earth with your energy, ensure that you sense collaboration with beings of Light.  You can call them anything you want, and attribute their galactic history to any of many groups that are assisting us with Earth’s upliftment.

One way you can connect with those who are squeezing the light from below is with a Cintamani stone.

Cintamani stone, also known as Saffordite, is the most fascinating stone I’ve ever encountered.

The Cintamani (Sanskrit for “wish-fulfilling jewel”) has a sacred connection with the Agarthans, light beings who live in subterranean caverns on Earth. The Agarthans are one of many civilizations assisting us with positively increasing the vibration of our planet, to liberate those humans living within the constraints of limited consciousness.

The stone Saffordite, which is found in Eastern Arizona, is a weathered Obsidian glass.  Volcanic in nature (vs moldavite and other tektites, which are formed by meteors pounding the earth and forming glass,) Saffordite contains crystalline magnetite, which, as you may deduce, makes it magnetic.  Thus, the stone is also an integral part of Earth’s magnetic grid.

There are stories that King Solomon understood the sacredness of the Cintamani, which is infused with Sirian energy.  He was purported to carry one with him on his journeys to keep him secure during travel, and there are some pieces of channeled art (well, actually ALL art is channeled) that denote such stones being used in sacred contact with evolved cave-dwellers.

They are really not very pretty stones, as stones go.  As a gemologist, I get to study a lot of rocks. Rather dull and commonly opaque, they display similar dimpling to moldavite, which many use as a conduit for extraterrestrial contact.

In current times, it appears that this stone is playing a supporting role as we near The Event, when Darkness succumbs and Earth turns its corner toward critical mass in awakening.  It’s fortifying the Light Grid, by transmitting the energy of the Lightworkers who interact with them.

Owning a Cintamani is a responsibility, though.  It’s not just another crystal to stack in your pile of pretty rocks.

The stones themselves are magnificent transmitters, so if you are feeling dark and gloomy, it’s best not to handle it until you feel better.  You are an integral part of the Grid.

When I first touched mine, it nearly burnt a hole in my palm.  I had to put it down, get myself centered and grounded, and try again. The energy is a strong, ancient, Earthy one, and although I believe life shouldn’t be taken so seriously, I have great respect for this stone and the information it provides to me. I treat it with the utmost of respect. In fact, for as long as I’ve been around stones, this one holds the most energy of any stone in my collection.

I keep mine on a piece of palo santo wood, which is commonly burnt like sage to cleanse an area.  I find myself desiring it to be nearby more and more often.

This is most likely due to my commitment to spread Light.  Being part of that grid is important to me, and it strengthens my resolve to serve as a Light bearer to all that I meet.  And the burning part?  Just an ego check, in my book.  Always a good perspective to revisit from time to time.

If you are interested in a Cintamani stone, there are plenty of places online to obtain one.  It’s always better if you can pick it out in person, however in this day and age we’ve gotten good at recognizing energy from photographs; so listen to your gut and you will know which stone is right for you.  If none speak to you, then it’s not time to own one.

And although grade of quality is normally important in choosing a stone, it’s not as important in choosing a Cintamani.  What’s more important is which one speaks to you.  The photo accompanying this article is my stone, which would be considered a B-grade.  It chose me, so maybe it’s a small reminder to accept those imperfections all humans have on their evolutionary path of remembrance.

Peace to you, Lightworker.


Here is a great resource for Cintamani stone on Instagram:

The Saffordite Collection


Rather watch a video than read?  Here it is…



Order an awesome awakening hat now or visit the shop!


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feeling invisible
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Happening Now: Becoming Invisible?

Ever go to a restaurant and the server looks right at you and passes by? Or have you spoken to someone who seems like they don’t even know you’re there?

Infuriating as it is, this is actually good news for you.  Unless you really wanted to talk to that person.

As you progress in your conscious pursuit of awakening, all that inner work increases your frequency.  Each time you process some old belief system, each time you consciously act with kindness, or make the decision to show compassion, you activate more of your Light body. You actually become less solid, and more of your natural state, which is that of light.

And as you know, there are wavelengths outside of a human’s visible spectrum, like infrared and gamma rays.  You, my Lightworker friend, are starting to vibrate out of the visible spectrum of some people! Those who are vibrating at a lower frequency won’t have access to you unless you meet them at a vibrational midpoint between the two of you.


It’s really cool at airports, when you don’t feel like dealing with people.  You can just sit in your little chair and watch the goings-on in style, with a shit-eating grin on your face.  But remember if you stay in that state while walking to your gate, you must learn to dodge those people who will plow right into you if you’re not careful.  Yes, you can be that invisible.

So what if you are hungry and NEED to talk to the server?

It’s easy:  just make the intent that you will be seen, and think some grounding thoughts. Food helps to ground you (yes, I take note of the chicken-egg issue there), as does glancing at anything that’s on a television mounted on the wall nearby.  CNN is sure to send you plunging right down to conversational levels with most people.

And please, please, please don’t forget to keep your ego in check.  Just because someone is vibrating at a lower frequency than you doesn’t mean that they are less-evolved beings.  There are many old souls who have chosen to live lives that don’t look like yours.  We are all equally perfect aspects of Source, playing this awesome game of life.

Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:






144 (Lightworker activation)

000 (You are one with the Universe)



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ugliness is coming out
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Happening Now: Triggers in Close Proximity

We are the badasses of the Universe right now, and there are lots of eyes on humanity at this time.  You are a celebrity!

Oh, and fellow humans love to magnify every misstep of a celebrity for all the world to see, huh?  It’s a wide audience that loves to revel in the blunders of his fellow man.

In preparation for Earth’s higher-frequency collective energy, any ugliness inside you will be coming out.


As if the outside world, with its volcanos, protester-blasting and upcoming earthquakes (whoops, spoiler) aren’t enough.

Yet that’s how things change; through disruption.  Disruption in the Earth’s core, disruption on the Earth’s surface, and disruption within you.

Expect some triggers to arise for you at this time.  These could be in the form of really challenging relationships, bosses, or neighbors.  Basically, interactions with people you can’t easily get away from.

I’m sure the Higher Self is patting itself on the back for this one.  These triggers were designed so we couldn’t just ignore the interaction; it made the trigger someone within close proximity so we can’t skirt the issue anymore.  It’s a smooth move, actually.

These people will be triggering in you some of your own ugliness in the form of impatience, insecurity, judgment, and quick-flaring anger.

But not to worry, it’s just a belief system like all those others you’ve been dealing with.  So treat it the same way:

  • Observe when you veer off the path and negative feelings arise.
  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Ask yourself how you feel about what just happened and feel the feeling right then and there.
  • Send those feelings out into the Universe for the energy to be reassigned.
  • Ask your Higher Self to work through you when interacting with such people in the future.

You are growing with each interaction; the quicker your internal response time is to situations like these that engulf you in flames, the faster you will put out the fire each successive time.  Soon, it will just become habit. This does not take long, my friends, if you address these occurrences right away!

So why is everyone being triggered at this point in time?

You, Lightworker, are being activated in preparation for serving your community when shit hits the fan.  I’ll be honest: there are some things coming that will be stretching the limits of the belief system of people who have only lived in the 3D reality in which they feel they lack control of their own lives.

These challenges to belief systems will NOT be subtle; and there will be plenty of terrified, confused people looking for guidance.  You are the one that was always different, calmer, centered, and not so swayed by public opinion, news and other drama.

They will be coming to you.

So these little sample triggers of late are there to show you what these upcoming interactions on a larger scale will be like.  If you can’t master your behavior around one annoying boss, then mass hysteria in your entire office will be a real shitstorm.

So study up, my awakening friends; your time is coming near to serve.  In case you’ve always wondered what your purpose was….here it is.

Always remember to be yourself, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:



Forest Green



999 (End of an era)

1024 (Byte of information coming)



author: Kimberly

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pulsing feet
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Pulsing Feet? That’s Great News

Been sitting around lately, and you feel a huge surge of energy in your feet?

Sometimes I dig out my cell phone to make sure it wasn’t a text message that arrived while on vibrate. Yeah, it’s normal to try to explain it away like that; you’re not crazy for doing it. Human nature.

What you’re feeling is your Kundalini energy rising.  This is a fantastic sign that any inner work you’ve been doing is paying off!

Simply stated, the energy sent up from Earth is entering through your feet, and meeting the Source energy that is sent down through the crown chakra on top of your head.

Where the two points meet determines how much of your energy centers have been activated.  The higher the meeting point, the more of the physical You has been integrated into your light being.

For right now, don’t be overly concerned with how much you’re activated, because if you’re feeling such strong pulses that you think it’s a text message, then you’re being taken well care of.  Let the process happen without your mind getting involved right now.

Feeling that pulse always makes me smile (and look around to see if I made some stupid face about it in public), because I know that good things are coming.  The more activated I am, the more fun life gets as I move through several realities at once.

Enjoy these positive signs!

Earth Energy






555 (Upcoming change)

1024 (Byte of information coming)

*If you have access to telescope or binoculars, look at the moon tonight.  There is stuff going on up there. 🙂



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stonehenge at sunset
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The Crystalline Grid: The Memory of Consciousness

Earth, or Gaia as she’s called, is a sentient being that lives, breathes, and experiences right along with humanity.

It’s a symbiotic relationship, meaning that we need each other to exist with respect to mental, spiritual, and physical growth.  You, human, are just as integral part of Gaia as she is to you.

If you live in the city, like I do, then sometimes it’s hard to remember that.  We have to make an effort to get into nature.  The connection is always there, but we in the midst of a lot of cement and machines can’t always feel it without making a concerted effort.

One aspect of Gaia, felt even if we’re not wandering through a meadow, is the effects of the Crystalline Grid.

The crystalline grid is an energetic grid that encircles the earth, collecting the memories of consciousness.

Everywhere you go, you are leaving an energetic imprint, along with every other being in that area.  Your hopes, feelings and desires—or your anger, despair or terror—gets added to the soup respective of that particular location.  If you are sensitive, then you can sense that soup.

Remember the last time you felt the creeps when you walked into a room?  That’s why.

Or when you felt that you were connecting with the Ancestors of Yesteryear? That’s why.

You are feeling the energy of those that were there before you—the great times and the torturous times as well—and I’m sure you can see how it can sway in one direction one way or the other, if each visiting being feels and expresses similar energy. Add to that other inter-dimensional beings, who are attracted there by that particular vibration and hang around. That makes for quite a complicated soup.

Apply this concept to:

  • Haunted Houses
  • Playgrounds
  • Battlefields
  • Cemeteries and Burial Grounds
  • Old Farms

The crystalline grid is the memory of consciousness.

Just like your physical brain has a memory center of experiences particular to this current lifetime, the crystalline grid is Gaia’s memory.

Why is it called the Crystalline Grid?

The relative strength or weakness of the grid in any particular place is largely related to two factors:

  • The number of energetic imprints left by consciousness in that area.  Wouldn’t Earth SUCK if everywhere we went we felt like we were surrounded with unhappy dead people????
  • The number of crystals beneath the ground in that area.

Crystals are conductors, and so that kinda makes sense, right?  They are able to store energy just like the little thumb drive you carry around with you.  And they are little sponges when it comes to strong vibrational transmissions.


As you awaken, you will be much more sensitive to the energies surrounding you.  This is a great indication that you are waking up your energy centers as you raise your Kundalini.

So next time you’re in a place that has a “feeling,” you’ll know why.  You can feel those before you, and add to that place your own feelings about yourself, your life and your surroundings.

You are important, and you are shaping the world to come, simply by BEING.


Earth Energy:






666 (Maintain spiritual / physical balance)

222 (Visualizations are manifesting–make them intentional)



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