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how to know if a book is your next resource for waking up
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Reading Gibberish? Bookmark It!

Newly-awakened people are ravenous for information about what’s been hiding in the corners of reality, waiting to be discovered.

In the search for truth, we devour entire blogs, subscribe to New Earth YouTube channels, and buy books with titles that would send a “logical, realistic” person running at full speed.

This is level 3 of the upliftment process, which in my upcoming VR game I call The Questioner.

The Questioner goes within, and attempts to determine the concept of “truth.”  What is reality?  What is fantasy? Why do I see things that others can’t? Why do I feel different?

These ponderances send The Questioner down the rabbit hole; following paths that relatively few humans, until recently, have dared to go, for fear of being cast out of their respective social structures.

But good news: If you haven’t noticed lately, it’s now OK to go down the rabbit hole.  Exploration fosters growth, and that’s why we’re here.

But how do you know that a book you’ve just picked up is the best next resource for your current awakening journey?

Here’s how:

Open the book to any page, (or click on a blog post, if you are online) and read one paragraph.

Now, how do you feel?

Did the author communicate from a positive perspective? Or was there blame, anger or aggression in the words you read?

If the message within the book is negative, then consider another resource instead.


And if the book is positively-oriented, you can determine if it’s a good next resource for you with two simple questions:

Do I want to keep reading this?

If what you are reading spawns even more questions about the subject material, then there’s a message for you in there.  Your Higher Self led you to this material, and it would be a good next resource on your journey.


Do the words look like gibberish?

Everyone can look back to an instance in our “past” where we read something, and thought, “That guy is bonkers. He must be on some good meds.” Perhaps his words sounded foreign, too science-fictiony or fantastical, and we doubted the validity of the claims he made. Or we had to read each sentence multiple times just to fathom what the hell he was talking about.


If you read that sample paragraph, and it sounded like nonsense, then take note of the book title, or bookmark the site.  This is indication that it will be a resource for you soon, but not yet.

That’s why we might buy a book without knowing why, only to pick it off the shelf years later, at the perfect time in our development.

“Heh,” you’d say, “This has been here all along.”

So no matter how crazy that author sounds to you right now, if you were led to that resource, it will come into play sometime in your “future,” after your consciousness has expanded a bit more.

Nothing that arrives in your focus is by accident.


And if what I wrote seemed like gibberish, I love you!  And I’ll be here when you come back.



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about the mandela effect
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VIDEO: How Cool Is The Mandela Effect?!

The Mandela Effect is a theory about the consciousness of jumping timelines. There are millions of people that identify with a past that can no longer be located anywhere in our current history.

Remember the Berenstein Bears?  How about Henry VIII’s portrait with a pheasant leg?  Go find evidence of them now.  If you can’t, perhaps you’ve jumped timelines with may of us.

Kimberly discusses the Mandela Effect, what her timeline was (and now is), and leaves you to go within for discernment.

Remember that you are not crazy, unless you say you are! Bam!

More info on the Mandela Effect at

trigger message Kimberly Darwin
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Trigger Message: Hybrids

This message includes both audio and visual triggers.

If you have dreams or visions of holding a baby that is not yours, or playing with small children, then this message is for you.

More information related to the video:

More information on Trigger Messages: These are channeled messages, and are delivered with very descriptive instructions on how to create them, using a variety of media.

They are intended as “creative communication” in order to unlock dormant codes within us. Not all messages may resonate with you, based on your soul plan and its chosen experiences with different realities. Consciousness expands when one goes within and ponders life, rather than looking for answers outside of oneself.

These messages deliver encrypted energy in the form of questions, that invite you to search within yourself for the answers to some of life’s big mysteries. This is my life purpose, and it allows me to utilize all of my creative abilities for the service of others. Love to you.

awakening trigger message
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Trigger Message: Others

This trigger message was delivered as an image, which I’ve drawn (albeit rather quickly for the perfectionist that I am), and is related to our reptilian brain.

It asks you to consider how you view others, since they are varied versions of yourself.



Kalask is channeled by David Lauer. You can learn more at

Kalask channels on YouTube: Kalask on YouTube


To book a session with Kimberly:

Listening to Awakening music on Spotify, understanding messages from your Higher Self.
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Make the Messages in Songs Work for You

Yes, that song is for you.

Part of awakening is understanding that you have always been sending yourself signs to guide you to your next desire. People have all sorts of cool names for these signs: breadcrumbs, guideposts, and sparks. I just call them messages.

Once you are able to at least CONCEDE that you are creating everything in your reality, you can acknowledge those signs and feel into what they are trying to tell you.

One of the easiest ways to check out your self-channeling abilities is in songs.

You! You are songwriter. An artist. A poet.

Since we are all one, it’s really YOU creating all this cool music.

We’ve all got a song that means something–evokes an energy, a fond memory, or a brutal one. Music has emotion built right into it, with the changes in frequency necessary to create different tones that our ears can hear. Add the lyrics to that and you have a powerful communication channel from your Higher Self to you. Tune in!

Here’s a way to start getting comfortable with gleaning messages from songs presented to you.

I use Spotify because they make it super simple.

    1. Open Spotify on your device and click the Browse icon at the bottom.

Start making your Spotify music playlist

    1. Then, click on Discover.

Discover music for your awakening process on Spotify

    1. Click on “Your Discover Weekly” to display the songs that Spotify has chosen for you this week.  My new list is loaded every Monday afternoon.

Weekly awakening songs playlist on Spotify

Spotify will choose songs from current artists, new releases similar to songs you already have liked, and with similar themes or tone to those you have in your library.

Now look at the songs in the list. Do any of the titles stick out to you? The artist, the album? Visual messages are often sent this way.

Listen to the songs. Do any of them answer recent questions you’ve had?  Evoke an emotion? Make you angry or like you could clean your whole house and not think it’s work?  This is the energy of music working its wonders on your awesome being.

In all honesty, your first couple of lists may not show much until you show the Universe that you are focusing on music as a valid means of communication with yourself. Send out that intention, and for God’s sake, HAVE FUN! Every song will most likely not apply, at least right now. If it makes you angry, or you sense discord in your body, then skip to the next song. Your Higher Self will send you messages for options for multiple paths; you want to go sad, you’ll resonate with the somber songs. You wanna spread your wings and fly? Then that music will feel great to you.

Save the songs or write the messages in a journal so that you can refer to them later. If a word, line or title sticks out to you, you’re meant to pay attention to it. That’s how such messages are sent–they are subtle. Oh, and yes, it’s normal to listen to the same song 84 times in a row. All of my friends do it, too.

I made my own personal playlist of songs that spoke to me, entitled surprisingly enough, “Meaningful Messages.” It’s now over 125 songs that I can rest assured will get me warm and fuzzy faster than a pint of Haagen-Dazs.

Each week, you will receive new songs and, if nothing else, you’ll be exposed to a wider variety of music than you’d normally choose.

Happy Treasure Hunting!



author: Kimberly

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bored woman
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Feeling Every Moment? What if it’s Boring?

You’ve had it drilled into your head to “Savor Every Moment” as if it’s your last.  But what if that moment is kinda boring?

What’s the deal about “moments” anyway?

It’s a simple answer.  “Moments” are all there is.

In a world in which we’ve set up the rules of the game, time is the biggest illusion of them all.  We created time in order to afford us the ability to watch our progress from sending out a desire, to obtaining it. It’s an epic movie.

Now that Earth is ascending, your view of time will most likely change to acknowledge the truth that it isn’t linear, but rather a constant. Meaning that time is standing still, and YOU are the one moving around.

That’s where moments come in.  They are snapshots of the way your world is RIGHT NOW.

What is your moment like right now?

Are you happy?  Are you sad?  Are you bored?

None of these are wrong or right.  They are merely indicators of what you’re thinking about in that moment, and you can change at anytime by thinking about something different.

You are not required to feel happy all the time.

Alternatively, you are not required to feel sad all the time. (This one is a big underlying karmic throwback from past lives for many people: that they don’t deserve happiness.)

Same goes with being bored, afraid or tired.

Check out your moment.  Right this second.  Check into yourself and ask how you feel.

Once you recognize your feelings, you are able to make changes as desired.  Boredom is just another one of those feelings, and it’s perfectly OK to feel bored if you recognize it and how it makes you grow.  You’ve incarnated in order to experience the combination of a Creator in a physical package that forgets its power.

So rock that boredom if you’re growing from it!


Earth Energy






666 (Balance physical / spiritual)

333 (Your guides are with you)





sometimes there’s nothing happening on the outside. Or the inside. Sometimes, the moment you are supposed to be savoring is just plain boring.

bending time
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About Time: 150-year-old Breadcrumbs Left Just For You?

On your quest for knowledge, you will most certainly look outside of yourself for indicators of your next steps in life.

Today, I want to discuss the material—also called breadcrumbs—that you “stumble upon” in your wild search for answers.

Let’s say you have an idea about something you’d like to research.  It could be soul plans, or raising your Kundalini, or self love.

First place you’ll probably go is the Internet, where you’ll search for that term, and start clicking on links.

You’ll be directed to exactly what you’re needing at the moment, and sometimes that’s a crazy wild frenzy of clicking on seemingly unrelated links to end up there.  This is your Higher Self and other contributing energies assisting you in finding what you are looking for.  Don’t fight it.  Enjoy the treasure hunt!

As you gain trust in your ability to create, you’ll listen to your gut more often and click on links that feel right to you.

When the destination is reached, you’ll find the information there to answer the question, fortify the desire, or fill in some blanks about your inquiry.

You’ll probably feel elated that you found the desired information, and you’ll be excited to read it.  You inhale the stuff, relish its value, integrate it….and then you see when it was written.

Perhaps it was written 25 years ago, 50 years ago, or even 150 years ago.

How can something that old apply to you?

To the human mind, which is taught to follow linear progression, you could doubt that the information presented is relevant to you at all.  I mean, how could something that Abraham Lincoln said in 1860 be written for you, who lives in a very different, 21st Century world?  How could he know what your question would be, and provide an answer for it?

To your larger Self, the time element is moot.

Since everything is happening instantaneously, it doesn’t matter when it was written. Linear time, as we use it here on Earth, is just a construct that the Collective, which includes you and I, have agreed to abide by while we were still asleep. Once we awaken, we learn the malleability of time and the meaning of “everything is happening now.”

The message that arrived to you via your wild link-clicking was one of infinite potentialities, and your observing of it activated it into relevance in your life.  You have set up these messages, like the multitude of books in a library just waiting for you to pull one off of the shelf. This is so with any song that plays, any conversation you overhear, any repeating numbers you see, or any other breadcrumb that you find along your path.

It’s the non-physical part of YOU, sending yourself messages in all manners and forms, to see what you’ll find relevant for growth. That means you had a part in every song, poem, film or book that enlightens you. You are the creator of it all.

That’s how powerful you are!


Oh, and my favorite Abraham Lincoln quote:

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”


Earth Energy:





355 (There is help if you will accept change)

888 (Money coming in)



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ugliness is coming out
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Happening Now: Triggers in Close Proximity

We are the badasses of the Universe right now, and there are lots of eyes on humanity at this time.  You are a celebrity!

Oh, and fellow humans love to magnify every misstep of a celebrity for all the world to see, huh?  It’s a wide audience that loves to revel in the blunders of his fellow man.

In preparation for Earth’s higher-frequency collective energy, any ugliness inside you will be coming out.


As if the outside world, with its volcanos, protester-blasting and upcoming earthquakes (whoops, spoiler) aren’t enough.

Yet that’s how things change; through disruption.  Disruption in the Earth’s core, disruption on the Earth’s surface, and disruption within you.

Expect some triggers to arise for you at this time.  These could be in the form of really challenging relationships, bosses, or neighbors.  Basically, interactions with people you can’t easily get away from.

I’m sure the Higher Self is patting itself on the back for this one.  These triggers were designed so we couldn’t just ignore the interaction; it made the trigger someone within close proximity so we can’t skirt the issue anymore.  It’s a smooth move, actually.

These people will be triggering in you some of your own ugliness in the form of impatience, insecurity, judgment, and quick-flaring anger.

But not to worry, it’s just a belief system like all those others you’ve been dealing with.  So treat it the same way:

  • Observe when you veer off the path and negative feelings arise.
  • Accept responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Ask yourself how you feel about what just happened and feel the feeling right then and there.
  • Send those feelings out into the Universe for the energy to be reassigned.
  • Ask your Higher Self to work through you when interacting with such people in the future.

You are growing with each interaction; the quicker your internal response time is to situations like these that engulf you in flames, the faster you will put out the fire each successive time.  Soon, it will just become habit. This does not take long, my friends, if you address these occurrences right away!

So why is everyone being triggered at this point in time?

You, Lightworker, are being activated in preparation for serving your community when shit hits the fan.  I’ll be honest: there are some things coming that will be stretching the limits of the belief system of people who have only lived in the 3D reality in which they feel they lack control of their own lives.

These challenges to belief systems will NOT be subtle; and there will be plenty of terrified, confused people looking for guidance.  You are the one that was always different, calmer, centered, and not so swayed by public opinion, news and other drama.

They will be coming to you.

So these little sample triggers of late are there to show you what these upcoming interactions on a larger scale will be like.  If you can’t master your behavior around one annoying boss, then mass hysteria in your entire office will be a real shitstorm.

So study up, my awakening friends; your time is coming near to serve.  In case you’ve always wondered what your purpose was….here it is.

Always remember to be yourself, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:



Forest Green



999 (End of an era)

1024 (Byte of information coming)



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pulsing feet
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Pulsing Feet? That’s Great News

Been sitting around lately, and you feel a huge surge of energy in your feet?

Sometimes I dig out my cell phone to make sure it wasn’t a text message that arrived while on vibrate. Yeah, it’s normal to try to explain it away like that; you’re not crazy for doing it. Human nature.

What you’re feeling is your Kundalini energy rising.  This is a fantastic sign that any inner work you’ve been doing is paying off!

Simply stated, the energy sent up from Earth is entering through your feet, and meeting the Source energy that is sent down through the crown chakra on top of your head.

Where the two points meet determines how much of your energy centers have been activated.  The higher the meeting point, the more of the physical You has been integrated into your light being.

For right now, don’t be overly concerned with how much you’re activated, because if you’re feeling such strong pulses that you think it’s a text message, then you’re being taken well care of.  Let the process happen without your mind getting involved right now.

Feeling that pulse always makes me smile (and look around to see if I made some stupid face about it in public), because I know that good things are coming.  The more activated I am, the more fun life gets as I move through several realities at once.

Enjoy these positive signs!

Earth Energy






555 (Upcoming change)

1024 (Byte of information coming)

*If you have access to telescope or binoculars, look at the moon tonight.  There is stuff going on up there. 🙂



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Why So Many People Are Sick on Earth

Sickness nearly always has a spiritual component. If there is dis-ease in your physical body, it’s a signal to look deeper for the cause.

Here’s the way physical sickness works:*

As we progress along our happy—and sometimes not so happy—lives, we are presented with situations, called catalyst, that give us the opportunity to grow.

When we fully glean the lesson from that catalyst, and we fully process the growth from it by feeling the emotions, allowing them their release, and acknowledging the perfection of the opportunity, then that energy is released back to Source for reassignment.

However, if we don’t fully acknowledge the catalyst, by stuffing the feelings down, using substances for escape, or even over-working ourselves in order not to address it, then that catalytic energy remains with you.

If not fully addressed, the catalyst turns to the physical body in order to get your attention.

Here’s the question I get a lot after I explain it:

“Well then why are there so many awake people who are sick?”

And it’s a great question.  Here’s why:

Those awakened souls you are meeting are positively polarized, meaning that they have chosen a path of Service-to-Others.  These will be those Little-Rays-of-Sunshine people, who live by compassion and kindness towards others.  They spread their Light wherever they are, to everyone they meet; and often, they forget about themselves.

This is when things get stuffed down, not addressed, when they are giving, giving, and giving more to others without taking the time to give to themselves.

That’s why the oxygen masks drop down, and you’re advised to put yours on first.  You can’t help anyone else, until you have helped yourself.  In a world that needs all the giving it can get, it’s easy to forget that.

Today, Lightworker, make sure that you appreciate your lessons, feel the emotions associated with them, and release all that catalytic energy.  Appreciate yourself for any reason at all, and continue being kind.


Earth Energy:





644 (Prioritize Your Intentions)

333 (Your team is with you)


*Note that there are soul plans that include experiencing sickness as a limitation; this situation is much rarer than that described above.



author: Kimberly

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