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Why Crappy Sex Won’t Help You Awaken

The crowning power of humanity lies in the power of sex.

Sexual expression allows for exploration into both the physical reality, and the spiritual one.  Its expressions are as varied as humans themselves, since each individual views sex through a different set of beliefs.

Sex, as it was designed, is a powerful process in which your energy, on multiple levels, merges with the energy of another, on multiple levels.  So beyond grinding and moaning, you are merging with your partner on the non-physical levels too; energetically “hooking” in a cosmic dance that you may or may not know is happening.

And what you believe about sex, whether you support putting Scarlet Letters on the Jezebels, or you fantasize about being suspended by leather straps–it will affect your awakening path like nearly no other theme in human existence.

After you’re finished rolling around in the sheets? You’re still connected.  Even if you never see that partner again, you still carry their hooks. So how do couples “hook” up, energetically speaking?

People choose sex partners for multiple reasons.

All of us want love; it’s the reason we’re here. Yet most aren’t adept at expressing it at this time.  Some want sex for release, some for reassurance, others for ego. And still fewer use sex to strengthen a loving, bonded relationship.

When you have sexual relations with a person, the energy generated between you raises the kundalini–or life force– from the Earth, through the base chakra, and to the sacral chakra.  The sacral chakra, located just below your navel, embodies the portion of your energetic signature related to sexual endeavors, lovability, and power within relationships.

Yet the kundalini energy need not stop at the sacral chakra.  You can bring it up higher, and higher, with you and your partner’s intent to do so.  Now many couples, especially new ones, can easily bring that energy up at least to the heart chakra, for they are in love! We all know how excitement reigns when we meet a similar energy field to our own; the relationship seems effortless. You can barely keep your hands off of each other.

But with crappy, lazy or meaningless sex, as well as any type of exploitative sex, the energy stops there.  Those that view others as a means to an end in the bedroom, will engender beliefs that cease the energy flow any higher than the sacral chakra.  There is a reason!  Until any beliefs centered around the imbalance of power have been reviewed and updated, this pattern will continue and more low-frequency relationships such as this will occur.

But what if you were really looking for that rare, loving and bonded relationship? And you just needed a little release while on your journey?

Ask yourself why you are choosing partners who do not appear to offer what you’re looking for, and why you slept with them anyway.

Starting with that question could open up a coal mine of blocked energy for you to release. Your kundalini level will remain at the sacral chakra until you do.

Want to be on the fast track for healing that stuff?


You can bring up the kundalini on your own. You don’t need a partner.

OK, now that your mind has flashed past a bed strewn with vibrators and chrome bullets, let’s talk about other ways besides that one.  (And even that one has a catch.)

Consider dormancy, which is the conscious choice to abstain from sex with any partner that doesn’t match your desired partner’s frequency.  Meaning, you don’t have sex until you feel love.

During dormancy, you choose to take that sexual energy that arises normally for healthy humans, and channel it elsewhere.  The options for channeling this energy are as wide and varied as magic rabbits at Adam & Eve.

You could create art, music, or play a sport.  You could grow a garden.  Write poems.  Volunteer.  Feed someone.  Take horseback riding lessons. Learn to tone.

This sexual energy rumbling within you can be put to better use than a one night stand.  It’s the most powerful form of energy you have, which is why so many aim to profit from it. Applied elsewhere—outward into the world through non-sexual activities—you can enhance the lives of many people far outside the scope of your bedroom.

Dormancy doesn’t require you to take an eternal vow of celibacy.  In actuality it’s the opposite.  Consider it the most focused of training in order to raise your frequency to the point that you attract exactly the lover you desire.

You’ll be on a self-study course to raise your own kundalini without the help of a partner.  This was the original intention of celibacy in the first place, but as we can all see, it doesn’t fit into our modern society so well under the original terms of allowing no outlet whatsoever.

But dormancy, now that’s just a temporary hiatus from sexual relations. If someone came along that matched frequencies and got the heart racing, the engines–now finely tuned and more oiled than ever before–will fire right back up and….

…..until then, you practice recirculating that energy within you, and back out, to the world in your own special non-sexual way.

Here’s the catch! Curb the running to the bright pink rabbit every time you’re stressed out and you need a release. 

Each time you climax without the intent of sharing with a cherished other, you limit your kundalini to the first two chakras; plus, you have just sent more lower energy back out into the world.  The aim is to break that cycle, so intend to recycle the energy in an alternate manner.

As you practice recirculating the energy in other ways, your kundalini can continue its ascent.  To the solar plexus, and the heart, and the throat, the third eye, and up out of the crown.  You can raise it even higher, to the five additional chakras outside of the body; and as one raises the energy to those levels, even more experience will follow for you as these centers are activated, and communications are established with other realms you didn’t even know existed.

This increased frequency puts you in the realm of others of similar vibration.

People looking for the same thing you are; but this time, it includes trust, and love and respect. You will no longer want someone who would settle for crappy sex. You will have been brought together for the right energetic reasons, and now your relationship has a chance.

This attraction will be the culmination of all the work you did during your dormant period, when you were leveling yourself out and generating self love. Work that is much easier done without a partner to divert your attention from self-improvement.  As you repurpose your sexual energy, you will naturally heal any imbalances you had about personal power within relationships, and your feelings about love for yourself, and ultimately others.

Imagine what sex would be like with someone who’s also spent the time and self-love to review their beliefs about intimacy, and having come to healthy terms with these beliefs, has consciously raised their kundalini up and outside to other realms.  Someone who experienced their own state of dormancy, out of respect for themselves; in order to master the most powerful energy available to humanity. Imagine the release that occurs when two people merge at their highest levels, open to explore the realms that are hidden from most.

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems worth the wait.


Love to you, in whatever form you choose.



author: Kimberly

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dark sex thoughts could mean you have some energy to balance out
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Dark Sex Focus: Coming Up Now

Lightworker, if you’re reading this, you have lived a multitude of lives. Not just on Earth, but all over our Universe, and in many different life situations. These other experiences convey to your current life; and some of that shit was pretty dark.

Those of us who spent any time in the Orion star system have dealt with oppression not known of on Earth, even in our worst times.  The Dark ruled for eons, and attempts at revolution were brutally quashed many times over.  Those who lived for the Light were tyrannized to the point that revolting in a large group was impossible.  It was only after the Black League formed and fortified—from the underground—that infiltration of the Darkness was possible.  Little bits of light, from all over the planet, created tiny cracks in the shroud of Darkness, until it crumbled.  This proved much more effective than attempting to create one big hole.

Those that had balanced out their positive and negative energies while still incarnated in the Orion star system have moved on to lead more positive, balanced lives in other parts of the galaxy. They bring with them, however, those energetic memories, and tiny pockets of imbalance may arise in this lifetime. Those of use who have awakened on Earth at this time can use our processing skills to address these dark portions of ourselves, and to stabilize that energy.

And then there are others, who, even though Orion finally ascended into the Light, weren’t fully balanced yet.  Many of these souls, still heavy on the negative aspects of the self, incarnated on Earth because there were plenty of opportunities to play out those dark energies on the Earth plane.

Dark sex is the most socially prevalent display of that imbalance; our preoccupation with domination in the bedroom attests that there are plenty of souls wanting to play out that old Orion energy.

Today’s pornography is rampant with power play.  And whether or not you partake in watching it, there’s a chance that you may have some of these old energies within you. You could love to fight (including martial arts, firearms training, or very competitive sports,) and don’t know why.  Watching violence in movies is another indication that you have some of these energies to balance out.

If so, there are plenty of ways to sever those ropes that bind you and release that energy back to the Universe to be redistributed.

Here are a few options:

  • Play them out with a committed partner in a safe environment
  • Play them out with yourself in a safe environment
  • Create a piece of art calling forth those dark passions
  • Write down dark feelings on paper, and burn it
  • Partake in physical exercise after communicating the intention to release the darkness

The point to remember is that this is just energy, stuck in you.  There is no judgment here.

Although I provided a few options of safely releasing that energy, you may have other processes that will result in the same resolution:  that the energy is released back out to the Universe, and you have achieved a more balanced essence.

When you do this for yourself, you also do this for the collective.  This is the job of a Lightworker; we are natural balancers of energy.  We are the lighthouses, utilizing the experiences from our many lives as a service to those still on the path to awakening.


Earth Energy:





666 (Balance of physical/spiritual self)

227 (Authenticity – listen to internal prompts)



Lyssa Royal Holt’s Galactic Heritage Cards are a great tool for determining the energies that are guiding you.





author: Kimberly

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you get hooks from everyone you have sex with
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SEX – And Hooks

The desire for, the pursuit of, and the having of sex is the driving factor for most decisions for those still asleep.

Think about it.  Current 3D society reminds you constantly that:

  • You aren’t anyone unless you are in a relationship.
  • You have to look a certain way to attract a partner who will love you.
  • Your relationships are supposed to last forever.
  • If you’re single, something is wrong with you. Or if you have too many cats.  If both, you’re toast.

This twisted version of reality is perfect for selling things and services, and promoting the endless quest to meet nearly-impossible standards; only after you’ve attained these goals will you be happy.

So people have sex they don’t want, to stay with a partner they don’t love.  And others will have lots of sex in hopes that they find someone who will love them for longer than a single encounter.

And it goes beyond swapping juices and an orgasm, because sex is an exchange of energy.  Your sex partner’s energy—be it high or low—is going to mingle with yours. It’s called a hook. And while you are having sex, you actually create a whole other person, a combination of the two of you.  Sometimes they turn into babies, and sometimes not. That’s how powerful you are.

If you’re starting to monitor your frequency, be conscious of your partner’s vibration as well, because sometimes a shower just won’t get that lower energy off of you.  No judgment here, as connections can be made on many levels. Simply ask yourself, “do I want this hook?” And then go swap juices if you do.


Earth Energy






666 (Check your vibration)

999 (End of an era)