Video: When Your Twin Flame is With Someone Else

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Do you believe that someone you love is your Twin Flame?  Many souls have made agreements to meet up in the physical.

How exciting is that?

The human viewpoint is a limited one, though.  Often, we apply societal standards to what a relationship should look like, and as you evolve, you will leave these limitations behind.  This includes jealousy, expectation, and feelings of shame at being alone.

All of these are part of the human experience, and your soul mates are also experiencing them to their own degrees.

When you remember that people get together through the matching of frequency, you can relax a little bit in this “waiting” game.  You are learning your own lessons right now, which include loving yourself and unconditional love for others.

Who do you want to be?

After all, when we send out love vibrations, we get them back.

For now, focus on the new YOU living a good, abundant life.