Tipsy Mystics Live Broadcast: No More Human Rules!

No More Human Rules!

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Maranda and Kim have one foot firmly planted on each plane: Half 3D and half 5D.

How Kim lost an entire company from her past.

Which belief changed your reality the most when you redesigned it?  Hint:  People aren’t shitty.

Dead animals appearing in our beautiful 5D reality….are we mis-manifesting?

How movies like “Michael” and “Elf” plant seeds about limitless life.  We can learn from all that sugar.

Spirit essences practicing physicality in Kim’s kitchen.

Birds popping from balls of light. Are dragons next?

The Suez Canal incident: a large boat emulating sexual positions, or invasion of Earth’s biggest portal? You decide.

Vibrating underwear and long distance lamps to practice telepathy?

Kim’s other self wants a newer Porsche.  Kim disagrees.  Their “battle” turns physical.

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