Awakening FAQ

Awakening FAQ


For those interested in quick answers to some of the most basic questions related to awakening, incarnations, soul mates, 3D reality, and 5D reality, we are finally compiling the hundreds of questions we’ve received over the years.

This FAQ, like the rest of the Universe, is a work in progress.



The Resistance Movement is the moniker for the Light Forces, in the Light vs Dark scenario playing out on Earth in our current time.

Fueled by Hollywood and conspiracy theories, this Good vs Evil scenario appears very real to those who focus on the physical, 3D reality.  One need not look far to see how the powerful 1% exploit the powerless masses; and the Resistance Movement, a collaboration between Light-focused humans, well-meaning extraterrestrials and some positive Inner Earth factions both on and off-planet, aims to take our world back from the bandits that stole it from us 300,000 years ago.

These oppressors use technology and all sorts of organic manners of exploitation, including tainted air and water, to separate the 3D physical human from its 4D ethereal self; in other words, there are techniques used to preclude you from communicating with your higher self…thus maintaining you in a state of perceived powerlessness.

The most predominant abuse is currently the use of a grid, or fence, that keeps Earth’s inhabitants dumbed down and stupid, focusing on survival and sex in order to divert them from looking within for the answers and the power that lies there.

The Resistance Movement aims to eliminate this grid, thereby allowing humanity the opportunity to reconnect with the higher, non-physical self; with this, empowerment ensues and healing can begin.

Membership is exclusive, of course, and it includes members of the military, the government, even celebrities who contribute in secrecy.  They consider their battle a righteous one, and the physical aspect of the fight includes assassinations (on both sides of the demarcation line,) conspiracies and a war-like attitude.  Although ultimately the intention is to restore Earth to unity, this is accomplished using traditional war-like tactics.

Note that here at Are You Awakening, we understand that there are multiple realities occurring at the same time, and the Light vs Dark scenario is simply one of them.  Each soul is fundamentally a perfect aspect of Source, and some souls merely choose to play the part of Darkness, much like the antagonist in any film or novel, in service to all involved for the purposes of growth.

As souls expand their consciousness while living on the 3D plane, they will also come to understand that both Light and Dark are merely different aspects of themselves desiring integration.

If you would like to read more about the Resistance Movement, check out the Prepare for Change site.

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