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The Lizzies
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VIDEO: The Lizzies

Who are the Lizzies? And why do they sound both fuzzy and frightening at the same time?

The Lizzies is a term denoted by the Pleiadians to describe the Reptilian race.

Conspiracy theories are rampant about these beings, who allegedly comprise the underbelly of Earth society such as the Black Nobility, the Illuminati, or the Dark Forces. Purported to be the backbone of the shadow government, the Lizzies are playing a very important part on Earth at this time.

Here, Kimberly discusses the Lizzies from her perspective of a conscious creator, and she invites those who are remembering their role as creators of their own specific reality to ask “what is the truth?”

And in Kimberly manner, the answer is always about what’s going on internally. Polarity is provided to us as an Earth construct so that we may make choices about what we want our reality to be.

You are free to choose the Lizzies to represent the oppression by shadow governments…or a learning experience for all involved, including those we brought into our lives to play the bad guy.

Links promised from video:

Rob Gauthier channeling of TReb

Kalask channeled through David Lauer

About the Pleiadians
Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn

Remember to always use discernment whenever reviewing any external material (including mine). If it doesn’t feel right in your gut, then it’s not your reality. There is no one reality. You get to choose.

And also remember, that belief systems run deep, and repetition is key for humans at this time. You may see information repeating itself throughout many sources. This is for your benefit, because doubt is the ego’s insidious accomplice.


trigger message for the event
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Trigger Message: Tired of Waiting for the Event?

Light vs Dark is polarity at its most dramatic. The angels vs the demons. Freeing the oppressed. Spreading the love. This is juicy stuff.


This trigger message was channeled for those frustrated at the delay of the Event. If you are tired of waiting, please read on.


Resistance Movements, secret codes and vague intel messages spread like wildfire among the awakening community. We make it our routine to read our daily channeled messages from our favorite sources, hoping for a small indication that it’s time to move forward. It’s going to begin!  After 300,000 years, we’re finally going to get our planet back!

Victory of the Light” cheers ensue, our vibration is raised at the anticipation of the next phase, and we see the world a bit brighter and more palatable knowing that the real 5D “you” will finally have its day in the spotlight, your 15 minutes of fame, without fear of society’s rebuttal. Because in previous lives, we were burnt at the stake for being ourselves in public.

And then the days go on, and nothing new seems to happen, and our spirits fall as we come to the conclusion that it’s the same old world we’ve been living in.  Just more time went by.

That gives us more time to focus inward, zapping away doubts with our laser guns, seeing beauty out there when we remind ourselves to check for it; and often, we reminisce about the journeys we took between the dimensions and wish we were back there again, free from the constructs of physicality, suffering, and exhaustible linear time.

We practice—either consciously or unconsciously—placing our focus on the various realities in which we live. The physical one (3D), the astral one (4D), and, if we’ve gotten to that point, the electric one (5D.) We view our life and circumstances from each vista, evaluating the feelings related to the theme we chose to explore at each level.

What are such themes for each reality? As the Pleiadians say, there’s a “plan, within a plan, within a plan.” Prior to coming into the physical, we chose which themes we’d like to experience while incarnated; those of us exploring mutual themes will experience each other in the collective after we enter into the game.

If you are focusing on the master theme that includes The Event, then your soul’s areas of desired growth may look like this:

Your 3D plan may include manifesting a physical mate that understands you, finding abundance in a world that worships money, or exploring self-worth issues and the value of life.

Your 4D plan will include studies relating to the the malleability of time, connecting with others in the non-physical realms available to you, and applying compassion.

Your 5D plan is probably so enormous that you could stay in that frequency for ever if you focus on it for too long (which, of course, is true, ultimately.) Yet you remember that you came to Earth to experience life as physical. You wanted the solidity and structure. You wanted that feeling of passing time so you could observe your self-improvement. You signed up for it.

So what does the Event theme look like in the physical?

In 3D it will look like chaos: repeated school shootings, territorial wars, and exploitation of the weaker population. Corrupt politicians, the powerful few oppressing the masses, programming them into zombiehood through messages in television, radio and social media. Children are exploited, people die hungry, and life is REAL. Solid. Poke it with a stick.

In 4D we add to this: that the oppressors are from somewhere else, somewhere off-planet.  They have power, and technology, but they aren’t evolved like we are….savages!  We must defeat them, because Light will always prevail over Darkness. We will take our planet back by fighting with love, dammit.  And whatever happens to the Dark guys, they’ve earned it, but it won’t come from me.  I’m an evolved soul.

And again, in 5D, you have the opportunity to view both of those scenarios, and make choices about who you are in the midst of playing within them. Always a choice, always a preference. And you know, somewhere inside, that you are an impeccable actor in this play. And you wanted to serve others through your own growth, and allow them to serve you.  That’s the oneness aspect, manifested.

And in comes The Event.  And it’s right on time.

This magical occurrence, boiled down to its basic explanation, is defined as the end of our most recent 26,000 year cycle of evolution, where collective focus moves from a masculine (-) charge, to a feminine (+) charge. It’s when the collective has absorbed enough high-frequency bands above it, that Earth is free to ascend herself, since she is 1.5 dimensions behind the collective life forms that she hosts.

In social media, The Event is touted as the turning point for humanity.  The end of war and oppression. The bad guys are uprooted, restored to wholeness through the application of compassion and love, despite their wrongdoing. Money will be freed up for all, free energy will be available to the masses, and government will be restructured to benefit the whole rather than the few. It will be a New Earth.

Now the 5D part of us looks at our Event theme through these two lower frequencies, and recognizes the sub-themes for each level, and remembers that it’s all being played out instantaneously, and no one is getting hurt for real; and that we choose to focus on that level in order to be immersed in the experience of it.  In order to do that, we must lower our vibration a bit.

That puts us back into the game for that reality.  You see through your physical eyes, feel through your physical hands, and you take up actual space in a room. All real, while you’re focusing from within that frequency band.

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For the Intel Junkie focusing in 3D, you’ll revel in coded messages from Cobra, secret group meetings in obscure places in Europe, and hopes of admission into the selfless Resistance Movement.  That is a fascinating drama all in itself.

Add the 4D aspect, of remembrance of the astral realms and use of them through intention, and that same Intel becomes an opportunity to serve.  A mission of love for fellow souls who are suffering.  It’s our duty, after all, so why not focus on lighting up the Darkness through mass meditation and thoughts of well-being for all? We’re adding some magic back in here, finally.  Let’s do this.

Now this is really getting to be fun!

Holographic War!  Saving the World in Infinite Dimensions! Galactic Reunion!

All great drama, created by a Self who wanted a dramatic experience for the purposes of growth and integration of all those other Selves out there playing the part of the Oppressor.  Each reality is completely valid and true while you’re focusing in it, and it falls back out of direct impact when you consider it through the concurrent plan of the level above it.  Then the two melt together in a moment, and the reason for your behavior in one reality makes perfect sense within the context of the next highest level.

This is how you bind the remaining DNA strands awaiting reactivation. You view the lower frequency realities from your highest perspective, and they combine through your understanding of the relationship….and you jump up another notch in frequency.


So here’s your Trigger Message:


The Event is internal.  It will happen out there, when it happens inside of you.

The Light and the Dark are simply masks certain souls are wearing, for your benefit. Nothing to fear, and no one really gets hurt.

The best entertainment one can have is when you are in the center of it, playing along, creating as you go, and expanding everyone’s growth experience along the way.

Remember the master plan:

You are a Gamemaster.  It’s you.  It’s all you, and you are a magical creator. So make it good, through love, compassion and imagination.



author: Kimberly

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waiting for twin flame?
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Been Waiting For Your Twin Flame? What’s Taking So Long?

The Twin Flame Experiment is in full swing, and unions are occurring around the world.  Still waiting for yours?  Doubting you have one? Both are good questions right about now.  It’s time to get internal.

I would love to give you news like all of those YouTube channels that display Hindu gods and goddesses, enrobed in jewel colors, intertwined in an eternal kiss of everlasting love.  I would love to be another one of those people that gives you readings that your Flame is just around the corner, and when you meet, then everything in life will be perfect. But that’s not my gift.

My particular gift is to trigger you into remembrance of what life is really all about.

And sometimes that means providing you with an internal perspective of what concepts like the Twin Flame experiment really encompass.


The Twin Flame experiment is part of a collective soul contract, in which 5th dimensional beings have the opportunity to ramp up the Earth’s frequency by incarnating into two (whole) parts at the same time: one masculine, and one feminine. They live two separate lives, going through their individual stuff, learning and remembering such lessons as heartbreak, security, abandonment, lovability and unconditional love.

The purpose of this division is to play out the illusion of polarity, from both the male/female aspect, as well as the separation/integration aspect, of a soul’s existence on the physical plane. Twins, as they are called, will come into union after a certain amount of inner work is done, making them better candidates for bonded relationships that foster growth for both parties…AND multiplying their energy for the benefit of humanity.

Once union–or integration–occurs, then that couple, as two complete souls combining their energy as one, emanates an exponential amount of light versus the two separate entities alone.

So 1+1 does not equal 2 in the case of those enrolled in the Twin Flame experiment.

In the case of Twin Flames, 1 + 1 = 10

Think about what this would do for modern-day Earth, where we are playing out the Dark vs Light scenario in full force right now.  You don’t have to look far to see that those of negative polarity are having their final temper tantrum, rising up in any way they can in a final fury before the Light succeeds in being the prevailing polarity for Earth’s inhabitants.

When two super-charged twins unite, that’s all the more powerful light to shine on the collective.  And this is why the Twin Flame experiment is coming to fruition in these next years.

So are you part of this experiment? Do you feel like there is someone out there that mirrors you?  Perhaps you only experience the connection on the astral plane, through voices in your head, a feeling of deep love for someone you don’t even know, or the feeling of not being alone.

If you feel like you have a Twin, and you’re frustrated that he or she is not in your physical plane, then read on.

We’ll put aside the entwined-lover scenario for a second, and go internal, because ALL of life is really just internal anyway.

That part of you that is in 5D is integrated to the point of not needing physicality.  Incarnation is a choice, and many of our 5D selves chose physicality at this time and place as a service to his fellow souls.

In the case of twins, that 5D part of you wanted to both assist the collective and also grow on a personal level, through living life on the same timeline from different perspectives.  So it splits itself up into a 4D portion (the non-physical part that you feel, sense or hear in your head) and a 3D portion (the physical body.)

So the 5D YOU divided itself into four portions, each with all of the powers of the whole:

Divine Feminine in 4D (non-physical)
Divine Feminine in 3D (physical)


Divine Masculine in 4D (non-physical)
Divine Masculine in 3D (physical)


And then you forgot! And you’re set free to live lives, from FOUR different perspectives. And the name of the game is to integrate ALL of those perspectives into one, by remembering your power as the creator of the whole experiment in the first place.

When you do this, it’s a win-win situation:  for both the collective, and on a personal level.

So first, you may encounter your twin in your dreams or in meditation (non-physical); and you two will build up a relationship between your non-physical selves.  This is your integration on the non-physical level. 4D + 4D.

And this is where lots of us get stuck.  We yearn for the 3D + 3D part of the equation. We want the integration on the 3D level so much more—to experience the sensation of touching, kissing, feeling of security, and….sex.  And we wonder where that damn twin is. And we start looking all around us, second-guessing the perfection of the Divine Design, trying to push things along.

We question the Universe…which turns to begging, and will eventually transform into self doubt:

  • “Is she with someone else?”
  • “What if he isn’t attracted to me?  Am I too fat?”
  • “Where do I have to go to meet her?”

That initiates a wild ride along the rapids of self deprecation, and it’s easy to be pulled along with the negative current. Perhaps it’s time to remember who is creating your show in the first place.

It’s YOU.

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Your twin is merely another aspect of yourself. When you make that merge in 4D, then it’s time to go inward and ask yourself what work needs to be done on the YOU that will make up your portion of the relationship.

Because it isn’t about whether your twin will find you attractive.  It’s whether YOU find yourself attractive.

It isn’t about if your twin is in the right place at the right time.  It’s about YOU being in a place of joy that will bring that twin, also in a place of joy, to you.

In other words, you must BE the person you want your twin to be.  Because you’re really only integrating your separate selves together anyway.  You must be in that vibration to attract it to you. Every time.  No exceptions.

Are you in that vibration?

Or are you waiting for the perfect partner to show up when you’re not even sure who YOU are yet?

Again, it all comes down to frequency, and that is an internal job, every time.  If you feel that you have a counterpart out there that is the “yin” to your “yang,” or the “yang” to your “yin,” then that person will show up when you’re truly yourself.  All the time.  Good and bad.  Cranky and bubbly.  Tired and energized. Mean and nice.

It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about being YOU, with all of your quirky traits, and your idiosyncrasies, and your recognition of areas in which you could grow. It’s about acceptance of who you are, right now.  And any twin that’s worthy of your time is doing the same thing in his or her life right now too.

That person exists, out there, in the physical, yet just out of sight.  As within, so without.

Look inside to see what’s showing up for you outside…and you will remember the Meaning of Life.



author: Kimberly

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nothing is too good to be true
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Today’s Bullshit Belief: Some Things Are Too Good to Be True

Our 3D Earth is steeped in polarity. Good vs bad, Right vs Wrong, and Better vs Worse; all judgments we make based on a dualistic perspective of our world.

Your true, whole Self knows that polarity is merely a construct applied to the game we are all playing on Earth.  Although all of life is based on balance, your Human Self chose to forget that we can have that balance without the judgment…and without having to actually experience either extreme in our physical world.

So, for now, we’re living in a Dark vs Light world, slowly coming to the realization as a collective that we have the power to choose either side—or NO side—and honor the other side’s beliefs as just as valid as our own.

This means that we’re busting through some old programming that’s been passed down through the generations.

One coming up a lot for the collective now:

“That is too good to be true.”

This is bullshit.

So why would anyone tell you that some things are “too good to be true?”

Because our forefathers lived in perceived powerlessness.  Tossed about by forces they believed were out of their control, they were constant victims of “acts of nature,” of the government, of genetics, of bad luck.  This powerlessness fostered manifestation by default, and the physical world reflected the unconscious intentions of the humans creating it.  We’ve been living in very dark times.

“Too good to be true” implies that to have some things, you must give up other things.  That you can’t have your cake, and eat it too.  That there is nothing on Earth that is perfect.

We were taught to be fearful.  We were taught to believe that someone out there knew better than we did, so we had better listen.  Such beliefs were recounted by countless exhausted, overwhelmed parents to hopeful children, over centuries of darkness-instilled existence.  It was easier to set up a child for failure in advance, than to watch him experience a heartbreaking defeat later in life.

And I’m sure you understand that it’s not a stretch to think that someone would take advantage of the fear of others, and magnify it, and then utilize it for their own selfish purposes.  This is why such fear has perpetuated across eons of human existence, even when meeting basic survival needs is easier for us now than ever before.

So the words of past overwhelmed parents are now reinforced through social media, broadcast news, and reality TV.  And it keeps people fearful, and powerless to believe that they can have what they want.  Because if you have everything you want, then it is hard to control you.

You can have it all. Everything can be good.  You can have all the money you want.  You can have the love of your life.  All of these things can be yours.

Thankfully, your Higher Self has the schematic of the major goals your soul set out to achieve during this lifetime, and it will guide you to the things that serve you on the quest for your divine purpose. If you allow things to unfold with a recognition of your power as a creator (even if you can’t see the big picture right now), your Human Self will align with your Higher Self, providing you with a satisfying life of love and inner peace.  It’s your belief that you can have the things that you want, according to your divine purpose…that will bring those things to you.

You will be so enthralled with what you have—placed in exactly the right place in your life, at exactly the right time—that you will want to openly share it with others.  You won’t even pay attention to the extremes of polarity, because your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs are met.  And you spread that energy to all those that you encounter, and maybe they’ll start believing it too.  That’s how the world changes.

Today, I want you to feel what life would be like if you knew that things can be good.  That everything CAN go right.  That your desires WILL be fulfilled, simply because there is plenty for everybody.  These are remembrances, not lessons.  You already know this; you just forgot.

Aim for the feeling that things are going well for you.  It may be a feeling that brings up some guilt.  SCORE!  One more bullshit belief that, once cleared, releases the resistance for allowing in what you want.

You’ve got this.



author: Kimberly

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lightworker tribes
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The Return of the Ten Lost Tribes

Lightworker, you will soon be reunited with your Tribe.

Of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, ten of them were deported when the land was conquered by the Neo-Assyrian Empire in approximately 722 BC. They lost their land, and they wandered outward, disbanding, to start new lives elsewhere. You associate with one of these tribes, Lightworker, and they are will no longer be “lost” as they regroup to assist with Earth’s upliftment.

I am not referring to any organized religion here, friends, however if you prefer to read about these tribes in much-bastardized form, there are plenty of references in sacred texts such as the Apocrypha and the Torah, to satisfy your curiosity while stimulating your discernment skills.

The 12 Tribes were:

  • Reuben
  • Simeon
  • Levi
  • Judah
  • Dan
  • Naphtali
  • Gad
  • Asher
  • Issachar
  • Zebulun
  • Joseph*
  • Benjamin


*Joseph was later subdivided into two subgroups: Manasseh and Ephraim.


These tribes consist of souls grouped together for a specific purpose, and they will be converging again.

Your soul group is part of a particular tribe based on its collective beliefs, skills, direction, and desired type of service. Some focus on healing, others on creative expression, others master the art of logical thinking.  No matter what the particular focus, each group is necessary and serves a particular part of the population with its abilities.

Why were ten of the tribes lost in the first place?

Well, let’s consider it a metaphor for Light vs Dark…you know, that lesson we all came to experience as a collective on planet Earth.

There are plenty of accounts of Earth’s Galactic History.  I think the most entertaining one is a quick video from the Pleiadians, who act as guides to humans.  If you so desire, watch the video and soak in the information, and see how it feels to you.  The verbiage is from Barbara Marciniak’s book Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, which explains galactic history quite well.  You can intermingle as much Conspiracy Theory in there as you want, or you can simply absorb the message.

Of course, if you’re lazy, you could watch Star Wars. Same thing.  Light vs Dark.

In any account, most here on Earth are currently experiencing one timeline in which the Dark rules using technology that separates your physical body from your spiritual body.  Literally, it scrambles the frequencies so that humans find it difficult to connect with the Higher Self.  This same technology broadcasts low frequencies to the population through television, weather manipulation and other technology, and makes humanity a very controllable bunch via fear and the perception of powerlessness.

Is this your reality?  It could be.  You may think that the entire thing is bullshit, yet I hope you consider both options carefully, because you’re creating your reality, so it showed up in your purview for a reason.  I’m merely sending out an option to you, to see if it triggers anything in you for your continued growth.

These tribes will be reuniting in order to carry out the plan we’ve all made prior to incarnation; one of solidifying our commitment to the path towards Light, and taking along any other souls who choose to go along with us. This is part of your plan, Lightworker, and it’s happening soon.  The power is in the group, the team, the microcosmic collective. When powerful individuals unite, it’s exponentially more than the sum of the parts.

Notice any numbers that appear to you, related to 144, 1144, 441.  These numbers all have significance in unlocking codes stored within you, and bringing you closer to your tribe.

So, take a look at the list above, and see which name calls out to you.  Don’t overthink it, let it hit you before your mind has a chance to intervene.

Do some research on that tribe, if you’re called to, and feel what your place would be in this grouping.  This is part of your path to authenticity, which includes using all of your particular, quirky gifts to help with the ascension.


…and if you’re wondering to which tribe I belong, it’s Asher.





author: Kimberly

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are aliens friends or enemies
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Aliens: Friends or Enemies?

Whether you believe or not in the presence of life on other planets or dimensions, there is mounting evidence that will soon support it in mainstream science.

Some people need visual proof, because they’ve been programmed to believe that if their eyes don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  Those beliefs run deep.  I had them too.

There are all types of beings throughout the Universe–some with good intentions, and some with other intentions that do not honor life.  Viewing the microcosm of our human society, there are both types of people as well, who exist simultaneously, sharing the same game board.

Since we live in a free-will Universe where all choices are possible, you get to decide which reality you choose.  Have you heard about reptilian races eating your flesh?  Does it bring fear to you?  Do you worry about it?  If so, that’s the reality you will experience.

Do movies like Arrival bring tears to your eyes when you think we could communicate with other benevolent races that are here to support us in our growth? Excellent. That’s the reality you will experience.

There are both options going on right now.

Yet it’s your interpretation of the situation, and your choice to focus on it, that will bring it to you.

You focus on it, it comes closer.  If you do not focus on it, then it will not appear in your reality.  It’s that easy.  You invite people in to assist, or to abuse, you. The other option will still exist if you want to jump over to it and experience it for a while.

Remember that you’re not solid, and neither are flesh-eating reptilians, or angels.  It’s all energy, projecting ourselves onto this crazy grid that we agreed would look solid for the time being.

Knowing that you can’t ever get it wrong makes focusing on the game that much more fun.


Earth Energy






999 (end of an era)

44 (guides are working in the background to help you manifest)



author: Kimberly

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solar flares and transparency
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Happening Now: Secrets Coming Out

Time is running out for people who have been living a life of secrecy.  Those who excelled in power over others via abuse and exploitation will no longer have a place to hide.

As Earth ascends, people learn all about sovereignty.  We realize that we’ve been giving our power away to others, when we have everything we need inside to excel at anything we set our sights on.  We remember that no one can take power over us without our permission.

And now that we’re learning the benefits of that mindset, watch out dudes who have been exploiting people for self-serving reasons.

With this newly-rediscovered self empowerment comes the desire to speak out about historical incidents of abuse that were previously suppressed by victims* due to shame and fear of ridicule.

You can, of course see it in the news daily, with the #METOO movement and other activities that support the vocalization of misapplication of power.

These secrets boiling to the top are indications that society is moving towards a platform of transparency, where those who held power through corruption and the disrespect of human life will be balancing out that energy (what most would call karma) in any number of ways.

They could choose to heal, or they could choose to not heal, which will probably mean that they leave Earth in one of many ways (I’ll leave that up to your imagination), but this sort of Darkness is being squeezed out by the Light on both sides.  There will be nowhere for it to go.

The next question I’m always asked, is “WHEN?”

Anyone that gives you a definitive prediction for that is not informed, since it’s entirely up to the Collective as to when.  It’s the frequency of the Collective that determines when change happens, rather than one group or movement that initiates this change.  The critical mass of the Collective will decide when that happens, and when it does, then these mass arrests will occur. Until then, it will happen on a smaller, more individual scale….probably to people you know.

With that said, the Earth is being bombarded with massive energy from the solar system, including the Sun, so if you’re into astrology at all, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it.  You can learn a bunch about your own energy patterns based on solar flares and moon phases.

With all of the incoming energy comes further awakening, as our solar system moves into a particularly charged area of the galaxy.  This affects the Collective as well, so I can say that I do expect mass awakenings by the millions during 2018.  I am seeing evidence of this in the past few months, where engagement has skyrocketed with people searching for answers.

So hold onto your seats, Lightworkers!  If you didn’t know your purpose, here it is.


BE yourself!

Be transparent, and know that this time is about choosing your path between Service to Others and Service to Self.  If you are serving others, there will be no secrets. You won’t need them, because you will be living a life of integrity. That’s a great example to set, don’t you think?


Remember, always be you, all the time.  Love.


Earth Energy





1144 (Lightworker activation in preparation for awakening of the unconscious collective)

688 (Material needs met, sell something you’ve been meaning to sell)



*I use the term “victim” here in the 3D sense of those who have been harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.  In the spiritual sense, there are no victims, just those who have chosen to experience a particular catalyst for purposes of growth.  This explanation pisses some people off, and that’s ok by me.  Victims attract victims.  Victors attract victors.  




author: Kimberly

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How The Energy of Old Objects Can Hold You Back

It’s not a long stretch of the imagination to understand that people share energy.  Yet all the stuff in your home shares your energy too.

Even though everything in our physical reality looks solid, it’s simply energy, focused very densely into something that appears solid to our eyes.  This includes you and me, and it also includes anything in your physical surroundings.

It’s easy to understand that energy transfers between people in the form of thoughts, body language, actions and intent.  This is why you feel great after spending time with some people, and feel shitty after being exposed to others.  Your energies are interacting; and a person will leave his energetic imprint on you, and you will impart yours onto him.

The same thing happens with the objects that surround you in your home.

Yesterday, I bought a bed.  Out of the blue.  I hadn’t been shopping for one, nor even researching what’s out there in preparation for shopping for one.  I already have a bed.

It started with a mundane business email sent by a party with a website in his signature.  Curious, I looked up the website to see what it was about.  It was a small, non-noteworthy site, with links to various categories of things to buy, sort of like a Canadian Wayfair.

An image of a bed appeared as one category, and I found my mouse clicking on it. It took me to a page with a bed frame that looked appealing in its simplicity and clean lines. The price: $800.

“Nice bed,” I thought, “but I have a bed.”

Here’s where the Higher Self, when it senses you are ready to progress, nudges you along by vetoing your logical mind’s process.

“Look up the bed in your area; you don’t live in Canada.”

So a one-second search brings me to the same bed, delivered and completely assembled for me—in my home in Los Angeles—available in 2 business days, for $333.

The logical mind retortss: “But I have already have a bed.”

The Higher Self will send indications about why something is being sent to us.  It’s just the listening part that many of us don’t allow to happen.  We are so set in our limitations (it costs money, my bed is fine, I have to put the damn thing together) that we block out the reasoning for a higher purpose for something.

“Buy the bed.”

So I sat back and I looked at the product online, and I noticed several things.  Here’s where the Higher Self sends you synchronicities that ask you to pay attention.

  • The listing doesn’t look like other listings on the same site.  Instead of “Hydraulic lift platform bed with massive storage” like other ads had, this one simply said “Queen Bed.” As if my Higher Self had made the ad with a second’s notice at the possibility that my human self might actually follow through this time.
  • The price was a repeating number.  This might send up the “I call bullshit” response in you, if you are not ready to dismiss your logical mind in the process of decision-making.  Repeating numbers are not only activation signals, but they are also placed there, by YOU, to get your attention by the fact that they are out of the ordinary.
  • The steps to acquire it were made ridiculously easy.  Cheap and fast delivery, and completely assembled for me.  Minimal effort on my part.

So I ordered the new bed.  And that’s when the reasoning made itself clear.

The bed that I currently sleep in has seen some very sad times.

  • A 6-year relationship that I thought was monogamous but definitely wasn’t. I am unsure of how many people shared that bed unbeknownst to me.
  • The bed that I withdrew from the world to, for a month, after I lost my daughter.
  • The bed that I shared with a husband that left in a very bad way.


Can you imagine the energy that has been imprinted into that simple structure of wood and metal?  It’s held there.

I could, of course, use sage, or even just intent, to clear the energy.  If I loved the bed that much, maybe I would have.  It’s no wonder I never really felt comfortable there. My unconscious self associated all of those sad times with this bed and I revisited that energy every time I lay down on it.

It took the Higher Self to put a seemingly random occurrence from an obscure website to bring this revelation to me in a gentle way.

So here comes the responsibility for all of the things that happened to that bed.  Acknowledgment that I am the complete creator of my life, and that each of those sad occurrences were there to foster my growth and understanding of the sheer power of my creation.  Appreciation for the person that I am now, with those sad times accepted and filed away for future reference when I choose to further recognize lessons learned from the experiencing of them.

Higher Self: 1.  Logical Thinking. 0.


Plus, it squeaked anyway.

New bed, new energy, new beginnings.


Earth Energy






555 (upcoming change)

688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)



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seeing extradimensionals
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How to See Extra-Dimensionals Using your Television Set

Your eyes only see within a small spectrum of what’s in your local environment.  Yet so many beings exist outside of our visible spectrum. You can learn to see them too, right in your own home.

You’ll use your television set, and it will be UNPLUGGED…the way, in my opinion, it should always be.

Detailed below is a simple way to hone your viewing skills of extra-dimensionals, or those entities that occupy the space that we see as nothingness, and interact with our world.


So who are these entities and why are they here?

Although we decided to incarnate as humans into dense physical bodies to experience the illusion of solidity, there are troves of other entities that choose a different experience, who exist in a less solid form.  They are not subject to the limitations of gravity and linear time as we’ve chosen to be.  And yet they share our environment, interact with our physical surroundings, experience our events, and feel along with us—all from their own non-physical perspective.

Since we were born into a veil of forgetfulness, our eyes were created to only see so much by default. We question our sanity when we see things we can’t explain away with science. Things fleeting out of the corner of our eye, or perhaps flashes of light where there should be none.  We might laugh them off as exhaustion, drunkenness, or hallucinations.  We might take medicine to shut these occurrences out, or to categorize them as something that is wrong with us.

All along, such occurrences have been happening in hopes of triggering something in you to question them.  When we start recognizing that these and other coincidences happen too often to be random, we inquire of ourselves if our world is really what authorities tell us it is. This is when we accept the potential existence of unseen forces.

There is a point at which you flip over, from the place of a doubter of forces that we can’t see, to one of a believer.

When the flip occurs, you will trust your intuition more often than you doubt it.

This is when you are ripe to start developing your clairvoyance skills by visually interacting with the extra-dimensionals that are hanging around you right now.

Do you see where the necessity of belief is so important?  Going into any practice from an attitude of doubt will yield you exactly those results.  So aim to suspend doubt—at least for a few minutes—by stating your intention to allow in some fun magic.  You could say something like this:

“I will pause the skeptic for a few minutes and allow in a new experience without judgment.”

All you’re really doing is asking your eyes to see something they haven’t yet been trained to see.  Unless you had a lot of monster story traumas from your childhood, you will most likely be able to suspend this doubt for a few minutes and have some fun.

Regarding protection (Trigger message follows):

As you awaken, you will recognize that you are the complete Creator of your reality.  You will not feel the necessity to request protection using any practice (sage, crystals, cleansing chants, and so on) because your vibration is at such a level that those lower forces have no access to you. You understand that any request for protection will bring you something to protect yourself from.

The above statement is a common trigger for many in their path of remembrance. If it is a trigger for you, it may open a line of self-inquiry regarding your belief about your power, or lack of it.

Either way, let’s use a simple intention for the invitation of higher thought forms:

“I live in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, and I have chosen a path of Service to Others. I invite all consciousness of an equal or higher vibration to co-create with me on our journey to serve others. All lower thought forms, you are excused from my space and I send you to the Light with love.”


You are not required to use my statement.  You can choose any statement you prefer.  The importance is in the intent—how you feel about what you are saying—rather than the words. The statement above includes your devotion to service of others, your invitation for higher thought forms, as well as a dismissal of lower thought forms. Model your statement in your own manner so that you feel safe.


Now you’re ready to invite in some visual representations of extra-dimensionals to your space.


  1. Make sure that you will be free from interruption.  This means cell phone and other distractive devices should be off and unplugged.  They send out EMFs that will be interacting with your visitors and the skies are busy enough.
  2. Darken the room to near dark.  If you have a night light, plug it in behind you so that you can see the shape of objects, but not the details.
  3. If you relax better to music, play it at a low volume.  This will help to drown out neighbor noise and traffic.
  4. Sit in a comfortable position (no, it doesn’t have to be cross-legged) in a chair, on the sofa, or on the floor facing your television set, which should be turned off and unplugged.  The important part is that you are comfortable and can relax your body enough that it doesn’t need to send you signals of pain or discomfort.
  5. You should be facing your television, positioned as far away as possible from it within your view. If, like me, you do not own a television set, then use a computer monitor.  Same deal, unplug it.  The idea is to have a large, dark, object in the background of your view, some distance from where you will be seated.
  6. Remove any glasses that you wear.  Your eyes can see just fine without them.
  7. Use any ritual you have to relax yourself.  Deep breaths, chanting, or focusing on a point of nothingness with closed eyes. The goal is to be relaxed, so that your body is free from discomfort enough to detect external communication.
  8. When you feel good about this, open your eyes, and face the blank television screen.  Now relax your gaze, like when you zoned out in school during history.  As you do this, objects in the room will become slightly blurry and their edges will be fuzzy.

As you relax your gaze, your mind may start racing to other subjects completely disassociated with your current task. The ego is used to filling in silence, for it’s terrifying.  No big deal.  Just tell it you’re busy and leave it at that.

  1. Now, with your gaze still relaxed, focus your mind’s eye on the space in between you and your television screen. Although we are used to viewing this space as NOTHINGNESS, this is the space that extradimensionals will populate while they are interacting with our world.
  2. Notice that the space, which although darkened, is not as homogenous as we think it is.  There could be varying shades of darkness, for instance, lighter grays and darker grays on the same wall. Or a quick whip of darker light just outside of the center of your vision. There could be pinpoints of light, or colored mist (my favorite) that forms, dissipates, and forms again.The dark screen is there to help you adjust your eyes to the space between you.  After your eyes have become accustomed to seeing in the darkness, you can begin exploring the space between you and other objects in the room.
  3. Look for such things as wispy light, hazy fog, flashes, colors and dark spots (don’t freak out, they are just denser entities or those practicing creating an appearance of solidity.) Don’t forget to breathe. It’s easy for that skeptic to jump in and try to explain things.  Remind it you’re just having a new experience, and that you’re having fun.
  4. Now it’s time to communicate.  Consider them as simply other forms of you, who have decided to look at life from a different viewpoint.  They are just as curious about you as you are about them. Remember your power, and that you are completely safe.
  5. Ask for names, words or impressions.  See if you can associate a particular message to the occurrence in front of you.  Does it feel like that flash of light just said that?  Your gut will answer you. Just fun, you aren’t being graded for your work.
  6. Note any feelings in your body.  You might feel:
    • Tingling on top of head (that’s your violet ray energy center, a good connection)
    • Muscle twitches.  Left side could be masculine-related, right side feminine-related.
    • Ears popping like you’re raising in altitude (Get it? Your vibration is matching theirs so you can interact)
    • Gentle pressure on your skin, or feeling that you have a hair tickling your face
    • Eyes burning.  You are finally using them.  Truth in film yet again.
    • Air blowing in ears.  This is a change in frequency occurring right next to you.

We are being treated gently here, by those surrounding us, because they know it’s a huge step of faith to reach out like this and suspend years of programming about their existence.

Communicate with love, and respect.  These instructions were written with the guidance of those who will help initiate you into their non-physical world, from a place of sincere desire to assist you in your growth. If you view the interaction as a co-creation of mutual experiences on both sides of the veil, rather than a cheesy seance, then you will open the communication channels to receive remarkable interactive growth opportunities.

This is what they called magic, before you were told that it was the work of the Devil.  You were warned that speaking with such spirits was a path to doom, because if you truly knew your own power, then you would spread more Light.  There are plenty of organizations on Earth that don’t want you spreading more Light.

And there are plenty of organizations that you can’t see, like those in non-physical states hanging around you right now, that do want to help you spread more Light.

Hopefully, this practice will remind you that you are never alone.  It doesn’t take long–just some linear time and an ever-lengthening suspension of doubt, to communicate with all the other You’s that have been partnering with you on your journey.


Remember, always be You, all the time.  Love.


Below is an actual photograph of a phenomenon you may see during your practice.  Photo is courtesy of Goldie at The Phoenix Rising Emporium in British Columbia. This demonstrates that there is so much going on in the space between objects. Thanks Goldie!



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self-esteem and body image
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The Real Reason Women Hate Their Bodies

We live in the world of polarity where the clash of light and darkness takes place. The ultimate goal of darkness is to take down the light and bring you over to the dark side (sound familiar?)

Those dark forces on Earth do understand the power of female sexual energy on our planet. Women are the nurturers, live givers, and their power for positive change is tremendous.

This makes women a great target. How do they do that? – They make you hate your body.

  • They tell you you’re not good enough
  • They tell you how thin you’re supposed to be
  • They call you ugly
  • They lower your self-esteem
  • They make you feel depressed

As a POWERFUL WOMAN, you can easily get through all these challenges by becoming aware of the GODDESS POWER that you have.

The benefit for MEN here is that when you’re in a relationship with a woman that realizes her power and loves herself, you’re going to get incredible love from her in all aspects, including SEX. Your sex is actually going to get much better!

So, support that in the women that you know, motivate them to get their goddess power back, and let women send their love back to the world!