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Daily Energy Report,

Daily Energy Report – November 7, 2017

The Road Ahead.

Life is full of hills and valleys, and the road of our consciousness winds through them all.

We whiz along gazing at the landscape, sometimes green and exciting, sometimes a wasteland. Just around the turn, there could be another deep dip into a valley you weren’t expecting to encounter.

Today’s energy is one of trust.  Trust in your higher self, and in the bigger picture that isn’t revealed to us, as your life serves all beings, everywhere, along the way.

Since we wanted this to be an adventure when we incarnated, we aren’t shown the end of the road.  We craved the excitement, to see if we would pass down into that valley with white knuckles…or with the thrill of a roller coaster in its first big plunge.

It’s when you trust yourself that everything will work out fine, even if that valley is a deep one; that you can appreciate the dip and the growth potential from riding it.  Trust that you will find the skills, opportunities and assistance needed to glean positive growth, with as little suffering as you choose, right from within yourself.


Earth Energy: Deep Blue, charcoal.  Sitting with things and trusting.  Gentle reminder to question why you doubt, and if that still serves you.  Numbers: 0000 (things have come full circle), 444 (all is well even if you can’t see the big picture).




Had a big loss overnight with the death of a beloved horse.  Feelings of guilt, questioning the balance of human/spiritual motives. Advised to treat myself gently.



Very gray and heavy.



Recalling and re-experiencing the harming and killing of innocents in other lives, then feeling horridly guilty and self-punishing.


Song in memory of Caberneigh.  A much-beloved pet who will be missed by many.

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Kindness, Reflected

Hey, you.  You are me.  And I am you.

We are reflections back to each other, and I’m here with you because you want me you to help you learn something. We learn from each other.  That’s the entire reason for Others appearing to you in your world.

When someone acts kindly to you, what do you do?  Hopefully, it’s act back with kindness, but we all know how hard that can be.  What you send out, you get back.  So what are you sending out?

Every interaction is about both taking, and giving.  Giving does not have to look like it did in the fifties, when you put dimes in the can at the grocery store.  Giving in the new energy is about being yourself, and sending little parts of you out to the world.  Just being you sends out a frequency, and that frequency affects me.  And taking?  That’s your ability to accept, with graciousness, the gift from another.

So today, send out some love.

Click here to learn how to send out a Love Bomb!

Our 3D world would have us believe that we aren’t that powerful, to affect strangers.  But you are.  So even if you don’t have dimes in your pocket to give, you can give out some love, a smile, a nod.  You are that powerful.


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Try, Can’t and Should: Lose that Stuff from your Vocabulary

Two words to always remember now that you are awake:

Thoughts Create!


What are you thinking about?

Is it positive?  Great, it’s going out there to the Universe.  And you’re on that path.

Is it negative?  Guess what?  It’s going out there to the Universe.  And you’re on that path.

If you’re sending it out with intense feelings attached, you are now sprinting on that path.

Either path.

Although a thought is never all about the words you’re saying in your mind, most of us often think in a linear fashion that includes sentences comprised of words.

Those words have energy behind them, and it’s important to choose them wisely, because now you know you’re the one in charge of which path you’re on.

Three words to lose:


I don’t even have to say anything about this one, because no one can say it better than Yoda.



My mother actually used to slap us in the face if we used it in the house.  Nowadays that’s considered bad parenting, but I laud her for teaching us right.  If you say you CAN’T do something, guess what?  Now, you can’t.



Why should you?  Because someone says you are supposed to meet some standard of behavior?  That’s the old energy, and you were still asleep and following others’ directions.  No more, my friends.  You have no limits, no standards, other than those you set for yourself.  You know that we are all one, so what you do to your fellow man you are doing to yourself.  You don’t need “should” anymore because you are now a self-governing sovereign individual.


Now that you have stricken those words from your vocabulary, here are three new ones:


Free from limitations of time.



Overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited.



Occult communication between souls or with spirits.


Let me hear you use those in a sentence.



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How to Read Someone’s Soul

The eyes truly are the Windows to the Soul.

That’s why it’s so hard to stare someone down.  When they are gazing at you, and you are gazing back, the energy can get so intense that someone–and quickly–is likely to back down and divert their eyes.

Looking into a stranger’s eyes can incite crazy vulnerability in many of us.  I mean, what can they see when they look in my eyes?  Can they see my pain?  My weakness?  My inability to connect with another human in such an intense manner for longer than a minute?  All of our trials, tribulations and glory can be found in our eyes.  Focusing on another’s eyes allows us to determine on, almost immediately, what kind of person they are.

As you awaken, it’s a great gift to give your soul to another in service.  This means that you will allow them to unconsciously survey your eyes, and determine how trustworthy, how kind, and how compassionate you are.  You’ll be staring into more eyes.  And you will face possible judgment.  Are you OK with that? Do you have things in there that you don’t want another to see?

Better face that shit yourself, then.  There’s little room for hidden agenda in the New Earth.  Transparency will reign.

Here’s a little practice for you.  I’ve included photos of various people.  Can you look into their eyes for a few minutes (yes, minutes!) and comprise a story about them?  Shut your mind off, friends, and use your heart.  Allow those voices in your head to speak, without judging your opinion, about each face. You’ll be surprised how much you can glean about a person in just a few minutes.

Use the arrows on the right and left to scroll between photos…

Love Bomb
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How to Send out a Love Bomb

When you wake up, you will be overwhelmed at times with the feeling of goodwill, unconditional love, and just pure joy.  You may smile for no reason, which sends a ripple of joy out to all who see you.

You can create broader ripples by sending out love bombs –  shots of joy to whomever is around and wants to accept it.  It’s free, it’s discreet and it changes the energy of all around you.

Imagine a dry dandelion you’ve just picked.  It’s white, it’s fuzzy, it whispers joy.  It wants to be spread around.  Imagine that same white fuzziness descending down from the sky, through the top of your head, and down to your feet. You are filled with white light.  You are love.

Now mentally blow that light, just like the dandelion, in all directions away from you.  Each soul will absorb the love you sent in its own way.

No one needs to know.  Be the secret light for someone.