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The Alternate Realities of You

In our world of form, we appear to be surrounded by a multitude of other people.

Those that stand in line at the bank with you, mothers also dropping off their kids at daycare, and the guy that sits in the cubicle across the aisle.  Who are these people, and what relationship do they have with you?

Your first answer is probably, “He’s a stranger,” or “That’s Emily’s mom,” or “That’s Joe.”

Those are labels given to the forms of those humans around you.  But who are they, really?

It’s a simple answer that can take years to integrate:  They’re YOU.

Each person that you see, from the stranger to the guy in your office, is simply YOU.

Let’s break it down even further.

Each of these people are simply a you who has made different choices in life.

Once one awakens, the first premise we tend to adopt is that we are all one.  There are many metaphors that describe this law, such as:

  • Separate waves that crash ashore from a singular ocean
  • Shards of a broken mirror that reflect everything else in its range

Essentially, we are all part of the One, which has created a perceived “separation” so that it can experience and observe itself during infinite creation and expansion.  Each individuation created by the One, or Source, or God, if you wish, is a small part of the Whole that exhibits all of Its glory and creational abilities.  Each individuation was given the perception of separation so that it may experience the knowledge of its perfection at its own pace.  It can remain within the paradigm of separation for as long as it wishes, and transcend from that paradigm to one of wholeness any time it chooses.  Each individuation is given free choice.

That guy in the line at the bank–he is an individuation of Source, just as you are.  He made choices about his body composition, life circumstances, and spiritual path just as you did.

The lady dropping off her daughter at day care is another individuation of you.  She looks different than you, and made conscious and unconscious choices that differ from yours.

And the guy who sits in the cubicle across the aisle–you guessed it.  He’s YOU too.

So next time you’re out and about, look at all the different individuations of YOU.  You can see which choices they’ve made, and as you awaken, you may be able to ponder why they made them, or you may not.  If their actions, or their appearance, or their energy, trigger an emotion in you, then ask yourself what part of you can you see in that person?

After all, each person that you see is YOU, being put into your presence, by–you guessed it again–YOU.  Ponder the reason that you are being presented with this aspect of you.


Here is a great video of Matt Kahn elaborating on YOU as other people.  Please enjoy.

Love and Light.



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Happening Now: Earth Connection Through Your Feet

There’s massive energy bombarding Earth at the moment, and you may be feeling it in your feet.

What will this feel like?  Stand on the floor, or the grass, or anywhere, with bare feet.

It may feel like more of the surface area of the bottom of your feet is connecting to whatever you’re standing on.

As you become more of a Light being, the gap between your vibration and that of the Earth is closing.  You AND the Earth are ascending, and you’re doing it together.

You could feel your feet pulsing as you stand on them, or when you’re trying to sleep.  This is great news for you, as the energy is moving up from Earth to meet the vitality beaming through your crown from Source.  The chakra at which the two energies meet is your current activated center.  This is what is called raising your Kundalini energy.

So when you feel those pulsing feet, take some breaths, and know that your body is changing in good ways.  You’re increasing your ability as a Light transmitter!


Earth Energy:






744 (Thumbs up for your conscious integration of other selves that aren’t so pretty)

1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts – make sure they are aligned)



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How The Energy of Old Objects Can Hold You Back

It’s not a long stretch of the imagination to understand that people share energy.  Yet all the stuff in your home shares your energy too.

Even though everything in our physical reality looks solid, it’s simply energy, focused very densely into something that appears solid to our eyes.  This includes you and me, and it also includes anything in your physical surroundings.

It’s easy to understand that energy transfers between people in the form of thoughts, body language, actions and intent.  This is why you feel great after spending time with some people, and feel shitty after being exposed to others.  Your energies are interacting; and a person will leave his energetic imprint on you, and you will impart yours onto him.

The same thing happens with the objects that surround you in your home.

Yesterday, I bought a bed.  Out of the blue.  I hadn’t been shopping for one, nor even researching what’s out there in preparation for shopping for one.  I already have a bed.

It started with a mundane business email sent by a party with a website in his signature.  Curious, I looked up the website to see what it was about.  It was a small, non-noteworthy site, with links to various categories of things to buy, sort of like a Canadian Wayfair.

An image of a bed appeared as one category, and I found my mouse clicking on it. It took me to a page with a bed frame that looked appealing in its simplicity and clean lines. The price: $800.

“Nice bed,” I thought, “but I have a bed.”

Here’s where the Higher Self, when it senses you are ready to progress, nudges you along by vetoing your logical mind’s process.

“Look up the bed in your area; you don’t live in Canada.”

So a one-second search brings me to the same bed, delivered and completely assembled for me—in my home in Los Angeles—available in 2 business days, for $333.

The logical mind retortss: “But I have already have a bed.”

The Higher Self will send indications about why something is being sent to us.  It’s just the listening part that many of us don’t allow to happen.  We are so set in our limitations (it costs money, my bed is fine, I have to put the damn thing together) that we block out the reasoning for a higher purpose for something.

“Buy the bed.”

So I sat back and I looked at the product online, and I noticed several things.  Here’s where the Higher Self sends you synchronicities that ask you to pay attention.

  • The listing doesn’t look like other listings on the same site.  Instead of “Hydraulic lift platform bed with massive storage” like other ads had, this one simply said “Queen Bed.” As if my Higher Self had made the ad with a second’s notice at the possibility that my human self might actually follow through this time.
  • The price was a repeating number.  This might send up the “I call bullshit” response in you, if you are not ready to dismiss your logical mind in the process of decision-making.  Repeating numbers are not only activation signals, but they are also placed there, by YOU, to get your attention by the fact that they are out of the ordinary.
  • The steps to acquire it were made ridiculously easy.  Cheap and fast delivery, and completely assembled for me.  Minimal effort on my part.

So I ordered the new bed.  And that’s when the reasoning made itself clear.

The bed that I currently sleep in has seen some very sad times.

  • A 6-year relationship that I thought was monogamous but definitely wasn’t. I am unsure of how many people shared that bed unbeknownst to me.
  • The bed that I withdrew from the world to, for a month, after I lost my daughter.
  • The bed that I shared with a husband that left in a very bad way.


Can you imagine the energy that has been imprinted into that simple structure of wood and metal?  It’s held there.

I could, of course, use sage, or even just intent, to clear the energy.  If I loved the bed that much, maybe I would have.  It’s no wonder I never really felt comfortable there. My unconscious self associated all of those sad times with this bed and I revisited that energy every time I lay down on it.

It took the Higher Self to put a seemingly random occurrence from an obscure website to bring this revelation to me in a gentle way.

So here comes the responsibility for all of the things that happened to that bed.  Acknowledgment that I am the complete creator of my life, and that each of those sad occurrences were there to foster my growth and understanding of the sheer power of my creation.  Appreciation for the person that I am now, with those sad times accepted and filed away for future reference when I choose to further recognize lessons learned from the experiencing of them.

Higher Self: 1.  Logical Thinking. 0.


Plus, it squeaked anyway.

New bed, new energy, new beginnings.


Earth Energy






555 (upcoming change)

688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)



author: Kimberly

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seeing extradimensionals
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How to See Extra-Dimensionals Using your Television Set

Your eyes only see within a small spectrum of what’s in your local environment.  Yet so many beings exist outside of our visible spectrum. You can learn to see them too, right in your own home.

You’ll use your television set, and it will be UNPLUGGED…the way, in my opinion, it should always be.

Detailed below is a simple way to hone your viewing skills of extra-dimensionals, or those entities that occupy the space that we see as nothingness, and interact with our world.


So who are these entities and why are they here?

Although we decided to incarnate as humans into dense physical bodies to experience the illusion of solidity, there are troves of other entities that choose a different experience, who exist in a less solid form.  They are not subject to the limitations of gravity and linear time as we’ve chosen to be.  And yet they share our environment, interact with our physical surroundings, experience our events, and feel along with us—all from their own non-physical perspective.

Since we were born into a veil of forgetfulness, our eyes were created to only see so much by default. We question our sanity when we see things we can’t explain away with science. Things fleeting out of the corner of our eye, or perhaps flashes of light where there should be none.  We might laugh them off as exhaustion, drunkenness, or hallucinations.  We might take medicine to shut these occurrences out, or to categorize them as something that is wrong with us.

All along, such occurrences have been happening in hopes of triggering something in you to question them.  When we start recognizing that these and other coincidences happen too often to be random, we inquire of ourselves if our world is really what authorities tell us it is. This is when we accept the potential existence of unseen forces.

There is a point at which you flip over, from the place of a doubter of forces that we can’t see, to one of a believer.

When the flip occurs, you will trust your intuition more often than you doubt it.

This is when you are ripe to start developing your clairvoyance skills by visually interacting with the extra-dimensionals that are hanging around you right now.

Do you see where the necessity of belief is so important?  Going into any practice from an attitude of doubt will yield you exactly those results.  So aim to suspend doubt—at least for a few minutes—by stating your intention to allow in some fun magic.  You could say something like this:

“I will pause the skeptic for a few minutes and allow in a new experience without judgment.”

All you’re really doing is asking your eyes to see something they haven’t yet been trained to see.  Unless you had a lot of monster story traumas from your childhood, you will most likely be able to suspend this doubt for a few minutes and have some fun.

Regarding protection (Trigger message follows):

As you awaken, you will recognize that you are the complete Creator of your reality.  You will not feel the necessity to request protection using any practice (sage, crystals, cleansing chants, and so on) because your vibration is at such a level that those lower forces have no access to you. You understand that any request for protection will bring you something to protect yourself from.

The above statement is a common trigger for many in their path of remembrance. If it is a trigger for you, it may open a line of self-inquiry regarding your belief about your power, or lack of it.

Either way, let’s use a simple intention for the invitation of higher thought forms:

“I live in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, and I have chosen a path of Service to Others. I invite all consciousness of an equal or higher vibration to co-create with me on our journey to serve others. All lower thought forms, you are excused from my space and I send you to the Light with love.”


You are not required to use my statement.  You can choose any statement you prefer.  The importance is in the intent—how you feel about what you are saying—rather than the words. The statement above includes your devotion to service of others, your invitation for higher thought forms, as well as a dismissal of lower thought forms. Model your statement in your own manner so that you feel safe.


Now you’re ready to invite in some visual representations of extra-dimensionals to your space.


  1. Make sure that you will be free from interruption.  This means cell phone and other distractive devices should be off and unplugged.  They send out EMFs that will be interacting with your visitors and the skies are busy enough.
  2. Darken the room to near dark.  If you have a night light, plug it in behind you so that you can see the shape of objects, but not the details.
  3. If you relax better to music, play it at a low volume.  This will help to drown out neighbor noise and traffic.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position (no, it doesn’t have to be cross-legged) in a chair, on the sofa, or on the floor facing your television set, which should be turned off and unplugged.  The important part is that you are comfortable and can relax your body enough that it doesn’t need to send you signals of pain or discomfort.
  5. You should be facing your television, positioned as far away as possible from it within your view. If, like me, you do not own a television set, then use a computer monitor.  Same deal, unplug it.  The idea is to have a large, dark, object in the background of your view, some distance from where you will be seated.
  6. Remove any glasses that you wear.  Your eyes can see just fine without them.
  7. Use any ritual you have to relax yourself.  Deep breaths, chanting, or focusing on a point of nothingness with closed eyes. The goal is to be relaxed, so that your body is free from discomfort enough to detect external communication.
  8. When you feel good about this, open your eyes, and face the blank television screen.  Now relax your gaze, like when you zoned out in school during history.  As you do this, objects in the room will become slightly blurry and their edges will be fuzzy.

As you relax your gaze, your mind may start racing to other subjects completely disassociated with your current task. The ego is used to filling in silence, for it’s terrifying.  No big deal.  Just tell it you’re busy and leave it at that.

  1. Now, with your gaze still relaxed, focus your mind’s eye on the space in between you and your television screen. Although we are used to viewing this space as NOTHINGNESS, this is the space that extradimensionals will populate while they are interacting with our world.
  2. Notice that the space, which although darkened, is not as homogenous as we think it is.  There could be varying shades of darkness, for instance, lighter grays and darker grays on the same wall. Or a quick whip of darker light just outside of the center of your vision. There could be pinpoints of light, or colored mist (my favorite) that forms, dissipates, and forms again.The dark screen is there to help you adjust your eyes to the space between you.  After your eyes have become accustomed to seeing in the darkness, you can begin exploring the space between you and other objects in the room.
  3. Look for such things as wispy light, hazy fog, flashes, colors and dark spots (don’t freak out, they are just denser entities or those practicing creating an appearance of solidity.) Don’t forget to breathe. It’s easy for that skeptic to jump in and try to explain things.  Remind it you’re just having a new experience, and that you’re having fun.
  4. Now it’s time to communicate.  Consider them as simply other forms of you, who have decided to look at life from a different viewpoint.  They are just as curious about you as you are about them. Remember your power, and that you are completely safe.
  5. Ask for names, words or impressions.  See if you can associate a particular message to the occurrence in front of you.  Does it feel like that flash of light just said that?  Your gut will answer you. Just fun, you aren’t being graded for your work.
  6. Note any feelings in your body.  You might feel:
    • Tingling on top of head (that’s your violet ray energy center, a good connection)
    • Muscle twitches.  Left side could be masculine-related, right side feminine-related.
    • Ears popping like you’re raising in altitude (Get it? Your vibration is matching theirs so you can interact)
    • Gentle pressure on your skin, or feeling that you have a hair tickling your face
    • Eyes burning.  You are finally using them.  Truth in film yet again.
    • Air blowing in ears.  This is a change in frequency occurring right next to you.

We are being treated gently here, by those surrounding us, because they know it’s a huge step of faith to reach out like this and suspend years of programming about their existence.

Communicate with love, and respect.  These instructions were written with the guidance of those who will help initiate you into their non-physical world, from a place of sincere desire to assist you in your growth. If you view the interaction as a co-creation of mutual experiences on both sides of the veil, rather than a cheesy seance, then you will open the communication channels to receive remarkable interactive growth opportunities.

This is what they called magic, before you were told that it was the work of the Devil.  You were warned that speaking with such spirits was a path to doom, because if you truly knew your own power, then you would spread more Light.  There are plenty of organizations on Earth that don’t want you spreading more Light.

And there are plenty of organizations that you can’t see, like those in non-physical states hanging around you right now, that do want to help you spread more Light.

Hopefully, this practice will remind you that you are never alone.  It doesn’t take long–just some linear time and an ever-lengthening suspension of doubt, to communicate with all the other You’s that have been partnering with you on your journey.


Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.


Below is an actual photograph of a phenomenon you may see during your practice.  Photo is courtesy of Goldie at The Phoenix Rising Emporium in British Columbia. This demonstrates that there is so much going on in the space between objects. Thanks Goldie!



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pulsing feet
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Pulsing Feet? That’s Great News

Been sitting around lately, and you feel a huge surge of energy in your feet?

Sometimes I dig out my cell phone to make sure it wasn’t a text message that arrived while on vibrate. Yeah, it’s normal to try to explain it away like that; you’re not crazy for doing it. Human nature.

What you’re feeling is your Kundalini energy rising.  This is a fantastic sign that any inner work you’ve been doing is paying off!

Simply stated, the energy sent up from Earth is entering through your feet, and meeting the Source energy that is sent down through the crown chakra on top of your head.

Where the two points meet determines how much of your energy centers have been activated.  The higher the meeting point, the more of the physical You has been integrated into your light being.

For right now, don’t be overly concerned with how much you’re activated, because if you’re feeling such strong pulses that you think it’s a text message, then you’re being taken well care of.  Let the process happen without your mind getting involved right now.

Feeling that pulse always makes me smile (and look around to see if I made some stupid face about it in public), because I know that good things are coming.  The more activated I am, the more fun life gets as I move through several realities at once.

Enjoy these positive signs!

Earth Energy






555 (Upcoming change)

1024 (Byte of information coming)

*If you have access to telescope or binoculars, look at the moon tonight.  There is stuff going on up there. 🙂



author: Kimberly

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you are lucid dreaming in reverse
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Did You Know That You Are Lucid Dreaming in Reverse?

This physical reality that seems so solid and full of limitations? It is just as malleable as any other dream you have.

Today, take one minute and go inside your heart to feel….NOTHING.

Just stop thinking.  Focus your inner vision on a point of darkness in front of your closed eyes. Suspend everything until you get to NOTHING. Use intention, not effort, to get there.

When you get to that NOTHING point, you will start to feel SOMETHING.

This SOMETHING will have a depth that you can’t see the bottom of, and a height that you can’t see the top of. It will expand forever in both directions.  After you give up trying to measure it, you will sink into the understanding that it doesn’t require measurement; that this SOMETHING is actually part of EVERYTHING, and you have tapped into it.

That SOMETHING is You, outside of this illusory reality.  It’s the You that extends far, far beyond your physical body.  It’s the You that’s dreaming up this whole thing.

When you connect with this part of Yourself, you are lucid dreaming in reverse.

This Earth, that appears so solid and nonmalleable, is simply a hologram in your soul’s dream, a part of the larger You that has decided to create a play scene where you can experience all sorts of fun (and not so fun) things, along with other souls, without any real harm coming to you.  That’s our life on Earth.

When you consciously touch that larger part of You, you’re notifying it that you’re aware of the Illusion.  This opens up the floodgates for enormous expansion.

Once you focus again upon this Earthly reality, expect some great and wonderful experiences to arise; you’ve now released the ropes of limitation that have been holding you hostage. All of those things you thought couldn’t happen in our physical world will start to open to you.

This is when rapid conscious expansion happens, and Earthly life will now be open to all those things we call “miracles,” “synchronicities” and “magic.”  And yes, you can fly here too.


Earth Energy:





444 (All is well)

666 (Maintain physical/spiritual balance)



author: Kimberly

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Your NON-Love Powers are Amplified Too

It’s exciting to know that you can consciously create anything in your reality.

Once you discover the massive power of your thoughts, it’s great fun to create things with your mind.  Visualize it, and BAM!  There it is in your 3D world.

Exciting stuff, creating from nothing.  And that lag time between intention and manifestation is shrinking exponentially as we ascend.

It’s all fun and games when you’re getting what you want, right?  Well, you always get what you want.

But you may be sending out intentions for things you don’t want, and you’re going to get those too, and fast.

It’s awesome when you’re sending out love, but do you always send out love to everyone you meet? I sure as hell don’t.

Your power is immeasurable in your natural state.  Your energy affects everyone about whom you think, focus on, or with whom you interact.

How about that annoying co-worker?  The homeless person that sits on your clean car?  The ninth person that cuts you off in traffic on the way to work?

Are you sending them love too? Or are you sending out other things, which I’ll call NON-love?

Remember that that newly-rediscovered power of ours is amplified when we’re sending out bad thoughts too.

Things like this can hit the recipient of your NON-love in a very real way.  Your power is immense, and it affects others in a big way.  Don’t underestimate that power.

Now we’re all human, and no one should be expecting you to immediately turn into a Saint just because you’re waking up.  But you do have an increased responsibility to be aware of how you’re using your newly-recovered power.

Knowing that the Law of Attraction is gonna send that shit back to you, try giving yourself an extra buffer of time before you respond to anyone, or anything, in an unkind manner.  Sending out love, instead of the finger, will benefit everyone involved.


Earth Energy:






17 (Look back at who you were, and appreciate who you are now)

777 (Everything is in divine order)



author: Kimberly

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Your Answers Are In the Present, Not in the Past

Our life on Earth has included multiple repeats of an undesired past. When a choice needs to be made, it is common to look back at previous history and base our decisions on how it all played out last time.

Do you want things to play out that way, or would you rather have something new happen this time around? It has been human nature to look back at our past (ummmm, you’re focusing on it again!) and using that past experience to determine our current course of action.

This does not serve you.  The reason history keeps repeating itself is because we keep making the same choices. You will be presented with similar situations repeatedly until you choose the path that follows your soul’s theme.

Common retorts to the above statement will include:

“So past experiences mean nothing?  We learned lessons from them—like what not to do next time!”

Here’s the flaw in that premise:

Situations are never the same.  Even if they appear the same on the surface, YOU, and every other person you’re interacting with in that situation, are a different person than you were the last time around.

The new energy on Earth is urging us to live more in the present, and to not revert to the past with respect to decision-making.  Every answer that you need to make a decision is available to you in the present.  These come to you in the form of synchronicities, gut feelings and gentle nudges from your Higher Self in a particular direction.

So next time you’re faced with a decision, know that referring to the past no longer serves you, unless you want to repeat it again.  Treat every new occurrence as just that:  NEW.

Use prompts from RIGHT NOW to guide you, and know that things that didn’t work in the past have the potential of happening this time around.

How exciting!


Earth Energy:






999 (End of an era)

555 (Abrupt change upcoming; it doesn’t have to be negative!)



author: Kimberly

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Abundance: Money vs Experiences

Here’s my favorite definition of abundance:  The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something.  Right???

Abundance is probably the #1 request that humans request of Source.

Now let’s define abundance, just in case you were about to comment that money means nothing to you.


That copious quantity could be money; but it could also be success, it could be love, it could be healthy habits.  Although our Western society is centered around defining abundance as having lots of money (because those that run things from the Underbelly World have structured our economy so as to require money to meet even basic survival needs,) the truth is that abundance can be defined in a myriad of ways.

Let’s look at some other ways to experience abundance.  Say you would like to learn something new, and that something new requires basic supplies in order to learn.

For instance, I wanted to learn the game of Mahjong.  The game requires a relatively-expensive set of tiles and other items in order to play. So I start shopping for a Mahjong set with which to learn the game.

Of course, Amazon is first, so that I can determine the best value for my money.  I see that a decent set is about $100.

I could buy a Mahjong set right now, with $100 from my bank account, and thanks to Amazon Prime, I can start learning the game in just a few hours.

So for what have I exchanged my money? Let’s take a look.

The deficit from my bank account is $100; yet is the credit to my “abundance” account $100?

I can look at the transaction in a number of ways:

  • If I never learn Mahjong, then the game sits in a closet somewhere, and my $100 is “wasted.”
  • If I learn the game, play with friends here and there, my $100 could equal out based on the value of my enjoyment playing with friends.
  • If I learn the game, and excel at it, I could play in tournaments, and win prizes.  Then my $100 has magnified itself to provide monetary abundance as a return on my investment.

It really boils down to how you value abundance.  Is the money in the bank more important than the enjoyment received from the money you spend?

As you awaken, you’ll find that you’ll naturally lean more towards experiencing things rather than accumulating money in a bank account.

You’ll value the “things” that you do buy, not for the acquisition of them, but for the pleasure that they bring to you. There is no right or wrong here, so if you feel like you need a boatload of cash to feel safe in our world, that’s totally cool.

You already know that you can’t take it with you. So use that money as a tool to gain valuable soul experience.  This, you will take with you.


Earth Energy






14 (Be careful what you wish for, you’re going to get it)

333 (Surrounded by family)




author: Kimberly

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symptoms of awakening
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That One Weird New Awakening Symptom

The Awakening process is comprised of upgrades to all aspects of YOU: Mind, Spirit and —Good Lord!—your Physical Body.

That sounds like fun.  Being upgraded. Right?

Not always so much fun.

Let’s take a quick look at what upgrades to each part of YOU could look like.


Upgrades to your Mind are made so that you can use it more efficiently.

For a human, you just may feel like you are freaking out.  Know that these are positive upgrades, and the symptoms will subside.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Hearing a song whose lyrics feel like they were written just for you.
  • Seeing repeating numbers.
  • Overhearing conversations of others that answer a question you just asked yourself 5 minutes ago.

These experiences are indications that your mind is recognizing patterns, signals and prompts that were programmed there (by YOU) to switch “on” at a certain point in your life. That’s great news!  Start taking note when these prompts occur, because they always have relevance if you’re aware of them.


Upgrades to your Spirit Body are made to align your connection with Source.

Symptoms from spiritual upgrades vary widely among individuals.  Here are the most common:

  • Spaciness or Light Headedness
  • Decreased inclination to “play society’s game” anymore
  • Isolation: you’d rather be alone than with people

Experiences such as this are signals that you’re more in alignment with your Higher Self.  The veil of forgetfulness is lifting, and you are strengthening the connection to the part of you running the show.  Your ability to consciously create has just magnified itself exponentially.


Upgrades to your Physical Body are made to change your chemical composition.

As scary as that sounds, these improvements are changing your actual physical structure from a carbon-based being to a crystalline-based entity. You’re now even closer to your pure Essence, which is Light. You are integrating back into your Light Body.

Yet the physical symptoms that your body feels could be scary.  Here are a few:

  • Flu Symptoms from out of nowhere
  • Sleep disruption; waking up at 3am
  • Vibrations in your hands or feet

There could be some pain; that’s also normal.  My suggestion is that if something feels wrong, then please see a medical doctor (in accordance with your beliefs) to rule out anything biologically that needs balance.

Otherwise, if your gut tells you to wait it out, then such symptoms usually subside in 3-5 days.

Here’s the newest, weirdest physical symptom I have been experiencing:

You know when you’re on a plane, and it makes a sharp descent?  Like you’re falling straight down? Your stomach raises up in your chest cavity and you are suddenly shot into a super-conscious state.

Think about when that happens.  No matter what you’re doing, you always, always stop what you’re doing to recognize that weird feeling in your gut.

Yet it’s not a great feeling when you’re sitting stationary, strapped into a car in gridlocked Los Angeles traffic. Or when you’re eating on the patio at a fancy restaurant. It will catch you off-guard every time.

So if this symptom occurs in you, take advantage of that super-consciousness and connect with Source.  It’s trying to get your attention to deliver an important message.


These symptoms are just a short list of many you may be experiencing in your journey to awakening.  Some of them really suck, but thankfully most of them are brief.

You can read the more comprehensive list of Awakening Symptoms on our Awakening Symptoms page.


Earth Energy:


Royal Blue




1111 (Snapshot of your thoughts; make them good)

1024 (You’ve received another byte of information – take note)



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