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Mean No Harm

There is a fruit fly that stays with me when I’m writing.

Perching on the laptop, walking across the screen.  Sometimes on the mouse, just where my thumb should be.

As I pull some oracle cards, it seems that wherever I am just about to put a card down, there is the fly; in peril of sudden demise during my morning reading.

“It’s just a fruit fly,”  I’ve had friends say. “Those and spiders….they don’t count.  Those get squished.”

Now I’ve long passed the period of judgment about the value of life.  If you get too deep into it, the militant vegans and the well-meaning carnivores battle it out, and I no longer wish to participate in that sort of thing.

Your interpretation of the value of life is yours alone.  And although I would never intentionally hurt a living being, there are times when it happens without my intention.

Like the time I stepped on a gecko on my porch, severing its tail.  I watched it wriggle around in what I imagined was excruciating pain—caused by me!!!!—understandably, after the severance of a major portion of its body.  I bawled my eyes out over my infliction of pain on a helpless animal.  Like for hours.  A bit of an overreaction, but that’s the sign that there’s more to the situation than at first glance.

Of course, tails can grow back on many species of reptiles.  But no matter.  I was in it for the lesson.

After days of contemplation, I adopted a missive whenever I contemplate the value of life:

Mean No Harm.

With these three words, one can view the cycle of life from a loving perspective.  And yet the subtle interpretation of these words can take on different meanings for different people.  And that’s a great way to live.  To allow others to interpret things as they will, and to remember that your different interpretation is just as valid.

I welcome you to try it.  Mean No Harm. 

If you’re a spider squisher, pause for a minute before you pull the shoe out next time.  Does your action correlate with your current interpretation of “Mean No Harm?” 

And if you are one of those that will spend an hour struggling to rehome a bug outside, ask yourself the same question.

What do the words “Mean No Harm” represent for you at this moment?  Has your definition of “Harm” changed?

There are no right or wrong answers. This is about you, evolving.  Being a Darwin, I take the lead in adding an appropriate pun:

You’re regrowing your tail.

As our perspective broadens, we revaluate our definitions of things. So asking yourself this question may bring beliefs to the surface heretofore unseen.  Any experiences since last contemplating this concept will enhance your opinion.

And as for the fruit fly, to me it’s a guide.  They come in all shapes and sizes, quietly presenting me with an option to give it relevance.  To me, it represents a tiny portion of the All, with just as much right to my environment as I have.  I am, therefore, very careful where I place my cards.

Love to you.



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Do Animals Have Souls Too?

By now, I’m sure you understand that there is a soul aspect of yourself that is much larger than the boundaries of your physical existence. So do animals have souls like ours?

Yesterday we talked about cats being secret fluffy guides living right beside us.  Today, I’ll expand on the concept of animal souls and their roles in our Earthly existence.

Let’s get this straight first:  Animals are not lesser beings than humans.

In fact, many are more consciously advanced than most humans, in that they are able to shift their dimensional vibration in an instant by not being subject to the cultural programming of society…or basically, they don’t have doubts like we do, holding them back.

And despite the story told in one of my favorite books, The Art of Racing in the Rain, animals do not start as animals and reincarnate as humans as they evolve. It’s a great story, either way, and I recommend it for a warm view of life from a dog’s perspective.

Think of animal souls as more of a collective, for want of a better word.  Their bonds are stronger; they are more integrated, with less feeling of separation than humans feel.  This was done by design.  Animals lack the veil of forgetfulness placed on humans on the journey of rediscovering our power.

That’s how you can see photos of elephants and dogs as best friends, or orangutans cuddling with baby tigers; seemingly disparate species of animals getting along just fine.  It’s once humans put their stamp of judgment on things that such relationships seem odd.  To the animals, interactions with other similar souls—no matter what package they’re currently in—is perfectly normal.

There is one important thing to note here regarding the interactions of humans with their animals:

Animals that experience love and compassion from humans receive extra benefits that wild animals do not receive.  The interaction between human and animal results in a quickening of consciousness for both parties.

This means that your loving interaction with your pet not only benefits you, but it also benefits the animal relating to you.  The energy transfer moves in both directions.

You have now added to your pet’s resume by providing experiences of love, nurturing and shared joy. Through such interactions with you, your pet will develop personality quirks as you age together.

And guess what?

It’s quite common for a deceased pet to reincarnate into your next pet, in search of more of those loving benefits you provided to him.

So you see, this bond extends beyond the Earthly plane, just as it does for human souls.

If you’ve recently lost a pet, I’m sorry.  When you are ready to add another member to your family, keep an eye out for those same personality quirks your previous pet displayed.  This is an indication that your pet has come back to you.


Love and Light.  Pet your furry friend for me.


Earth Energy:






77 (Trust:  you are headed for greatness)

100 (Claircognizance – trust what is sent to you)




author: Kimberly

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Cats: Fluffy 5D Guides Right in Your Home

Cats are a perfect example of beings living mostly in 5D.  Wait, but how can they guide anyone when they are asleep all the time?


Animals play many roleson Earth, from companion, to annoyance, to huge opportunity-giver for compassion.  They move us emotionally deep down, as you can see by the propensity of animal-related material that circulates between humans.  Such wonderful catalysts for human growth.

Cats, along with other animals (birds are another great example), do not need to spend large amounts of time in our 3D physical environment to provide service.  Much of their time, about 20 hours a day on average, is spent in other dimensions.  They appear to be sleeping when we observe them, but, just as when humans sleep or meditate, their consciousness is focused elsewhere: doing exciting cat things, living exciting other lives, expanding in their own ways.

Despite their appearance of being long gone in dreamy-time, cats are still interacting with you even in that state.

If you have a cat, you know how often you look over, see them asleep, and feel a special calmness and warmth at the sight of them.

BOOM.  Interaction!  Guidance!  Co-creation!  Frequency Jump!

That’s what guides do.  You had one in your own home, and you didn’t even know it was happening.


Tomorrow I’ll talk about animal souls, in case you are wondering what’s up in that area.


Earth Energy:






14 (Be careful what you wish for–you’re going to get it)

100 (Claircognizance; heed what is sent to you)



author: Kimberly

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finding hidden resistance
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Is Everything ALMOST Going Perfectly For You?

So you’ve been working on yourself.  Facing those fears head on, redesigning the beliefs that work for you, and sending out crystal clear intentions on what you want to create in your life.

Congratulations, Trailblazer!  You are a wayshower for the rest of humanity; you’re early to the game of ascension, and your life is no doubt showing great improvement from where you were even a year ago.

Is everything, in all corners of your life, going the way you want it to?

Do you have the job, the partner, the purpose, the health, that matches the desires you’re sending out?

If so, then I am doing the Happy Dance with you, because I love to see everyone around me succeed.

If not, then you are among the majority of Lightworkers at the moment, who understands the Law of Attraction, uses it consistently, and is seeing positive results in MOST areas of their life.

It’s OK to be there, by the way.  You are a winner already.  Your value is not at doubt here.

The only thing you’re experiencing is resistance, in one area, that you are so used to having, you don’t even know it’s there. I call it “foxing.”

Foxes are cunning little buggers, often labeled “tricksters.” They exhibit extreme intelligence, planning abilities, and radical problem-solving skills.  They sneak in, and they sneak out of places and situations.

Just like that resistance that keeps sliding in there just before you are about to break through something.  And you don’t even see it slink in, but you sure can feel it when you get that sinking feeling that a part of your life still isn’t going in the desired direction.

Read this:  The Fox shows up when it’s time to let something go.  Is it a rigid thought about what reality is supposed to be like? Does your life have to be like everyone else’s? I bet you don’t want it to be anyway. Create your own reality.

BAM! You just read that and hopefully, it triggered your subconscious to recognize that resistant thought or belief about how your life should be lived, next time it arises. Then you can make your conscious decision to let that shit go.

So pay attention today next time you feel that sinking feeling about something.  Dig a bit deeper into the—here it comes—foxhole, and remind yourself that you are creating this life, and you can have anything you want.  And So It Is.


Earth Energy:






444 (All is well)

500 (Make small changes to embrace your authenticity)




author: Kimberly

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PS If you want to read more about the fox as a spirit animal, this site explains it beautifully.