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when you don't feel like giving
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Those Days When You Don’t Feel Like Giving

Learning to give is a prevalent lesson for humans in our day and time.  Yet there are times when you just don’t feel like giving to anyone. And that’s OK.

Life will provide you with tons of situations in which to determine who you are.  By making choices, you define yourself and gauge the magnitude of your expansion by the consequences you experience from those decisions.  Although at times we can perceive life as torturous, it’s the whole reason we came to Earth.

That’s why our Higher Selves send us little tests, to see how far we’ve come in our expansion. One of the most popular situations I see lately is someone asking for money.

So are you required to hand something out to every person who asks for it because you want to pass your self test?  I know that for me, living in Los Angeles, that could amount to a lot of money, since I walk nearly everywhere.  As we discussed in an earlier post about the act of giving, it doesn’t matter who you are giving to, or what they will do with what you gave them.

It is the way that you handle the situation that the “larger you” is gauging.  Did you handle the situation with integrity, or did you take the easy way out?

I bet you’ve done it.  I know that I’ve done it:

Someone asks you for money on the street, and you tap your pockets, indicating they’re empty, and say, “Sorry, I don’t have any money.”

But you really do.

So what happened here?  Society teaches us to take the easy route, escaping from uncomfortable confrontations such as these.  Say whatever you have to say and get the hell out of there, right?

I get it.  There are some people who will love to have even your partially-divided attention long enough to tell you all about how they can make whistles that only dogs could hear.  And sometimes you truly don’t have the time to listen.

Yet telling them a lie serves no one.  There are other ways to deal with such situations that maintain that positive flow of energy that Lightworkers are tasked to deliver.

Let’s try the scenario again:

You pass someone on the street who asks for a couple of bucks.  He’s kind, and he’s respecting your space. You are in a hurry, though, and although you do have a couple of bucks, it’s all you have in your wallet. Honoring him as a human being of equal value, you could look into his eyes, and answer:

“Sorry, not today.”

With this three-word answer, you’ve declined his offer with full respect for him as someone in need, yet today is not the day for you to give.  There’s always another day, and that leaves things in a positive tone on both sides.  You have maintained your integrity, and he may have a little more faith in humanity for a kindness he probably doesn’t experience all that often.

Remember, Lightworker, you represent the Family of Light, whose purpose is to cast high-frequency energy to all around you. Maintaining that high vibration serves not only you (you manifest things faster!) but everyone else in your surroundings, which extend further than you imagine.



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do a life review before you die
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Do a Life Review…Without Dying First

After your Earthly life ends, you’ll have the chance to review the choices you made in life…as well as those that you didn’t make.

You’ll have left your body behind, however your life review will be so real that you’ll see, feel and sense every replayed scene just as if you were still in your avatar.

Ohhhh, greaaaaat.  I know.  All those shitty things you did to people?  You’ll observe them.  And all those really kind things you did for people?  You’ll observe them, too. It’ll all be laid out for you; yet the only one judging your actions will be you.

No big guy deciding if you lived a worth life; no council making decisions about the future of your soul. The only one making any “judgment” will be you. And at that point, when you’ve let go of the Earthly constructs of duality, it will really be more of an “assessment” rather than a trial.

Your soul knows a lot more about love than your mind will allow in, which is why they’ve been dueling for your attention all this time while you’re incarnated.  One wants to tell you all about love, and to give you chances to demonstrate it while you’re on Earth; and the other wants to keep you in the comfort zone by protecting itself from all the “bad” stuff out there.

Which one is prevailing when you make a decision?  Exactly. You’ll find this out too, when you review your life.

Along with the actions and consequences of the choices you made while in your last body, you’ll also see the consequences of life had you chosen the path of love in your decisions.

What you could have experienced, what it would have felt like, and where it would have brought you.

In essence, you will have the opportunity to see how amazing your life would have been if you had chosen love every time.

Now, on Earth, that’s a tall order, I know.  Which is why we came here;  we wanted to “up” the game a little bit by giving ourselves some pretty hefty choices.  And referring back to my life so far, there were many, many choices made without taking love into consideration at all.

Can you think about what would happen if you chose the path of love when making every choice today?

It’s a subtle consideration, adding another layer to your decision-making process.  Yet soon enough, with a small bit of practice, it will be automatic.

This is how you further connect with the Higher Self that’s guiding you.  Consider it preparing for your final exam, in a way, but make it playful, joyful and gentle.  You are ready for this.


Earth Energy






155 (Timing is right for new project)

444 (All is well.  Take a breath, please)



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swindled by someone not really homeless
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Been Swindled by Someone? Celebrate!

There are plenty of examples of allegedly homeless people driving home in their Cadillacs after a long day on begging on the street.

I imagine them carefully putting their battered cardboard “Homeless Vet” sign in the trunk of their car and using the alarm fob to lower the trunk door.

That person probably bought that car, and the home that he’s driving to, with money that other people gave him.  Society would be outraged, if they followed him home and saw the “imposter” that he is. They would want him to be brought to justice.  Stealing like that.  That swindler.

Our Western Culture teaches us we must work hard for our money.  It has to be honest.  You must earn your money with integrity, providing a service for which you are remunerated by the system for your dedication.

(Here I’m uncontrollably laughing, because one need not beg on a street to break those rules.  Look at most politicians.)

Trace this back to societal programming.  To the people who make money when you’re plugged into the system and you’re a good consumer.  You work, you eat, you buy.  Repeat indefinitely until you can support the medical system in your old age.

There will always be crooked senators, greedy corporate moguls, and Madame Zeldas who stare into a crystal ball and deliver vague predictions.  There will always be someone who is ready to take advantage of you.

The beggar you gave money to could actually be a homeless vet. Or he could be that guy who drives home to his suburban home and big screen TV.

None of that matters.

In any experience you have, the prize is in learning to love yourself in the doing of it.


If you gave him money, you GAVE.

It doesn’t matter what he does with the money after you give it to him.  That person showed up in your life—sent by YOU to YOU—to see what you would do in that situation.  An opportunity for choice.

It is in the giving that you win.


You took something that you love—in this case, money—and you gave it to someone. That is a kind gesture, my friend, and I hope that you celebrate it.  I am honoring you, because the entire world benefits from your simple act.

And as for lending money, the exact same principle applies here.  Societal standards would mandate that you should receive the money back from the recipient.  In spiritual terms, that’s giving with expectations.  So, if you’re in such a situation, and you are feeling regrets or anger about lending money and not receiving it back, remember that having expectations is a distortion of love.  Let it go.  You still gave. Then see what happens. The Law of Attraction never fails.

It’s in the giving that you win.


Remember, always be yourself, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy:





1144 (Twin flame activation – if you are the divine male ((DM)) in a twinflame experiment, it is time to reach out…)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want – it is working)




author: Kimberly

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patience is needed at the airport
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The Unconscious: Remembering Where You Were

Airports are a great place to test your evolutionary progress.  Bustling with people in all stages of consciousness, you are sure to be challenged with the opportunity for kindness, patience and compassion.

I travel for a large part of my year, and despite my life commitment to assist humanity in its conscious awakening, I still want to bitch-slap people on occasion.

Plane delays that spur self-righteous rants at helpless airline agents; screaming children tripping the elderly as they shuffle to their gate; the “overly-important’ telephone conversation so loud that all of Terminal 5 at LAX can hear the deal going down.

Yes, I do happen upon airport bars quite often during these times, and headphones help to drown out the noise.  But here’s the issue with that:

As Lightworkers, we are built to send out our light, and that’s not just to other Lightworkers.  It’s to everybody, even those you want to smack upside the head on account of their unconscious behavior.

So lately, I’ve ditched the headphones (my erratic vibration in these scenarios usually renders them useless anyway) and I’m observing the behavior of those people who are unconscious of their magnificence as creators.

Such a wonderful process of growth, this immersion in the melee of conscious development and lack thereof.

And while they’re commiserating about the deplorable state of the world, I remember that, not long ago, I was there.  That was my reality, and that’s all I knew.  It’s a challenge to the ego, this awakening thing, because it’s so easy to put yourself higher on the ladder of evolution than others (my surname is Darwin–just a coincidence, I’m sure.) But there are no levels on a circle, and so the ego must take a back seat to humility.

Remember this:  Life was created so that Life could experience the process of remembering Who It is.  It’s the journey that counts, not the destination, since we’re all going to end up there anyway.  So all beings, whether unconscious or not, are giving Life the opportunity to observe itself, and what it will do, when Its plane is late.


Earth Energy:



Blue Gray


1010 (Step forward in new direction, amplified)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want, and do not let your eyes waver)



author: Kimberly

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Begin, when creativity strikes
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Signs that Creativity is About to Strike

You are a unique soul that came to Earth to experience life through a particular set of eyes.  You brought with you an equally unique set of traits, skills, and talents that are at the essence of Who You Are.

When you came here, you forgot your power.  But through your introspection, your yearning for growth and thirst for knowledge, you woke up to the remembrance that you’re creating your life.

I wish I could say that the circuits are always open to Source, but we close them often—through resistance and fear—on our path of awakening.  When they do open, that’s when Creativity flows through you.

That’s when you allow Life to use you as a brilliant performer in its dance, accentuating your unique skill set to provide to serve those that interact with you during daily life.*

Our days in the Western World are overwhelming.  With technology, commutes, over-scheduled commitments and excessive responsibility for staying afloat, our minds run the show and we struggle to allow consciousness its chance to guide us.

It’s easy for us to miss those subtle cues telling us that we could be of service to someone, at that very moment.

That creative service could take many forms.  It could be an act of kindness, assisting a family in need, a smile, or a work of art awaiting its birth.

There are subtle signs that Life is offering an opportunity of creative action through you at that moment:

  • You suddenly feel unusually calm despite a chaotic situation
  • You feel uncontrollable urge to write, draw, or take action
  • Ideas pop into your head that have no reference to your current situation
  • You feel strong emotion about something, as if you’re listening to a nostalgic song

These cues are your chance to open those circuits and allow Life’s force to create through you.

Recognizing them is the hardest part.  Yet with repeated recognition and association of the sudden change in your physical/mental conditions with the call for creativity, it, like anything else you do repeatedly, will become habit.

You can send out the intention every morning that your circuits are open, and that Life is free to use you, and your extraordinary set of talents, for its highest good.  That’s creativity, right there.

What a brilliant use of the Unique You.


Earth Energy:



Spring Green



999 (end of an era)

688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)


*Note that I use the word LIFE in two forms:

Life: the force of everything, the collective and the ONE.

life: refers to this specific Earthly incarnation.




author: Kimberly

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To my mailing list:  I apologize in advance for any delays in sending the Daily Energy Report to you.  I have been writing non-stop the draft of my second book.  When Creativity strikes, I’ve learned to let it flow.  Thank you for your understanding.  I’ll be back to my NEW self very soon.

when you are alone on valentines day
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How to Avoid Snarkiness When Alone on Valentine’s Day

If you’re with a partner, appreciate them for everything they are.  If you’re not, well, remember that self-love is important too.

SERIOUSLY? That statement incites total snarkiness in me.  All those people gushing with love, holding hands over dinner…and we all KNOW how many diamond rings cross restaurant tables on a day like today.

Does that make you less than warm-and-fuzzy when none of those couples include YOU?

I get it.  Me too.

And this very 3D energy—that feeling of lack that surrounds you on all sides when it seems like everyone else is celebrating their abundance—is totally normal.  In fact, it’s almost expected, based on how we were programmed to believe that you are nothing without a partner.

And it’s not so easy to just make the switch to sending out compassionate love to every living being on Earth, when the belief systems sit so deep.  And awakened being, it’s OK to be where you are right now, feeling a little envious, sad or lonely.

Yet you have an extra piece of the puzzle that fits in….right THERE….that is the reminder that you can feel a feeling, and let it go; and then reach for a better feeling, a higher vibration, to get you out of your funk.  And you also know that as you raise your frequency, you help all of the others around you to feel better too, just by shining your light upon them. And you ALSO know that every time you send out love, you are sending it back to yourself.

Feel the shit you feel today.  Recognize it.  Then do whatever you need to do to feel better.  Pictures of fuzzy kittens, exercise, whatever.  And then send out that love to everyone you meet, even if they are wearing a shiny new ring.


Earth Energy:






333 (Your guides are by your side)

000 (You are one with the Universe)


If you want to learn how to send out a LOVE BOMB, click here.



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Why Are My Manifestations Taking SOOOO Long?

Here Kimberly discusses the difference between old 3D energy and the new 5D energy in which manifestations can be sped up significantly. Tips on how to manifest faster. There are no fluffy New-Age explanations here! The Are You Awakening channel offers practical assistance to newly-awakening individuals who find challenge with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth that occurs with the awakening process.

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Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children – The New Humanity

There are children with special missions arriving on Earth at this time.

They’ll seem different from the other kids their age — wiser, gifted, mysterious, or downright bullheaded and belligerent.  What was once considered a disorder will soon be revered as a gift that’s helped shape a better world.

These kids are examples of the new human — they yearn for a unified community that serves the whole rather than the few. Welcome to the newest lightworkers.

However, despite their cheerful names, you may not always experience unicorns and glitter in their presence; their missions sometimes require rebellion against authority and outdated systems.  But not to fear, we all win in the end, so it’s OK. Just remember that during your parent-teacher conferences.


Indigo Children

This is the name given to children who possess unusual psychological attributes. Parapsychologist Nancy Anne Tappe first coined the phrase “Indigo Child” in the 1970s when describing children with an aura of the same color.

Traits of an Indigo Child

Indigo Children are aware of their self-worth. They may come across as arrogant or anti-social, and have trouble accepting the idea of absolute authority without question. They tend to become frustrated with ritual-oriented systems. They may refuse to do things that the average person does, like wait in line or sit quietly when they could be doing something constructive.

Indigo Children are extremely intelligent and serve a valuable purpose.They are not here to create obstacles, but rather to raise awareness about the limiting constructs of modern society.  For example, the behavior of a disruptive Indigo Child may inspire positive changes within a school system. The more society allows Indigo Children to open up their gifts, the more paradigms will change. This will look like a breakdown of society, from the fall of the monetary system, to exposure of inequality, to the gentrification of our news media.

Once the Indigo Children crumble outdated paradigms and expose social injustice, the Crystal Children come in to rebuild a better system.

Crystal Children

Once the Indigo Children tumble the old systems, they leave the door open for Crystal Children to restore order. Crystal Children are the next generation of super humans, born to create an integrated society in which the value of all life is respected.

The Gifts of Crystal Children

This group of children possesses crystalline energies, which differ from the 3D carbon-based energy of previous generations on Earth. If you have a Crystal Child in your environment, you will appreciate their warm, loving disposition.  You will notice their sensitivity for nature, and their desire for balance and unity among family.

Crystal children are very intuitive; they are gifted with abilities related to dimensional travel. They see beyond illusions to understand the truth of reality.  These kids do not take a linear view of the world, but rather they rely on using metaphors and quantum processing. This might be demonstrated as a conversation about several unrelated subjects at the same time, or include singing, poetry or art before they give you an answer to a question you’ve asked. Crystal Children are emissaries of the ancient ways, so you may see them creating their own rituals, speaking to invisible people or objects, and happily playing by themselves. Expect great ideas from these kids.

Once the Crystal Children rebuild broken-down systems, the Rainbow Children are introduced to provide guiding light to those still in the dark.


Rainbow Children

The Indigo Children arrived to pave the way for change in the world. They were followed by the Crystal Children, who continued to introduce new ideas and abilities. The Rainbow Children are the third generation of special kids to arrive and assist with the evolution of humanity.

New Arrivals on Earth

Rainbow Children are generally the offspring of Indigo or Crystal generations, or are born to old souls who recognize and encourage them to develop their gifts. Some sources believe that they have never incarnated before on Earth. These special children vibrate at a higher frequency, and thus act as beacons for dispersing their unconditional love to all in their presence. They are connected and drawn to color. Rainbow Children may appear fearless, with a powerful divinity about them.  They may have natural healing qualities, and show compassion to animals, plants and less-fortunate humans. Unconditional love is their prime directive.


Do you have one of these children? Congratulations!  You are helping to usher in the new human.  You were chosen for the duty of parenthood because you, too, would like to see the Earth be a better place. Provide an open and transparent environment for these children, and they will bloom to follow their path of passion.


Recommended resources for more information.*


*The recommended resources listed above are affiliate links from which we receive a small commission for the referral. This helps offset the expenses for site maintenance and we thank you for your contribution.

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What the Hell is a Lightworker?

I see the term “Lightworker” a lot now.

Yeah, it’s been around for quite a while.  Since the 80’s really, when shit starting heating up on Earth and a group of us realized that we felt like outcasts from society. It was cool to be in an elite covert group, even if the population called us weirdos.  But we knew we had some different purpose, some mission–we just didn’t know what it was or why we were different. All that’s changing.

If you’re reading this, you too, decided to have a special mission incorporated into your life experience on Earth.

Every individual on earth has an Oversoul (or Higher Self) that chose to incarnate here to explore particular themes.  Could be learning patience, playing well with others, or compassion. This is their personal mission.

Now some Oversouls have chosen to add the BADASS flair to their incarnations, in which they aren’t just exploring personal missions, but have collective missions as well.  They’ve decided to help others with their personal missions on a larger scale.  Think of them as “Earth Guides.”

That, my friend is a Lightworker.  A badass overachiever whose choice to serve the whole is a major part of their reason for being here.  Lightworkers vibrate at a frequency that’s higher than the collective, and they take that supercharged energy with them where ever they go. Nothing needs to be done to be a Lightworker. Just BEING is of service.

So, you are a badass and you may have not even known it. You are serving humanity just by being alive.

Lightworkers work in every sector, live in every area of the world, and are of all shapes and sizes.  That’s how we help, by mingling with the crowd, experiencing their pains, their themes, and putting ourselves in their shoes. We made this deal before we got here, and then we forgot. Forgetting was necessary; otherwise, we couldn’t truly immerse ourselves in society and feel the woes of Earth life.

And then we wake up, or awaken, to realize our plan.

The lightbulb goes on (pun intended.)


So I’m a Lightworker. Now what do I do?

You do not have to give up your job and work for charity.  You do not have to give your services away for free.  Know that your value is in your presence in any room, your listening ear, and your example to others about how to live a peaceful, abundant life.

Some may be inclined to change careers or otherwise focus on service to humanity. If you feel so inclined to make changes in your life, those changes will be positive and you will do them because it gives you joy.  But it’s not required.

Just be the most authentic you in every situation, all the time.


If you have questions about being a Lightworker, please send us a Twitter message and we’ll shoot you an answer.


Love and Light to you (and now you know what that means),




Daily Energy Report,

Energy Report – You’ve Got Energy – Nov. 14, 2017


You’ve Got Energy.

Yesterday’s dark energy is ushered out by a cleansing force* that is more practical, integrated and helping you from the sidelines.  You may be more hopeful than yesterday, and ready to get back on track after yesterday’s little energetic fiasco.

Today is about sending it out.  Use that reboot to focus on stuff you want, situations you would like to experience, and thank the Universe for it, and go serve someone a smile or two.

If you would like the easy explanation of manifestation, see instructions here.


Earth Energy:  Spring Green, Sky Blue.  Use extra energy for following your joy as far as you can follow it today. Numbers: 777 (Everything is SUPER hunky dory), 722 (Send out positive intention while you’re feeling great)





Partly hazy thoughts this morning but clearing mid afternoon. Love and light shining bright today. This evening brings in a deeper connection to source.



Squirrel!  Wait, I should do this.  Or clean my closet.  Or open all the credit card offers and shred the one piece that has my name on it.  Or I could think about something I want, and FEEEEEEEEEEEEEL it.  And buy a bunch of stocks.  Loving all the options that the Universe offers me.



Cheerful and optimistic! Found new energy source to replace caffeine.



*Yes, THAT Force. That’s the story of the Orion Star System, in case you ever choose to research it.