Why Do You Meet the People that You Meet?

The journey of our souls brings many new people to our lives.

Here, Kimberly Darwin reveals the algorithm of meeting new people and what role they play in our lives.

As you should already know, there are no coincidences in our lives. Friends are a part of the plan as well. Kimberly explains how in-between our lifetimes, our souls interconnect with each other and make plans to meet on the Earthly plane. ❕❕❕

Sending out intentions, you attract people that match your level of vibration and frequency. As you proceed, the circle of people who come to your awareness becomes bigger.

Every person we meet has something to reflect back to us. There is always a reason why a certain human comes into your awareness. That is why we meet new people.

That is why even a brief interaction can change your life. When you meet a new person, there is always an opportunity for growth. Never regret another relationship again!