What the Heck was 2012 All About?

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Many people thought that the year 2012 would be the end of the world.

Well, it was an apocalypse in many ways!

Back in 2012, humanity got to a point where the entire planet Earth really started to ascend. That moment was like lifting a self-imposed quarantine that used to separate us from the rest of the Universe. In fact, we weren’t supposed to remain there forever. But it did take us a long time to decide that a world of oneness would be a cool thing to have.

Our planet started in polarity and it’s going through its natural ascension process to integrity.

The new era is here and the human race is finally open to lots of incredible things coming from many civilizations outside of Earth. If you choose to stop living in polarity, if light becomes your free choice, it’s time to ascend with fellow lightworkers.